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  1. My son got through lesson 100 of Saxon Advanced Math and then went straight into Calculus 1 at the local CC the second semester of 10th grade. I think Saxon prepared him to do well in this next level. Your son would probably do just fine going into pre-calc. It's kind of scary taking that leap, but it's fun to see them move forward.

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  4. Would it be bad if I opened it without ds? His just arrived in the mail, but he won't be home for another 20 minutes! :toetap05: He's a junior this year, so this is making me nervous.
  5. We have always used Saxon. My oldest ds who is currently in 10th grade finished Advanced Math in December and then did Calculus 1 at the local community college for the spring semester. He transitioned very easily into the calculus class. His math scores on the ACT and SAT have all been high. My younger two are also using Saxon and doing well too.
  6. My ds took the April 13 ACT. His writing prompt had something to do with pollution, so there might be an occasional question that isn't high school related. Although pollution is not something we have spent a lot of time on in our home school.
  7. My oldest ds has always used Saxon. He used Algebra I in 7th, Algebra II in 8th, Advanced Math in 9th and first half of 10th. He is currently taking Calculus I at the community college the second semester of 10th grade. He is doing very well. There were no gaps in between what he learned and the new material he started at the college. If your student is doing well with it I wouldn't change a thing.
  8. Saxon has worked great for us too! My oldest ds has used Saxon all along and is now taking Calculus 1 as a sophomore this semester at our local CC. I was nervous about the transition, but he has done really well so far! He used Advanced Math as a freshman and the first half of his sophomore year. It's frustrating when Saxon gets bad reviews here on the boards, but there is proof that it works.
  9. What?! I didn't know the feedback was all gone. I had a great score. :glare: I usually sell a lot of my stuff March-June on this board, but maybe I'll have to reconsider. Maybe I should sell at my state conference this year.
  10. I am looking into using AoPS, and I'm wondering if it has regular tests after each section? If not, how do you assign grades to your student?
  11. I would start out the year with them both in the D level just to get them used to Tapestry. You could easily move them up to R level if you feel things are too easy for them. I switched my oldest ds to R level half way through Y3 when he was in 8th grade and it was a good move for him. He really enjoyed the R level books on the Civil War.
  12. Thank you for this information! It's helpful to see what has helped others. I'll definitely have him do some prep work for his junior year.
  13. Yes, I meant 212 & 215. Sorry for the confusion! That's good to know that it's possible to raise his score enough to make the cutoff. I plan to get his test booklet from the school. He didn't do any prep this time because I just wanted to see where he was. Thanks for your response.
  14. Got scores today. Ds took the test for the first time this year as a sophomore and got a 193. I'm wondering if it's likely he will make a big enough jump next year to make the cutoff. The scores here seem to range between 112 & 115 from year to year. How many points do most student gain between their sophomore and junior years?
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