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  1. Here's a link to a CC thread that lists the 1-99 in post 4.
  2. Since it is college application season, I thought this might be of interest to some of you. Case will now be meeting the full demonstrated financial need of all admitted students beginning with the class that enters in 2017. Here is an article regarding the university partnering with The Posse Foundation that mentions their decision to meet full demonstrated financial need. ETA: Here are a couple recent articles on need-met colleges. One also includes info on whether schools are loan-free. However, the best way to find out how each college handles their financial aid is to ask them directly. :)
  3. Wooster was a school my daughter considered. I loved everything about Wooster. For a serious student, I think Wooster would be an awesome place to be. It seems like a supportive academic atmosphere. I thought it was great that they have an early childhood education program that can be added to any major there. They also have a lot of different language majors from what I recall. Dd was looking at Classics and possibly Russian. The campus is lovely, too. My daughter has a friend at Miami now. She likes it, but she says she is not crazy about how "preppy" the atmosphere is. I think it is also dominated by Greek life and has a large party scene. We know a girl who went to DePauw, too. The school has a huge Greek life, and it is a major party environment from what I understand. HTH. :)
  4. Classes started a little over a month ago. Dd was really not ready to go back. :unsure: She was very happy about being in a new major but worried about having a heavier course load. She also had to take engineering chem, which is an extra credit hour and supposedly harder than the premed chem because only the engineering chem is offered in the spring. She'd planned to do some prep over break but didn't. She's happy and relieved all her classes are going well so far, but the workload is intense. It seems to be a constant juggling act to stay on top of it. Sorority rush the first few weeks of the semester was exhausting and stressful. She is a new pledge now. :) Then she has her other activities. All fun, but a lot to manage with classes. And she found out yesterday she got an RA position. She'll get a free room plus a stipend. :hurray: I think it will be a great experience for her. She wasn't thinking she'd get a position because it's very competitive. So, feeling really thrilled and grateful! She also gets to choose a friend to have on her floor (because she got a position as a second-year RA) and that will be her current roommate. I'm so glad they get along and have become friends. Also, she may have the opportunity to take a classics field course in Greece this summer (funded by the department). Overall, second semester is off to a good start and first year seems like it's flying by.
  5. We pay out of current income. Our oldest has finished college and our middle daughter is a freshman. Our girls take basic federal loans, contribute from savings and employment, and both received institutional scholarships and grant aid as well as outside renewable scholarships. Oldest dd also received tuition reimbursement from her employer of about $2,000 per year. No private loans, home equity, etc. I work part-time. My earnings and no mortgage and car payments helps. Our youngest may or may not go to college. If she does, she'll start at our community college.
  6. My daughter came home Monday after her last final. She'll be working over break--starts today, so she did have a few days to relax. Grades are in, all A's. Her roommate surprised her with a Christmas gift-a scarf she knit for dd. Dd had gotten her roommate a gift, too. They seem to have become friends, which is really nice. It was a good first semester. Spring semester starts January 11th. She'll have a new major, classics and either a double major or minor in biology with premed. She's receiving an additional merit award from the classics department, so we're thrilled about that. Who knew starting Latin as homeschoolers during elementary school would lead to a college major? Wishing all of you a lovely holiday season!
  7. Dd is doing well. Midterm grades were all A's. She will be registering for classes in a few weeks and is declaring a new major. It's a highly academic atmosphere. Somewhat of a stress culture in my opinion. She seems to be managing okay so far. She has 14 credit hours this semester and will likely have 17 or 18 next semester. Socially, her school seems to be a good fit. She is considering sorority rush next semester. She will be home for Thanksgiving in a few weeks, then finals, and then she'll be working over winter break.
  8. I know you said no to the midwest in your op, but I think you should take a look at Ohio State.
  9. My daughter moved in mid-August, so she's been there for about a month. All is going well. She gets along with her roommate. She has made some friends and joined some activities. She has no complaints about the food. Classes are going fine, and clinicals started last week. She has two biology classes, two nursing classes, and a required writing class. I've enjoyed reading everyone's updates so far! :)
  10. :grouphug: Lisa. The way I see it, they wanted to come here as exchange students. You graciously decided to host them. They're supposed to fit into your normal family life. It's not your job to ease their boredom. That's their job. Their parents evidently don't entertain them. They should entertain themselves here, too. If they can't figure out what to do or what to help with, they can start reading or walking or… Boredom is a choice, and it's up to them to address it, not you.
  11. How about Basic Algebra by Brown? You can get is used on Amazon. It's a great book. You can also get a teacher edition for it, but make sure the editions match. If you can't find a matching TE, you probably don't even need it.
  12. Great post on the special needs board with regard to reading/dyslexia.

  13. Great post regarding developmental readiness not equating to "brightness."

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