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  1. I was under the impression that once I put RS on my computer, it couldn't be used again on another computer unless I had it deactivated from mine. I have the home school edition and would love to have just given it away to friends who couldn't afford it, but it seemed dishonest somehow, knowing their policy. Plus, I don't know how to deactivate it on one computer to put it on another computer without calling RS to walk me through it and I wouldn't want to lie about sharing it with someone outside of my house hold.'It does seem unfair that after a year of using it I couldn't then sell it like I would a textbook or set of cds. But maybe I am confused about it all.
  2. Exploring Creation with Physics. Apologia Only a basic understanding of Trigonometry is required and very little at that. This book does include labs that can be done at home.
  3. I just wanted to say thank you,ladies, for your input. We will be doing geometry this semester (and maybe a little into summer). I so appreciate well trained mind support!!!!
  4. Help needed. My 10th grader daughter has just finished Algebra 2 at the college. So she now has Alg. 1 and Alg. 2 done, and well. She is not a mathy student however. She has had a little geometry from Alg 1 Saxon, but I believe she may need more. I think we were hoping she would take Trig and then pre calculus at the college maybe Junior year and/ or senior year. When should we do geometry? Can we do it this year in one semester? Can we skip it? Does anyone have a good book idea? Will collegeswant to see Geometry? Trig and precalculus are semester classes so we have some wiggle room. Looking for guidance! Thanks. p.s. I will be looking through old threads too.
  5. Thank you all for your thoughtful replies. Trying to keep options open still as we work through Lials beginning algebra. Have to say, I really liked saxon, but I like this book a lot too. We'll see.
  6. She is definitely not headed for those fields, unless possibly Biology or life sciences. She is so much more about writing, language(Spanish), photography, and some interest in computers ,but not programming. I know I probably worry too much. I think she can tell I am a little worried and she feels pressured. Older sister is taking Calc 2 her senior year and is definitely more STEM. Not worried about older dd math sequence. I am just not sure what is normal or right for younger. Trying to find the balance. We live in CA. Thanks for replying :001_smile:
  7. My daughter made it through 1/2 of Saxon Algebra 1 in 8th grade. She learned the material, but hated math, Nd I mean really hated the process. With some advice here on the forum, I started her over with Lial's algebra. It is going well as she knows a lot of the material. We can get through a lot of the material maybe faster, but I don't want to push too hard because of her strong dislike for math previously. Anyway, here is my worry. Since she is in 9th grade, is this really going to hurt her chances later in colleges if she does 9th Algebra 1, 10th grade Geometry, 11th grade alg. 2 and then precal or trig in 12th? She is so motivated in so many other areas and is s great student. I am worried I have set her back. Should I push her through Algebra and try to get to Geo this year? Teach her through the summer and then start Alg 2 next year? or will this cause undue stress? Any opinions would be helpful. I got so much help before with math issues. Just looking for a little more :confused1: Thanks.
  8. Just to jump in. My small CC here in Mendocino county, CA only offers Elementary algebra (= to HS algebra 1) and Intermediate Algebra (= to HS algebra 2). There is no College Algebra after that. The next class recommended seems to be Trigonometry and then Pre-Calculus. There is also Statistics. As for transferring, It looks to me like Pre-Calc and Statistics are the only ones to transfer to UC system. I don't know about the state schools. Probably would be good to find out. Still learning on this myself.
  9. As an update...at this time I have received copies of the Lial textbook. I bought an older (and cheaper) edition. It looks really good to be. More familiar certainly as it was how I was taught in the traditional manner. I think my dd is going to like it. This means we will teach a separate geometry when she is done with this Beginning Algebra text. If all goes well, we will use Lial's intermediate Algebra as her Algebra 2 when she is done with that. One day at a time, however, I think algebra might go a little better now.
  10. Could I jump in here Sue and ask what is HTH? Thanks.
  11. Thank you, I will be looking this over as an option.
  12. I think it is related to the difficulty or style of the teaching in Saxon. She is generally an outstanding worker, although she is 14 and can be a bit "moody" ? After thinking and hearing from others, I think changing the book may help a lot and if she really doesn't want to? than you are right about the complaining. I am going to impress on her how much happier I think she will be and how fast we can go through those topics that she may have really learned.. This ain't always easy is it?
  13. I think you may be correct about this. So hard to let go of Saxon. Sigh.... especially since I feel we have wasted almost a full year. Now she may not finish Geometry and Algebra 2 until the end of her junior year. sigh again... Not the end of the world but for testing, I would like her to have the best college choices. sigh...not in my hands, the universe I mean... Thank you so much for your input!
  14. Thank you! My older daughter did great with Saxon. This daughter is just so different! As we know kids can be. Did you want to share any books that you used? I have 3 choices on the table: Teaching Textbooks, LIals and Aplus math. Would love to find a really nice fit for her. I think we will breeze through many of the earlier topics as Saxon did teach her something.
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