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Could use some prayers. I'm a little scared nervous re ds

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Oh dear, I am sorry you are in such an anxious place and he isn't happy where he is. Do you think the upcoming milestone birthday is antagonizing the situation? Like "I'm a legal adult, I don't have to be in place where I'm held accountable"?

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Nutshell--I get a text saying ds is not continuing with the recovery halfway house. He wanted to move to a 3/4 house (a step down but still within the program) and told us he was probably moving this weekend. Now he's saying "f...that place" and tells me he is moving today. I don't have any details. It could be just fine, but...


I am so nervous about this--IDK what happened. He is turning 21 on Monday, and that is a huge trigger (he becomes legal, iykwim).


My stomach is in knots.


Pls just pray.


I so am praying for you. We've been having our own challenges in our home. I understand the anxiety that accompanies parenting children that make choices that greatly impact their lives (and at least in my case, the kids don't really gen it). :grouphug::grouphug:

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