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  1. I had bought it for a keep-skills-fresh sort of scenario when we were not doing mama-taught school because of transitioning from city apartment to a working homestead, but when I saw my kids' end-of-year test results (required by our state), I decided to switch. They'd always scored in the 70% percentile in math before. After completing TT (three different levels, three different kids), they did better in math than anything else, getting above the 95% percentile. Maybe it was the fresh country air?
  2. Anybody else's kid going through robot withdrawal now they're bagged and tagged?

    1. Rosie_0801


      Mine is making a robot costume out of a box and tape.

    2. Rebel Yell

      Rebel Yell

      Mine does FTC.... they still have time to work before Super Regionals. Good Luck to your Robo Kid!


  3. It's my practical skills year, following on a sudden love for sheep to shawl processes I discovered last year. I vowed in January to acquire more hands-on skills. So far this year I've learned to use a pottery wheel to make mugs, bowls and plates, as well as how to glaze, use a kiln, build an open-air kiln, and dig up and process my own clay. I also since January have learned to knit a very simple scarf. Knitting is so much harder than pottery! Socks are my end goal there and I have sworn I will not give up until I am confident that I can knit a sock, even if it's a simple sock. Making soap (from scratch, or more literally from ash, in true homesteading fashion, without storebought stuff) is next, if I ever master the sock. As this progresses for me, I am also assisting my littlest guy with learning to grow herbs and make extracts, tinctures and syrups (and essential oils if we can dig up the time/bravery/money to make our own still). Meanwhile, to keep my vocabulary from rotting while I rejuvenate my finger-smarts, I am thinking of reading through the required reading list published by my church for entry into Unitarian Universalist ministry. With all the hands-on learning going on, though, I feel like it'd be more practical to tackle a booklist that is mostly available on MP3. This year needs a book theme, for sure -- and NOT one related to the homesteady business.
  4. 11yo tried the pottery wheel for the first time today. All the other potters in the room recognized an addict in embryonic stage.

    1. Angie in VA

      Angie in VA

      Lol. May it be a long and healthy addiction that provides much enjoyment and even employment. :)

  5. This is pretty much what I've begun doing. We did prehistory in one unit, finished that up and did Mesopotamia all the way from prehistory to Alexander, then began China. We'll take China all the way to modern times before going back to do pre-contact Americas, then Greece, then India. I find it easier to tell the story of history the way a people themselves would tell it -- as their own tale, following their nation. Other nations get occasional brief descriptions as part of the setting, but the nation we're in is the protagonist. Also, this makes it so much easier for me to connect visual arts and literature and religion to our history studies, which is important for the salon-style "discussion group" atmosphere I am trying to create around history at home. We did the Epic of Gilgamesh during Mesopotamia, Monkey during China, and will do Plato during Greece and the Ramayana during India. When we get out of ancients, though, I don't know if I'll be able to do it that way. Since the Renaissance history has been a politically complex tangle of people and nations. I don't know if it'd be a disservice to kids to reinforce the idea that the Christian empire, then the British empire and then the United States ruled and defined the entire world's history... I think in the past six hundred years individuals have had the power of empires to change things so maybe I will switch to a more Genevieve Foster approach once we get out of ancients.
  6. Great day from the kids' perspective, full of self-directed (mother-assisted) projects. But how do unschoolers do this all the time?! My brain is fried. I have a solution, though. "Make your own dinner, kids; Mama is running away to spend all evening in the pottery studio."

  7. Why do they always think of the weirdest things to do after I say, "I need to think my own thoughts for a few minutes please"?

  8. I may have an education-crush on my kid's fiddle mentor. She's just teaching everything so *perfectly.*

  9. Must figure out how to integrate 3rd child into schedule. Procrastinating.

  10. Found sons in wrestling match over syringe for filling slides.

  11. "There once was a student named Fred who followed Descartes and said, 'I think it is clear that I'm not really here for I haven't a thought in my head.'"

  12. Anyone else have a kid cramming the FRC manual today?

  13. Child's D&D character just entered the stratosphere. Feeling better about never finishing the earth science program.

  14. Son wants to snuggle and knit and sip tea. Basically, I have the best kid ever.

  15. I miss being able to do one unit with all my kids. *sigh*

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