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  1. And we found Village Home (villagehome . org) just after got here. My kids take several classes there, are part of the teams and activities -- really awesome stuff. :)
  2. We live in Beaverton and love it. :)
  3. Beaverton -- moved here four years ago and happened upon VillageHome.org -- changed our lives, more than the move itself. Awesome stuff.
  4. We moved to Oregon three years ago -- we found Village Home the first month we were here and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :) http://villagehome.org/
  5. I will second giving a call to the doctor -- I didn't have bloating for either of my d&c's. Better to make sure there is no infection or anything. My thoughts of strength for your friend. Miscarriage is hard enough without any other worries after it. :(
  6. Great! I will check out the activity books. Thanks! -Deborah
  7. Cyber responses don't come with a smile, frown, or some other facial expression, so they can be misread. Happens all the time. Just have to roll with it - on both ends. :) As for me: Do I read through all of them? No. Do I skim and maybe stop to view a response that pertains to curriculum used for kids the same age as mine? Sure. Does it sway me? No. But it may give me ideas to look into. Oh, and do some (most) of the posts sometimes completely impress me and make me feel like "geesh...I have GOT to get my act together"? Oh, yeah! :tongue_smilie:
  8. I know it is fairly easy to find books about the famous men of ancient times or the Middle Ages/Renaissance, but do any of you have suggestions on good resources for learning about women of those times? I can see how their may be fewer in the ancient era, but the Middle Ages & Renaissance had its fair share of women leaders, etc. Are there any good compilations out there? Other than SOTW? Age level @ 10 - 12? TIA! :)
  9. My dd has an opportunity to do a co-op that will be using the Science Matters series. We have not used it before. Looks pretty good from the website. Anyone have any insight? Thanks!
  10. I believe Memoria Press is a Christian company and was wondering if there was any Christian content in their First Start French program? Thanks!
  11. I am teaching a SOTW: Middle Ages coop and we have more chapters than meetings. Is it ok to skip some chapters? Or do you think it is better to go chapter by chapter and not finish the book? I am thinking that the way the stories are set up -- that the whole books cover the Middle Ages time frame -- that we can skip over some chapters and still get a lot out of the book. Any thoughts??? TIA!
  12. I have to put in my .02 re: History of US by Hakim. My kids LOVE her books -- we are using the History of US series and her science series, too. My seven yo ds has actually asked if he could "read ahead" in both subjects...something that doesn't happen too often!
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