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  1. They went on sale in January. Remember, if you find a paper copy, with The Loom, you can get the DE upgrade for $35.

  2. Random question. lol Do the DE versions of TOG ever go on sale? Or do they ever have sales on DE/print versions? Just trying to plan out some options. :)


    Thanks for your help! :D

  3. I don't think you saw my Happy Birthday thread for you :)

  4. I know...we are only in the first Unit of YR2, but I really wish I had the other 3 years so that as I find stuff I could plug it in! :tongue_smilie:

  5. IT was wonderful! Probably the best in a couple of years. Just the right mix of birthday love, relaxation and my favorite things.


    YOu sound just like me for is a wonderful skeleton that I can manipulate however I choose. I'm about to dig into year 4 tomorrow night. I'm gonna really get to working science around TOG.

  6. 3/3 Also....I debated so long on how to handle the books. I am HORRIBLE with the library. :( I ALWAYS end up with fees...up to $600+ in the past! (They took a deal! ;) ) So I have been figuring out how to do it without a HUGE investment upfront. Most people debating TOG would think I am nuts as I will not be using all of their selections, but TOG provides the structure I want to pull it all together. I know you get that! I am going thru and plugging in all of the books i already own, ones available free online, cheap/free on my Kindle, free audio books online, lectures on line, videos, brain pops, discovery streaming, hippocampus, MOH, SOTW and AG's, activity ideas online, etc. I am only purchasing LG/UG/D books if I can get them for 75% off new and R books under 50% off new.


    So that is the plan. :D We will see how I do. :)


    So we have our groove with MUS and PR. Getting there with TOG and our Latin (which they won't drop because they love it)


    How was your birthday? :)

  7. 2/3 TOG....haven't found the same groove yet. Main reason I am finding out ds18 and ds11 do NOT want to do that much reading or RA's. Dd9 is so so on that amount. SO I am revising how "I" would do it for how "they" need me to do it. I am starting with activities, a movie, a field trip, science connection, etc....then pluggin in books. At this point I am ok if we do 2 history, one lit, and free read others as they want. I just came up with this, so we have not implimented. I too think they are not big on middle ages right now so we are gonna fly through unit one. They are ready for Early American. That is what they keep talking about and showing interest in.


  8. 1/3 We are actually doing really good! We will be starting PR 2 on Monday with dd9 and ds11! :party:We averaged about a week worth of lessons a day. Couple of them took 2-3 days and we skipped 4 days a month due to Dom (11) being with bio father. I just had them mwatch DVD with me. It saved HUGE amount of time, plus now I am ready for littles. :) Little ones have learned all single letter sounds except Y. I cheated and let them read a Bob book 2 weeks ago. :001_huh: Just because it is taking them so much longer, I did not want them to be discouraged. They are ds6 and dd4 so they are young. Dd is CRAZY! Not sure what I am gonna do with her! :lol: She won't be "in" K til 2012-13, but she is blending words and at or above ds6 level. So ??? :) Even dd almost 2 is learning her sounds. :D :lol:

  9. Come back and see my response. :lol: I thought it would be visible on your page too. :tongue_smilie:


    EDITTED: Just pasted them here! :D

  10. Jumping over to say hi. How are you coming along with all your new stuff and the wee one?

  11. Carmen, yes to Spelling City. Look under Parent, Tina Gilbert. If that doesn't work, pm me and i'LL SEND A LINK.

  12. Tina, do you have spelling city lists made from PR already? I seem to remember you saying something to that effect?

  13. OH! Look at that cutie patutie! Kisses to the lil' one!

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