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  1. If you have a high schooler that took an online writing class that prepared them very well for high school writing, what was the class. And how did it prepare them? What about the class did you like? Conversely, if you have a high schooler that took an online writing class that DID NOT prepare them very well for high school writing, what what the class? Why did it not prepare them? What about the class did you not like? Then, If you have a college-age or dual enrolled student that took an online writing class that prepared them very well for high school writing what was the class. And how did it prepare them? What about the class did you like? Conversely, if you have a college-aged or dual enrolled student that took an online writing class that DID NOT prepare them very well for high school writing, what was the class? Why did it not prepare them? What about the class did you not like?
  2. The first year that WTMA opened I put one of my kids in a writing class and we did not have a great experience. There wasn't great feedback on writing and there was a ton of chatting in the chat box that distracted from what was being taught. It has since been many years that have passed. I am now re-looking at WTMA for a younger child and am wondering if anyone can give me an update on your experiences with the classes. Is there a bunch of chatting? And, would anyone be willing to share what writing feedback looks like? Is it sentence by sentence comments, or just a general paragraph regarding overall areas of potential improvement? Are the teachers doing the corrections or is it a lot of peer feedback? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks, Tiffany
  3. I am having trouble finding reviews of this class. If your student has taken it, could you please let me know your opinion of it? We have never done any Lukeion classes so it is fully an unknown for us. I'd love to hear opinions of the instructors, scope of the syllabus, what the online class is like, number of hours per day needed, etc. Thank you so much! Tiffany
  4. My newly 16 year old son is in Veritas Press' Omnibus 3 and wrote the following 2 assignments. He got great scores on both of them, but I feel like he is missing valuable structure and even a thesis statement. But, admittedly, I am not great at writing and feel insecure in my evaluation! My goal is to determine whether he needs an online writing class (not lit! enough of that in Omnibus!) next year (11th) before heading to college for DE his senior year. Then my second goal is to determine what KIND of class he needs. He obviously has ideas in his head. He just fails to put them into a structure that is formatted academically. If anyone can read his writing, then recommend WHAT he needs work on, and WHERE I can find that kind of class, I would be GREATLY appreciative! Thank you! Tiffany . PS. I have been looking at Lukieon College Composition, VP Composition 2, IEW Essay online class, but open to anything that is relevant to his situation. I have no experience with any of these classes. ************************************************ In order to accurately discern if a Christian can “backslide”, it is crucial to define backsliding. Backsliding is when a person claiming to be a Christian turns away from the faith. True Believers cannot backslide. If the definition of backsliding is that a Christan falls into sin for a long period of time, then backsliding is possible, but if backsliding means that a Christian totally falls away from the faith and loses their salvation, it is not possible. Backsliding is an incredibly important topic to discuss. If one does not realise that believers cannot lose their salvation it can create an unintentional works based religion, where you have to be good enough in order to keep your salvation. This is not biblical, Ephesians 2:8-9 says, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast.”(Eph. 2:8-9, ESV) The Westminster Confession of Faith says in Chapter 16, “We cannot, by our best works, merit pardon of sin, or eternal life, at the hand of God, by reason of the great disproportion that is between them and the glory to come, and the infinite distance that is between us and God, whom by them, we can neither profit nor satisfy the debt of our former sins;”(Westminster, 71). This shows that we are so sinful that we cannot earn God’s favor. There have been many instances where a Chrisian falls into sin for a long period of time. Because we are still sinful beings, we still sin constantly, but because of God’s grace, Jesus took all of that upon himself and died for us. The apostle Paul in his letter to the Galatians said that Peter was in sin for only sitting with the Jews, but not the Gentiles. This shows that being free from our sin does not mean that we cannot, and will not sin. Only false Christians will fall away from the faith. In The Pilgrim’s Progress, the man Pliable, who went with Christian up into the Slough of Despond, professed faith, but when they had trials, he turned back from his faith. He only wanted the reward, but was not willing to go through hardship to get it. Hopeful says it is because they want an instant relief, then once they are relieved of their burden, they return to their old ways (Bunyan, 175-178). True professing believers cannot commit apostasy, but false Christians can. If we have received the gift of eternal life, if the motives are pure, nothing in this world will appeal more. But, a false believer will still love the world and simply wants the benefits of salvation without rejecting this world. Backsliding is found in the old testament in Jeremiah 14:7, “Though our iniquities testify against us, act, O Lord, for your name's sake; for our backslidings are many; we have sinned against you.”(Jeremiah 14:7, ESV) This shows that backsliding is turning back into sin, but not losing salvation. Peter rejects Jesus three times in one night, and yet he is still forgiven. In the Pilgrim's Progress, the Man in the Iron Cage rejects Jesus once and he is never forgiven. The difference between these two is that Peter is repentant and he does follow Christ after that, but the Man in the Iron Cage never repents, and thus is never forgiven. One reason a true believer cannot backslide, is because once someone has been chosen by God, it would have to be true that God went back on his word. If this was the case, we would not be able to trust that any of us are saved. This is not a biblical view. Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”(Hebrews 13:8 ESV). This shows that God will always keep his promise to us. By rejecting the faith, it shows that there was never a change of heart in the first place. Believers who have truly put their faith in Christ will not backslide, but those who have not, will fall away. Christians can fall into sin, even for long periods of time, but they will not lose their salvation. This promise gives Christians a sense of security. ***************************************************** The Common Ownership of Goods We are constantly pressured to accept some socalist ideals, but they all forget that our forefathers in Plymouth have tried this and failed. The idea of the common ownership of goods is commonly attributed to Karl Marx from the Soviet Union, but the common ownership of goods has been around for much longer than that. The early plymouth colony in america tried a form of the common ownership of goods to ensure that none of the settlers starved. They stored all of their corn in one storehouse, and everyone got the same rations. Everyone was supposed to contribute to the storehouse. The problem the settlement encountered however, is that not all of the settlers were working as hard because they knew that they didn’t have to work in order to be fed. The settlers also became very angry, because they also had to work for the elderly people who could not work for themselves. This took away from the time they had to work their own fields. The question must be asked whether this would stop poverty. The example of the Plymouth Plantation shows the opposite. Humans labor in order to receive the fruits of that labor, so when you take away the fruits of labor the labor has no purpose, thus creating laziness which leads to poverty. If it does not get rid of poverty, there is no point of sharing possessions. On the biblical side, it is not commanded by God. Although there may be parts of the Bible that seem to command the common ownership of goods, when viewed more closely it does not. Acts 2 seems to point towards the common ownership of goods, but it does not. It is not commanding us to sell all of our belongings and share all of our money and possessions. Instead it is talking about share the same spirit. Moreover, the Old Testament contains numerous laws that prohibit stealing which shows that God values private ownership. This does not mean that we should never share those possessions, quite the opposite. The Bible also commands generosity.
  5. This may be a long shot, but does anyone still have a lightly used Microchem Standard 2nd edition Chemistry set gathering dust that they would like to sell? Tiffany
  6. All the recommended teachers classes are full for AP Lang and Comp, but Melissa Barnes is still taking students. Does anyone have an opinion on her as a teacher? Mostly, I need someone who will give my son LOTS of good feedback on his writing.
  7. A local class just fell through for my 11th grade son so now I am scrambling to find something else. He doesn't love school, but I'm still trying to expose him to as rigorous of a course-load as he will allow just to give him all options for the future. He seems to struggle with the ability to think deeply and express himself eloquently. I would love to find him some sort of online class that will help him learn to think deeply and give him guidance on expressing himself. The class that fell through was a Western Civ class taught by a former Veritas Press instructor, so it is quite a loss. I don't care what the subject matter is. Western Civ, Psychology, Theology, Comparative Religions, Logic, whatever... I just need a personal recommendation for something online. Thanks Tiffany
  8. My son took the Phys Fitness class this past semester. It was a lot of writing papers and recording daily workouts. He got an A even though he is not a fitness kind of kid. He took it so that he could see how he liked the online program. He would like to attend CU and is hoping to take 1-2 more classes his Senior year so that it can lighten his load once he gets to CU. He is going into Mech. Engr.
  9. I have never used BJU before but next year we are doing the DLO with a co-op and doing labs together. Can someone give me an idea about the labs? Are they simplistic? The other parents want some fun, exciting, real chemicals and bunsen burners and explosions, sort of labs. LOL! Will BJU 4th edition fit this or will we be disappointed? Should we do the BJU Logos lab kit or go with something else? If so, what else would you recommend? Tiffany
  10. My Senior was just diagnosed with motographia by Kennedy Krieger, along with other things. I am trying to research what each diagnosis is but can't find anything called motographia... can anyone explain?
  11. I really like the Oxford University Press Student Study Guides, but I am wondering if the answers to the worksheets are included in them? Does anyone know? Thanks, Tiffany
  12. Does the MIT OCW class grade the work for you? That's my issue... we need that....
  13. I have a little bit of experience with IEW in elem/middle, but we have never used it at high school level. Someone just told me that the US History themed book is fantastic, however I was hoping to outsource this next year for my 11th grader. So can you tell me how the two compare? Or if you have done the online class, can you tell me how the class is set up? Is there much feedback on the kids' papers?
  14. Tell me about Thinkwell AP Calc BC. Is a thorough program? I'm seeing that some reviewers say Thinkwell's stuff is supplementary, however that was referring to lower grade levels. My son is going into engineering so his math teaching needs to be solid. Not just a "teach to the AP test" kind of class.... Thanks for any feedback you can offer! Tiffany
  15. There are others, but they are over an hour away and I cannot drive him (6 other kiddos need to be schooled!) and he doesn't have his license. I will check out thinkwell and coursera...
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