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  1. My oldest homeschooled through high school and just finished his freshman year of college. My other two wanted to play team sports and in my state, in order to do that, you have to attend the public school. My youngest will be going to high school this fall for that very reason. I wish our state allowed home school students to participate in pubic school activities, but they don't.
  2. Son and I tackled this very question last year. My son is majoring in computer science/software engineer. He was accepted into a big school, over 40,000 students, 2 schools with student bodies around 15,000 and 1 school with 2300 students. He went with the smallest school. He liked the small class size and teachers able to bond with students individually. He is back now from his freshman year and I asked if he had any regrets choosing the small school and he said no. The personal attention came to fruition and he did really well.
  3. I would do it. Two out of three of my boys have late birthdays. I held both back for social reasons at different times. It worked for the best. Boys, in general, tend to mature slower, so you really can't go wrong here. I would keep it low key.
  4. I had this same reaction to a lip balm with SPF protection. I use Carmex and have for the past 20 years. It may sting a bit at first but that's because of the camphor in it. It works for me.
  5. Totally understand. They are family. :crying: :grouphug:
  6. Yes!!!! I need it more that my ds. :001_smile: And I only have my youngest (older one is freshman in college, middle one is sophomore at the high school), but man am I tired.
  7. My ds did Excellence in Literature for 9th and 10th grade. He then did PA Homeschoolers AP English and Composition 11th grade year and AP Literature in 12th.
  8. AoPS offers introduction and intermediate python. My son did these before dual enrolling in a college CS class, and he felt prepared.
  9. Yep. A clown was spotted twice in our area within the last few days. My younger son is taking better precautions when he goes out to always be with someone. Crazy.
  10. Praying for David and heartfelt thoughts to you and his entire family.
  11. Thanks all for the understanding, hugs and suggestions. I'm looking forward to feeling better, because my migraines are pretty bad and the vertigo episodes are just plain scary. I just need to refocus my energy, again, on my diet. I had it all figured out and it was smooth sailing with eating gluten free, and now I've got to figure it all out again, on a budget. That's the most difficult part. Plain and simple: my family is picky and will not eat what I have to eat. And yeah, I was in tears last night, but now I just need to go shopping.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. My diet is just getting very bland, especially when I'm the only one that has to eat this way and all those "trigger" foods are in.my.kitchen. :thumbdown:
  13. So few years ago, I was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity. I now eat gluten free with great results. I also suffer from Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAV), diagnosed yesterday. Well, now I have another list of foods to avoid. It got me pretty down and it feels like all I can eat is rice, potatoes, meat and apples. Plus, I was trying to go low carb. Things I was eating that were gluten free, but now have to avoid: all nuts and seeds citrus fruit bananas, figs, raisins yogurt balsamic vinegar canned salmon and tuna chocolate, caffeine canned soups beans aged cheeses artificial sweeteners I need help. I feeling really defeated. Going out to eat seems pointless. :confused1: :sad:
  14. I'm not familiar with graduate school yet since I just dropped my college freshman of to school 3 weeks ago. But, he is also interested in engineering/computer science so here are some of the schools we looked at: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (which he is attending) RIT Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering Harvey Mudd Cooper Union Carnegie Mellon Stevens Institute of Technology University of Maryland Ohio State All of these schools have excellent engineering programs, so hopefully this list is helpful has you begin your journey.
  15. Oh my, hugs and prayers. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  16. I do LesMills classes at the gym: GRIT, BodyCombat and Sprint (teaching both), and I try to do BodyFlow or a yoga class.
  17. We're trying Trail Guides by GeoMatters. We're going to try World Geography, but they have both World Geography and US Geography.
  18. I think a "hook" can be many things. It's basically the universities/colleges wanting to make diverse student bodies. Homeschooling is most certainly a hook. Males in a LAC can be a hook, as well as females in a STEM major. Going to a different region can be a hook. My son will be leaving for Rose-Hulman (Indiana) next month, and we live in Maryland. He got great merit aid. The "hook" is very elusive, meaning what may be a "hook" for one school may not be for another.
  19. :crying: :grouphug: He left you with great memories.
  20. I like being a part of there day. I love seeing them become there own person, with different interests, personalities, sense of humors, friends, opinions, etc. I enjoy how our relationships have changed (I have 3 teen boys) and how they still include me on what's going on in there lives. I enjoy there company. :001_smile:
  21. You could absolutely manage a part-time job while your girls were in high school. I did have to get my son to the local community college when he was a sophomore, but during his junior and senior year, he drove himself. He is totally independent with his work. My job now is more facilitator, counselor, researcher, and keeping up with college requirements (ie. SAT's/ACT's, Common App, Transcripts, etc.)
  22. I have finally nailed down what I want to do next year with my youngest son. Language: Writing with Skill I Lightning Lit 8 Growing with Grammar 8 Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots Harcourt Reading Comprehension Workbook 8 Math: Teaching Textbooks Algebra Science: Semester 1: Biology (Landry Academy) Semester 2: Physics (Landry Academy) Logic: Art of Argument or The Thinking Toolbox Social Studies: Notgrass Civics Geomatters World Geography Electives: Python with Minecraft (Landry Academy) Health: Changing Bodies, Changing Lives PE: Basketball League
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