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  1. Oooh, too bad you missed that opportunity! I would have said, "Yes, sometimes you are. And it makes me uncomfortable." Sorry you are dealing with that kind of "help", Jean. ((hugs))
  2. Julie, I hope you will open up fully to your therapist. I understand not wanting to give up control, but relying on your own judgement to decide if suicidal thoughts become too much is dangerous my friend. I'm praying for you and your husband. ((hugs))
  3. I have an online friend who found out her dd8 had used her Ipod Touch to google sexual stuff. Fortunately the parents caught it fairly soon, but they were totally caught off guard and the the girl was traumatized by what she saw. Just throwing that out there, we're buying our dd an Ipod Touch for her bday next week and are also concerned about the potential for misuse. Following this thread!
  4. You handled it perfectly. Nothing to regret or wish you'd done differently at all. ((hugs))
  5. Hopefully she's too busy baking you an "I'm sorry for being an ass" cake.
  6. An Assembly Such as This is a good one, the first of a series of three. The second one is horrible, imo, but the first and last are surprisingly great.
  7. I wouldn't be worried, but I think a call in to the doctor tomorrow or advice nurse tonight would be a good idea.
  8. Julie, I love this picture! You are really, really pretty, and I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. (But of course, even if you looked like a troll it's wrong to cheat, it's just nicer for you that you're beautiful, lol.)
  9. Only four pounds lost this week, ladies, for a grand total of 17 pounds lost out of the 25 pounds he wants to lose. He's disappointed it wasn't more. :svengo:
  10. The only time I get something in two days is if I order on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday morning. The other five and a half days of the week it's definitely not two days and never has been. But I'm used to it, and it hasn't stopped me from keeping Prime and ordering from Amazon ten or more times/month.
  11. Hey you, so glad I noticed your name! The turtle story makes a nice segue, but you would be welcome even with a less interesting story. :)
  12. The class my dd demonstrates for is doing this one! Plus she is the Queen of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland ballet (not sure of the music), and they are also dancing to a song from Tarantella. Can't wait!
  13. Of course! You didn't do it right, when you do it right you avoid these sorts of problems. :laugh:
  14. Oh yeah, he only does this with immediate family--I was referring to how we would see him if we didn't look beyond the surface. But since he's homeschooled, I've wondered how well he could keep up his good outside behavior if he was in ps. (Btw, I'm not saying that your dd needs medication or has the same problems as my son, just that your challenges ring a bell).
  15. I could have written a similar post. From the outside, our son just looks like a jerk, a kid who is completely selfish and doesn't care if he makes others miserable. But the reality is that he doesn't want to be this way. He started a new medication last week, and he's--literally--like a completely different version of himself. I'm praying that the medicine keeps working, because we are all enjoying the peaceful, happy atmosphere that seemed out of reach for our family until now.
  16. Late to the party, but will pray for continued swift recover.
  17. Aw, I wish your dh had it as easy as mine too. In fact, I wish it was that easy for everyone! Me especially, lol.
  18. Well, at least it's not just me. I could live on lettuce leaves and water for a week and not lose 13 freakin pounds.
  19. He only wants to lose 25 pounds, btw. I love him, but how irritating is it that he decided a week ago to go on a diet, and at tonight's weigh-in we find out he's already lost 13 pounds. In a week. By not eating any carbs. Who does that?!
  20. True story. But I know it's hard to imagine if you don't have one of these kids. They know how to keep you humble about your parenting skills, that's for sure!
  21. My ultra strong-willed kid has LD's and some other issues that make parenting him normally impossible. I haven't found what works yet, but Julie's advice really resonates with me and I'm going to try those things. ♥
  22. Poor boy! Praying for him and for your family. ((hugs))
  23. I haven't seen the new one, but the one with Liam is pure awesomeness.
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