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  1. DS accepted to Texas A&M-College Station Univ of Texas-Austin Univ of Texas-San Antonio Univ of Houston Baylor University
  2. For Texas A&M, you may only have to pay $50 now when registering for housing. The remaining $300 can be deferred for payment until the fall of freshman year. My dd is currently a freshman at A&M and that's what we did.
  3. DS just earned Life Scout rank and is the Senior Patrol Leader for his troop. He is working toward getting brotherhood rank in OA. He has all of the Eagle-required badges except camping. Technically, he's earned it, but his troop likes to give it with Eagle rank. I don't think he's earned cooking; but after reading an earlier comment, he should probably get it soon. DD is a Senior Girl Scout. She recently started working on her Gold Award project and hopes to finish it by August. Dd is also on a teen leadership committee for the local council.

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