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  1. I'm not Sue but usually it stands for Hope That Helps
  2. With another child I used Saxon Alg 1/2, Saxon Alg 1 and Saxon Alg 2. With using both Alg 1 & 2 then that child earned 1 credit for geometry per Saxon's recommendation. another child likely will not do Saxon Alg 2 so I'm trying to find a Geometry program/curric for this child. I see Saxon now has a separate geometry book. has anyone used the separate Saxon Geometry? what geometry curriculum do you like?
  3. thank you Julie & Beckster I've typed a new post pertaining only to the Lit portion - would either of you mind taking a look - http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/486432-guide-me-to-a-curric-or-mix-of-books-please/
  4. I am looking for high school 11th grad American Lit. What I do not want is something that is only 1 semester long and does not have any full books being read - ie. Bob Jones (I purchased this used and found out that it is only a single semester course, with the 2nd semester used on grammar and there are no full books being read or book reports etc....) In saying that - I did purchase this used and the lady gave me a set of worksheets with it and for instance on one of the grading rubric pages it talks about how the student should look up teh Scripture references that are given on the worksheet in order to determine what the Bible says about death & the elderly. Another one says the student should write a one page personal response to another segment in the student book taking one of two positions. I do like that this extra thing tells some writing assignments but they give lessons in here that do not coorespond with the book directly so it is not user friendly and when I called Bob Jones the lady said she thought maybe that was something that went with the video lessons but couldn't really tell me. we will be going over Analytical Grammar's Teaching the Essay and Teaching the Research Paper this year. What I do want: I need something that will hold my hand in teaching trends such as regionalists, realists, naturalists, anti-[naturalists, modern poets, theism, deism, humanism, agnosticism, artism, atheism etc..... What a sonnet is and what various other types of lit/poems are. I want something that will give me prompts for discussion of topics being read - some of those I would like to be full literature works such as "Huckleberry Finn", "The Red Badge of Courage", "Pilgrim's Progress". In prompts, I would like something that asks tough questions to dig deeper. I would like prompts that ask about how something might correspond to something in Biblical times or how it lines up with Scripture or what the author might have been thinking etc.... I would like a curric that preferably has a schedule of some sort as to what to do each day - ie - read X poem on day 1, write an analysis or answer questions about that poem day 2, proof read work day 3 - etc.... I would also like it to have writing assignments in the lit program. I also would like something - even if it is a smaller book at a lower grade level that goes over teaching how to develop an outline and then write a paper whether that paper be a persuasive paper, research paper or book report. hmmm what else oh curriculums we've considered but I do not know if they do what I would like are: My Father's World (I've looked at the 11th grade level and also considered doing their one that is multi-level) Notgrass (includes Lit, Bible & History) someone suggested some progeny press guides which is an option but I do not want to have to piece meal a program together. I really would prefer a curric that has it laid out of what poem or book or author to study and then what to do with that info - whether to compare it somehow or answer questions in a quiz or etc.... Help please!!!!
  5. Ok so knowing this would you step back and use the Saxon Geometry and then go to pre-calc or is there another math program that you all like for high school level that teaches to the student like Saxon does?
  6. oldest has finished Saxon Alg 1 & Saxon Alg 2. I asked at the HS Fair and they said that a separate Geometry was not needed. They stated there was plenty of geometry covered in Alg 1 & 2 to quantify for a full year of Geometry. Can anyone give any insight on this? Agree? no? why or why not? Also - we are doing Saxon Advanced Math this year. I am looking for something to help teach it. Any opinions on Saxon Teacher vs. Dive vs. Art Reed DVDs? child said they like the look of the Art Reed but I wondered what anyone's thoughts are and especially those who have used any of the 3 or any others that I might not have heard of.
  7. Any recs for high school level american history? What do you all recommend for 11th grade Lit/comp? We will be going over Analytical Grammar's Teaching the Essay and Teaching the Research Paper. Already completed Jensen Grammar, Punctuation and Writing. Suggestions?
  8. I sure thought I posted this the other day but I do not find my post anywhere. edited - ok I found my posts and replies here However, I do have a couple more questions - background - Child has finished Saxon Alg 1 and Saxon Alg 2 second edition with no problems. upper 90's all throughout. this child plans on attending college and likely gearing towards some sort of engineering and hopefully job at NASA in the replies in the other forums it seems there are mixed reviews on Saxon. I had originally asked "should we pursue Saxon Advanced Mathematics along side of Saxon Physics for 11th grade year (this is what local HS store suggested and what they often have many of their students do) and then calculus or trig for 12th? or what would you suggest?" however after reading the replies in the other thread I would like to know what other curriculums are out there. I've been to the HS fair here but it's all the main vendors like Abeka, Bob Jones, MathUSee, Teaching Textbooks and Saxon. As much as I would like to do Chalkdust math I simply can not afford it. any recommendations on course of study and or curriculum choice for the 11th & 12th years
  9. for a college bound student - interested in a job with NASA possibly - what math program/course after Saxon Alg 2
  10. This is where I am. I feel in a frenzy all worried and many of the HSers I know their children are not college bound so they have a much more relaxed approach than I want to take. We just made a huge long distance move and I'm not sure where my copy if WTM is at right now.
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