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  1. I had bought it for a keep-skills-fresh sort of scenario when we were not doing mama-taught school because of transitioning from city apartment to a working homestead, but when I saw my kids' end-of-year test results (required by our state), I decided to switch. They'd always scored in the 70% percentile in math before. After completing TT (three different levels, three different kids), they did better in math than anything else, getting above the 95% percentile. Maybe it was the fresh country air?
  2. Hm, I'm afraid I do not think in outlines, and am lucky if I can write complete lists. Here's what I have on the docket for my boy who'll be 13 in January and an eighth grader on paper. Build-Your-Library History of Science Bridget Arduin's Chemistry Jensen's Format Writing Teaching Textbooks Algebra Artistic Pursuits Construct Practice Makes Perfect Spanish workbooks That's what I'm teaching at home. He also goes to Sunday School, attends game programmers' club meetings, takes classical guitar and Celtic harp lessons, runs a Dungeons & Dragons campaign at a homeschool center, is enro
  3. Thank you for sharing these lists. I was looking for a way in to Shakespeare with my teens.
  4. Well, yay. I was just browsing the 4th grade planning thread and feeling like a) my kid who will be ten in October is kinda 4th and 5th grade, and b) I have goals, not curriculum lists. Thanks for making a thread where I can get in on the fun! Math: Now that he can add, subtract, multiply, and divide with whole numbers into the thousands, I want him to start working with fractions, decimals and percentages. I'll start with concepts and it may take him a year just to master the ideas, not worrying about algorithms, as it did with the ideas of doing equations in the thousands by parts this
  5. Shouldn't they take algebra when they finish arithmetic? If your child can add, subtract, multiply, divide and convert with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages and integers, then you should move into algebra, because they're done with arithmetic.
  6. We were always that way too, just following interests, until this past year. We finally found our groove with actual science curricula. Now I can't find any I like.
  7. I am low on inspiration for my youngest son for next year. I feel like I have looked at everything and nothing quite fits, but truthfully it has been a couple of years since I was active here and y'all know about all the things before they're even published. Anything new and shiny I might look at? What has come out in the past two years?
  8. I clicked through and read your post because I have started thinking about what my rising eighth grader is going to do for high school, and I don't have even a framework in my head for him, since he's so different from his older brother. Seems like he is pretty different from your kid, too, so I don't have much input. I do wonder, looking at your plans, if you might want to prioritize catching him up in math so he can take the SAT and ACT on schedule. I would consider doing more get-er-done history than Notgrass in order to give more time to math. Trades work sometimes does require colleg
  9. Anybody else's kid going through robot withdrawal now they're bagged and tagged?

    1. Rosie_0801


      Mine is making a robot costume out of a box and tape.

    2. Rebel Yell

      Rebel Yell

      Mine does FTC.... they still have time to work before Super Regionals. Good Luck to your Robo Kid!


  10. Has anyone submitted a Maker Portfolio using SlideRoom? From looking at websites of colleges that request it, it seems like you can submit up to five photos on average, and a video or two under three minutes total. Anything else? Seems like there should be a text option, too, right, a write-up of what your project was and how you went about it. How long should this be?
  11. Me, Oak Meadow, and another parent asked The National Park Service on Twitter how homeschoolers could get their free passes. They said they'd look into it for us, then tweeted these three tweets: We're working w/ @usedgov's Office of Non-Public Ed to reach out to private schools & homeschooled. ONPE has ongoing communication with all the national private school associations & hslda. If you know of other homeschool-related organizations that they should contact, please let us know! I find that vague and unsatisfying but am not sure what can be done. I worry that the passes will
  12. Supercharged Science has video demos of all of the science projects it includes.
  13. Here's my list for Greece, which we're doing right now. These are meant to absorb the kids' attention for a whole day at least. Week 1: Make a salt-dough map of Greece. Discuss the making of realistic fantasy maps. Let kids design their own world. Week 2: Make a life-size Trojan horse. Discuss principles of large scale sculpture, creating frames, layering skins on. Week 3: Make wings and togas. Learn to use the sewing machine, follow a pattern. Week 4: Make duct tape weaponry and armor in Greek style. Week 5: Make papermache masks showing many emotions, put on a play. We had a good
  14. Me: "Oh my gosh, this child is NEVER going to learn long division!" Him: "Oh my gosh, he doesn't know long division?! What do we do, homeschooling mom expert of my heart?!" Me: "Um… maybe … um . . .[insert hour-long conversation about math teaching philosophy, the kid's brain, and what we've tried so far, ending in a plan.]" Him: "Sounds like we have a plan." *hugs me* He is genuinely interested in methodology, materials, philosophies, as well as the day-to-day parts. We have been wanting to go to a homeschool convention together. Besides that kind of camaraderie, he does a good chunk
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