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  1. looking for online writing program suggestions for dd. can anyone recommend any? thank you!

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    hi! I have lials tenth edition textbook along with the solutions manual and the dvd set for sale. asking $50ppd. dd just finished this up last year as an algebra 2 curriculum. all are in excellent used condition. PLEASE email me, its quicker thedonicoherd@aol.com thanks!


  3. dd is graduating this year and her other homeschool senior friends are already planning ideas for their grad parties! help! heres the problem.... most of them are trying to convince her that she HAS to have a grad party for the money. we don't have a lot of family, especially in the area and dd is more of a too herself kind of kid therefore she doesn't have a lot of friends. if we did have a party, im afraid that we would spend more money trying to have something small then she would even make (and she doesn't really seem to want a party). we are very tight on funds and I hate to spend money o
  4. im thinking about doing a middle school co op class reading peter pan, but im a bit confused on the order of books. it looks like there is the original peter pan, then peter pan in Kensington park and the an official sequel call peter pan in scarlett? does anyone have any input on if this would be the correct order of books or any input at all on scarlett? also any websites or "how you have done this" or study guide links would be awesome! thanks so much! :)
  5. dd is currently in 8th grade and struggling. she is currently using jump in and its so-so. shes almost finished with it and im trying to decide what to use next. since she will be starting high school in the fall, I don't have a clue. my older dd excels at writing, so this wasn't an issue for her. any recommendations on what to use next? what would you say are the minimum requirements for amount of writing for 9th grade? we are covering literature and grammar separately, so this would just be writing itself. thanks for any ideas! :)
  6. my gosh! I wouldn't think this would be so hard! lol! I cant seem to find a decent version of the great Gatsby , great expectations or wuthering heights. those are three I really wanted to find. I have frankenstein and pride and prejudice and was looking for one more completely off the wall to add to that group. most of the jane austens are fine, but I REALLY don't want to make this an all girls group. why is it they don't make a bleeped out version like they do on some television stations so it skips the bad words?? LOL!
  7. im looking for a few literature movie suggestions to go along with reading the book. I need clean versions please :) can anyone suggest any? pretty much any style would work, as long as the version doesn't have anything graphic. thanks so much!
  8. lol! describing the parameters of the class is the hard part :) its a very Christian based co op, so the book would need to be approved. ive already ran alice in wonderland and Gatsby by them and they are both out. Narnia has been done. I need to teach 9th -12th grade (even though my kids wont be in this class LOL!). I know these kids rather well and honestly, at the 9th grade point they are only coming because they have to or want to hang out. if a class with any type of structure is taught, the work is just not done and the teacher is just frustrated. so what I was trying to do is at leas
  9. im planning on teaching an 8 week co op class using the wizard of oz. it will be for 9th -12th graders and we will watch the movie the last 2 weeks of the class. im trying to find some guide of guide or such to teach this at a high school level. does anyone have any ideas? everything I keep finding is middle school grade level (which I can use) but I would REALLY like to dig deeper into the book. thanks so much for any help! :)
  10. we have been using khan academy to go back and fill gaps and find missed concepts (dd is in 8th grade but has LD's). we need to totally redo fractions, decimals and percents but im not sure what to choose. khan is just not working for her to teach the concept and I have tried and its not clicking in her head. so I was thinking of getting math mammoth (starting with fractions, then decimals, then percents) or the key to series (pattern through the books) and then she can go back through it with khan academy. both the key to series and math mammoth look good and with everything we would need, t
  11. Im looking to find a very gentle prealgebra program (that also will have algebra and geometry at some point) for my special needs daughter. we are currently using khan academy as a solid review, but I don't see this working for her once we get to prealgebra. im also thinking MUS and TT will not be a good fit (we have tried them in the past and they are both pricey). im also not fond of life of fred. any ideas of what else is out there and how to implement it?? thanks!
  12. dd is in 8th grade, 14 but is behind in math and writing. she has several LD's and is immature in her learning still. we started off this year trying jump in for writing and shes already frustrated and done with it. she needs something that is very easy to understand, can be done totally independently and can produce writings for her portfolio. obviously this wouldn't be on her grade level. it also cant be expensive at all. we have tried so many various things in the past, honestly I cant even remember half of them! lol! at this point I just need her to write something constructive (but behin
  13. these are awesome! thank you!!! if anyone knows of any other, keep sharing please :)
  14. does anyone know where I can find some for high schoolers? I cant seem to find any and I need some to fill out our mythology course. thanks!
  15. im going to be teaching a literature class for 8 weeks at a co op where for 6 weeks the highschoolers read the book and discuss in class and the last 2 weeks watch a movie of the book. so far the Narnia series has been done and the boy in striped pajamas has been done. I was thinking of doing alice in wonderland and having them watch the latest Disney version with johnny depp (so we could discuss the differences), but the movie is a bit odd (not to me lol! but its a highly Christian co op and well, you get my point). I considered doing pride and prejudice, but I was trying to think of any ot
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