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  1. I would start visiting colleges spring of Junior year - and start researching them earlier - it may take awhile to discover good options depending on what you are looking for (I have a friend right now looking for a serious art program, agriculture classes AND a fencing team - not the easiest assignment). I would NOT visit colleges during the summer, you will not get a feel for the place with few/any students on campus. As homeschoolers you have the flexibility to visit while school is in session. Also gives you a chance to sit in on classes. Definitely college essay apps should be writ
  2. really basic, like name of job/sport etc., location and dates. Also, for my dd, who is applying to a very specific program, and has a lot of ECs that are background for this (she wants an Animal Behavior program - she has ECs like, volunteering at a horse barn, 4H dog club, many hours shadowing a vet, raising a guide dog, working for a dog rescue...) that I made her an extra page where I wrote up all the activities that specifically applied to her intended major with brief explanations of what each project entailed. I actually considered this to be part of her counselor recommendation let
  3. it's better to leave bandaids on as they AID healing. He's OBGYN though. I'd keep them on as long as possible - till the scab is gone. fingers usually regenerate pretty well.
  4. One of the Fried Dough stands promised..."Powered Sugar" If you give it to your kids, that's probably exactly what you'll get.
  5. my kids would take meds that way because they never got soda otherwise and the fizz kind of disguises the taste.
  6. and got the recommendation for David Ramsey's Teen course. I just got it but haven't had much time to look it over yet.
  7. with a few dryer sheets (unscented ones) It took cigarette smoke smell out - but I did leave them in there for a month or so. I am allergic to almost all perfumes as well as cigarette smoke. I feel for you.
  8. using The Teaching Co How to Listen and Understand Great Music and Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory. We haven't been taking notes on the lectures. The teacher is wonderful. I will probably have them write some kind of paper at some point. They also usually draw during the lectures.
  9. I got a handful of small treats (choc chips, mini marshmallows.. whatever - something coveted) and lined them up on the arm of the chair. Everytime she guessed at a word, I got to eat one. She got what was left over after the lesson. Worked great.
  10. Talk to your vet about the proper dose of pepto-bismal, (one time only) which can help your dog's stomach calm down. Also a hamburger & rice diet for a few days after an incident can help. There are other meds that can help recovery as well - we've had dogs here on metronidizole.
  11. because the adult tooth wasn't heading in the right direction. Once the teeth were out of the way, the adult teeth "turned" and came down the way they were supposed to, saving lots of orthodontia money; one kid bypassed the need for braces altogether. But, I think every mouth is different.
  12. reviewing/studying for a test. It's really easy to review a bit from the day before when you are sitting down to start a new lesson. Maybe you need to remind him that a test is coming and give him a little time to sit down and review the material before handing him the test.
  13. My dd needs costumes for her and her dog for the Eastern States Exposition (4H - Dog Club) They are going as Lois Lane and Superman. Picture a 9lb toy poodle as Superman with my 5'1" dd. We are hoping it will be creative enough for her to win. So, basically, I am free sewing a costume for a dog, who is actually good enough to tolerate the costume being frequently tried on...
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