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S/O: what did your family eat today and how much did it cost?

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Breakfast- dh had scrambled eggs, I had oatmeal with a spoonful of cocoa in it.

Cost? Less than a dollar total. The kids didn't want breakfast.


Lunch- Dh, dd, and I had a sandwich. I also had macaroni salad, dh had potato salad, dd had cantaloupe. Ds had two chicken sandwiches. Total cost- about $6.


Dinner- smoked sausage, mashed potatoes, peas, fruit, and a roll for the kids. Total cost: $8


Dessert- usually we don't have this but I found something on Pinterest I wanted to try. The ingredients cost $8 but we only ate 1/4 of it - so I'm not sure if I include the total cost or just what we consumed tonight.


I drank a Pepsi Max at lunch, and other than that, everyone drank water all day. 23 cents


Dd just walked in with a sandwich. Add about $1.


$18.23 if I only count the portion of dessert we consumed tonight.



This is unusual- I usually make smoothies for the kids midmorning if they didn't have breakfast but neither wanted anything today. Generally there are more veggies at dinner. Ds has a snack during the day but didn't have one today.


My young adults aren't big eaters- if they were, my grocery bill would surely be much larger.

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I am not sure of the exact cost, but we ate:


Quesadillas with shredded cheese and pinto beans (~$6)


Split pea soup (homemade with diced ham, carrots, and potatoes ($~6)


Cornbread (~$1.50)


Turkey sandwiches (Organic sandwich meat on homemade rolls) (~$5)


Cherry pie (homemade ~$6, ate half, so $3)


Cheese and crackers (~$3)


Milk (~$3)


So, about $27.00 to feed 2 adults and 4 children. We did have some soup left over, maybe two bowls.

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Breakfast-scrambled eggs with turkey and feta $3

Snack-yogurt tubes (3) $1 for kids, apple with PB for me $1

Lunch-ground turkey lettuce wraps with broccoli slaw $10 (? Made enough for lunch tomorrow as well, so maybe I'll say $5 for today's lunch...)

Snack-cherries $2

Dinner-bean and cheese burritos, chicken $4


To drink (aside from water)-homemade iced tea $.50 and a cup of coffee $.50


So total for one adult (2 for lunch), 3 kids for the day was about $22. Or $17 if you consider that what our lunch cost today will also cover lunch tomorrow as well.

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Hmmm, let's see...


Granola w/milk (Trader Joe's)...probably about $2

Leftover Greek Pasta Salad....$2

Turkey salad sandwiches made from leftover T-day turkey (frozen and de-thawed of course ;) ) $2


I think this is a good estimation. It's hard to do though when you're not using all of one ingredient.


eta: this was for 3 kids and 2 adults. Dh spent another $5 on breakfast at work. I had coffee and pepsi adding another $3. All totalled: $14.

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Breakfast: about $4.00

8 scrambled eggs with milk and cheese (cage free, organic)

toast w/nutella


Lunch: about $6.00

homemade veggie pizza

raw veggies


Dinner: about $22.00

wild salmon

brown rice

steamed broccoli

raw veggies


Snacks would have been almonds, cheese and trisquits, veggies, fruit. I don't keep track very well, but that's what was available today. I would probably add an extra $3.00.


So, about $35 for today. That seems about right since I budget $300/week for groceries, and that includes pets, cleaning, and other household items.

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Today was a bad, bad day.....junk food heaven!


We had a quick cereal breakfast.


We went out for lunch because we were running errands (Chick Fil A)


Dinner was a pot luck scout party and it was cold cut sandwiches, hot dogs, lots of yummy sides (I took spaghetti) and a HUGE chocolate birthday cake!


I think I will have to count our cost tomorrow! :tongue_smilie:

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Oatmeal (gluten free) ($3) and bananas ($1) for the children for breakfast - $4


Hot dogs ($1) and 1lb baby carrots ($1) for the children for lunch - $2


Dinner for the family was pork chops ($6), potatoes (roughly $1), cantaloupe (my sister gave it to us), and 1lb baby carrots ($1) - $8


My SO ate a couple sausages ($1) at work and took a few Powerades ($1.50-ish) - $2.50-ish


So today was roughly $17 (we used butter for the potatoes) Breakfast was for 4 children, lunch was for 3 children, dinner was for 2 adults and 5 children....:tongue_smilie: I'm not much help...The littlest one in house also had a two bottles of formula and two bottles of soy milk so that increases my total as well...I'd say $20 for the total day cost if you add in her extras for the day...

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A bowl of cereal for each of us w/milk and milk/coffee to drink-$3 total

Peanut butter sandwiches for all, apples, chips-$3 total

yogurt or cheese slices and banana or plum-$2 total

chicken, rice, brussel sprouts for all-$7 total

cup of juice and milk for all-$1 total

glass of wine and can of beer-$2 total

ice cream cone for all-$2 total


Very rough estimations above, but looks like about $20 for the day, give or take.

