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  1. DS accepted to Texas A&M-College Station Univ of Texas-Austin Univ of Texas-San Antonio Univ of Houston Baylor University
  2. For Texas A&M, you may only have to pay $50 now when registering for housing. The remaining $300 can be deferred for payment until the fall of freshman year. My dd is currently a freshman at A&M and that's what we did.
  3. Okay, I wrote down a long list of books for us to read. We will never be able to read them all, but it gives us a variety of options from which to choose. I have read only a couple of the books, so my ds and I will definitely be equals. Realistically, we will be able to discuss the books in the morning during school or in the evenings on the way to and from sports and/or scouts. I work as a math tutor in the afternoon. My husband works quite a distance from home, so he returns fairly late. I try not to do any school then, so we can relax a little bit as a family. Lori, thank you so much for the links. I am eagerly reading them.
  4. Thank you very much for the great suggestions. I looked up the Teaching the Classics plot diagram. I like the idea of us both doing it and then discussing similarities/differences of our diagrams. Periodic, informal conversations may also work too. I also asked my son if he would like it if we took turns selecting books to read. He seemed enthusiastic about that. Hopefully, that will translate to better book discussions later.
  5. I would appreciate any suggestions regarding how to conduct literature discussions with one teen. Ds will be a junior in the fall. I have tried Well-Educated Mind as well as the Socratic Method. However, my ds feels like I am interrogating him, since there is no one else to help carry the conversation. I had to ask several follow-up questions to get more than, "Fine", "It was okay", and "I have no idea." We also tried using Omnibus; but then he mainly focused on searching the chapters for answers to questions, rather than bothering to read the entire book. He had no interest in discussing the overall theme of the book; the characters' struggles; or the relation to any historical events and/or other literature. Selecting books to read is not a problem. It would just be nice to occasionally have a great discussion.
  6. Update on dd for Texas A&M: - admitted to University Honors program - received Business Honors scholarship
  7. Thanks, Hoggirl! Dd wants to major in accounting, so she was accepted to McCombs at UT Austin. Thankfully, UT Austin is the last college for which she was awaiting a decision. Dd is my oldest, so I was a little nervous about the college application process. WTM worked though. Thanks SWB!
  8. Dd accepted to University of Texas at Austin today.
  9. Daughter Trinity University - Scholarship Texas A&M-Business Honors Baylor University-Scholarship Southern Methodist University-Scholarship
  10. DS just earned Life Scout rank and is the Senior Patrol Leader for his troop. He is working toward getting brotherhood rank in OA. He has all of the Eagle-required badges except camping. Technically, he's earned it, but his troop likes to give it with Eagle rank. I don't think he's earned cooking; but after reading an earlier comment, he should probably get it soon. DD is a Senior Girl Scout. She recently started working on her Gold Award project and hopes to finish it by August. Dd is also on a teen leadership committee for the local council.

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