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  1. Nope, we had a shelter that was large enough to fit 100 people at a time. We prayed a lot and ended up with a beautiful, warm, sunny day and had a fabulous time outside!
  2. We're having dd's graduation party on Sunday afternoon (graduation ceremony is on Saturday, late afternoon-evening). We are hosting it at a local park/lake under at large shelter. We're going to have food (pork BBQ sandwiches, beans, slaw, hot dogs, fruit, veggies, chips, and cake), outdoor games (volleyball, cornhole, frisbee, etc) and there is also a playground nearby. It is a family-oriented event consisting of about 80-100 of her friends, our friends, and a few family members.
  3. Our disappointments came not on the academic end, but on the financial side. Our daughter was accepted to four out of the six schools she applied to and waitlisted at one of the others. She received the highest merit based scholarship at one of the schools (High Point University) and a merit scholarship and fellows scholarship at Elon. However, even with need-based financial aid at both schools, we would have been left with other $26K in loans. Considering our EFC is $1536, there was simply no way to make that happen. Our daughter made a wise (albeit difficult) decision to go to a school
  4. We are in a somewhat similar situation. Dd applied to a small, private school (Wingate University). She was awarded nearly a full ride ($25000 in scholarships per year, plus financial aid). She can go there and incur minimal debt (meaning she can probably graduate with less than $5000 in loans over the 4 years of undergrad studies). The downfalls--its a very small school, probably not as academically challenging as the other schools on her list, and it doesn't have as many programs/clubs/extracurriculars as she would like. But, we are not in a financial position to help with much of the
  5. Daugher Wingate University, presidential scholarship, High Point University, presidential scholarship, honors Elon University, presidential scholarship, finalist for Honors Fellows University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  6. So far, dd is 3 for 4. She's been accepted to Wingate University, High Point University and Elon University, all with their presidential scholarships. She did not get into Davidson. At this time, Elon is her top choice. She is still waiting to hear from UNC-Charlotte (January 1) and Wake Forest (April 1).
  7. My daughter received her first acceptance and a rather large scholarship this past weekend while touring a school. It is her "bottom choice" out of all those she applied to, but it was still great to get that first acceptance and have $$ included as well. It will remain an option depending on the outcome of her other applications.
  8. Does anyone have a sample of a "school report" for the common app? Just looking for a general example so I can get a feel for what they are looking to see included. Thanks!!
  9. I haven't found many templates that look as official as a traditional high school transcipt. Does anyone have a template using MS Publisher? I'd love to avoid having to recreate the wheel! Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the suggestions and input! I will discuss these options with my dd and with my husband!
  11. DD16 is a rising senior. She has used Math U See (3rd grade thru Algebra 1), Teaching textbooks (geometry, algebra 2 and pre-calc). She has done relatively well with these programs (mostly A's, few A-'s). She is a solid math student, but not overly interested in it. She has done well on the ACT and SAT math portions, but the English side is more her focus. She needs a math credit for her senior year. She definitely does not want to take AP Calculus. She would prefer a regular Calculus class or a Statistics class. We are looking for a curriculum that has a dvd or computer component that
  12. We have used parts of Memoria Press curriculum for Kindergarten and First grade (mostly using the lesson plans, copywork, phonics, literature suggestions). We use our own math program. We did not use the New American Cursive 1 book last year because my 7 year old had broken her arm in the fall and spent much of the fall not able to write. When it was healed we just did printing. So, this year, do I need to go back and do New American Cursive 1 with her or do I just do the suggested New American Cursive 2 book that is listed in the 2nd grade curriculum?
  13. I'm having password issues too! Glad to hear that maybe I'm not crazy! I need a password for Math 5 and for Pre-Algebra. Anyone care to share and save me from having to call?!? Thanks!
  14. I can almost see the weekend on the horizon! get up, showered and dressed breakfast daycare kiddo arrives (8am) showers for older kids run dishwasher start 1st load of laundry write out bills go pick up our free bagels from Brueggers this morning / have morning snack school: dd6: phonics, math, handwriting, reading dd10: reading, handwriting, MegaWords, Wordly Wise, math, history ds: reading, handwriting, Wordly Wise, math, history, science, dd16: finish scholarship essay, APUSH, AP Language, Chem, Economics project, Pre-Calc, chores: empty/reload dishwa
  15. Ready to tackle Tuesday... DONE: get up, showered and dressed breakfast showers for older kids daycare child arrived (7:45am) take sheets off of our bed so they can be washed STILL TO DO: school IN PROGRESS make pizza sauce chores: empty/reload dishwasher, clean counters, trash/recycling/composting, vacuum, 2 loads of laundry go to bank to make GS Troop deposit go to Aldi's library naptime for daycare child reading time for 3 of my kids dd16: dance class (4-5pm) daycare child gets picked up (5pm) make homemade pizza for dinner kitchen clean-up bath for dd6 bedtime
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