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  1. I would start visiting colleges spring of Junior year - and start researching them earlier - it may take awhile to discover good options depending on what you are looking for (I have a friend right now looking for a serious art program, agriculture classes AND a fencing team - not the easiest assignment). I would NOT visit colleges during the summer, you will not get a feel for the place with few/any students on campus. As homeschoolers you have the flexibility to visit while school is in session. Also gives you a chance to sit in on classes. Definitely college essay apps should be written over the summer (you will not believe how long this could end up taking). If you are applying to non-Common App schools schools may have their own essay prompts and said child will need to write multiple essays (I have one son who ended up writing 7). My kids started filling out the common app as soon as it came online. All their apps were in by the end of Oct. The result being that schools with rolling admissions or Early Action programs started mailing acceptances by Christmas time, making Christmas a very happy occasion at our house. Big deal for the karma in your house... Then you may start a round of Honors program applications (for schools that have them) which would include another round of essays. - that is another reason for the apps to be done early - gives your kid a breather in between rounds. Also, I will say that my kids found the fall of senior year to be an exhausting time with all the extra work, and our classwork suffered a bit - we made online classes a priority - so if you can tweak that semester to be slightly lighter or less labor intensive, it will help out. I also padded in extra days, because I knew we would still be making college visits, we started the semester a week early, so we would have time to take off. You may also need that extra time in the spring, we are now taking time off for accepted student days. You don't want to be messing around with the graduation date senior year.
  2. Nice post about toddlers & the Christmas tree

  3. We're done with it. Am I supposed to throw it out? Is there anywhere I can sell it? thx
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