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- toasted home-made bread (maybe .50?)

- hash brown patties (.50)

- coffee (for me, .20)

- applesauce (for my daughter, .30)

- soy milk (for my daughter, .60)

- margarine and fruit spread for the toast (guessing, .50)


Lunch (a casual, DIY, sometimes snack-ish affair here):

- protein bar (for my daughter, .50)

- banana (.22)

- cashews (.50)

- rice (.50)

- soy sauce (.05)

- Coke Zero (.34)


Dinner, black bean burritos made with:

- tortillas (purchased, because I was busy today, $1)

- black beans (.47)

- 1/2 can refried beans (.75)

- onions (.75)

- rice (.50)

- red bell pepper (.30)

- cilantro (.30)

- salsa (.50)

- sour cream and cheddar for my husband (.60)



- two pears (.50)

- Doritos (.50)


Grand total: $10.88


There are only three of us home this week. So, that's an average of about $3.63 per person.


(Except that I just remembered I used some of the dinner ingredients to make two lunch-sized servings for my husband to take to work this week. I'm too lazy to go back and adjust, though.)

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I had a banana with peanut butter for breakfast, dh had oatmeal, and the boys either had what we had, or homemade bread with peanut butter and some milk.


Dh had leftover potato curry with naan and a banana for lunch and the rest of us had whole wheat pasta with homemade yogurt and a little cheddar cheese.


The boys snacked on homemade bread in the afternoon, and I had an apple with peanut butter.


We had company for dinner and ate a Pakistani chickpea pilau with a tomato cucumber raita for dinner. And we had lots of peaches. We all drank water.


It's really hard to estimate the cost because so much of it was homemade and made from things I buy in bulk. The rice was the last of some Pakistani rice that I brought back from Kyrgyzstan. My best estimate would be $1.50 for breakfast, $2.00 for lunch, and $7.00 for dinner. That's more than a typical dinner at my house but I made more food because we had company.


I aim for $10/day and have been able to meet than goal in Seattle, Virginia, Kyrgyzstan, Idaho, and Utah. It took some effort in Seattle, but it was doable. I am sure our diet is heavier on grains than would be approved of by many here.

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Well let's see:


The boys and my husband had a banana, a bowl of bran flakes with raisins added and a cup of milk each.


I had two eggs overhard and a rice cake with peanut butter plus a banana.


Eggs- complicated. Less than 50 cents.

4 bananas- about $1

Milk- 1/5 of $5.50= $1.10

Raisins- I don't keep a unit price on raisins or count them as they fist them in. So strange. Anyhoo. Let's say 50 cents (bag cost $3)

Rice cake- 1 of a 10 pack costing $2.50 so 25 cents.

PB- again, not a serving price I measure. $9 for a huge jar, 2 tablespoons. Pennies.

Breakfast estimate: $3


Throughout the day for snacks and lunch:


we polished off a 2.5 pound bag of grapes, sharing with others. $3.75


1/2 of a bunch of celery - 75 cents


A bunch of carrot sticks. We buy 5 pound bags. Maybe half pound. So 50 cents.


4 more bananas -$1.


A baggie of almonds. - about a $1 worth from a $10 bulk container.


For the lunch meal besides partaking in the above, my sons and husband had sandwiches that used about 1/2 a $2.50 loaf of bread. I had two 50 cent romaine hearts. The four of us ate a little under 1/2 of a $9 pound of nitrate free, local turkey and a pound of tomatoes (1.50) plus generously say maybe $1 worth of condiments, onions and misc sandwich/salad fixings.


Total snacks and lunch from home: $16.25


Plus we had a little family emergency that kept us in the car and made the kids miss something they were looking forwards to. So I bought 3 donuts for them and my husband. $2.40. And 4 slurpees. $4


So junk food- $6.40.


Dinner was cheese for the kids (50 cents) + the leftovers from their sandwiches + an apple each (50 cents) plus some bites of curried chicken salad. We were on the go. Dinner for me and my husband was about 1/2 a $4.5 pound of baby spinach as a bed for curried chicken salad. The chicken salad is homemade and is made from chicken breasts, mayo, curry powder, chutney, cheap cooking wine, cashews, raisins and celery. Not doing the math fully. All told the salad I made cost about $18 ($9 of that being the chicken). The salad will last us 4-5 days. It's fair to say we ate about $4 worth today because it was dinner.


So cost for dinner not including lunch leftovers - $6.25.


Total for day w/o that junk food- $25.50, with junk food it was $31.90.


Some days are less or more- say baked lentils or soup instead of chicken salad. Also lunch meat is sort of a rare thing here- normally sandwiches would be PB or made with shredded meat from a home cooked chicken or roast. So over a week our daily average is under $25. We feed the four of us + my dad a little over 1/2 the time on this budget.

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hmmm, let me see if my tired brain can think-



3 kids- gf oatmeal w/ pastured butter and brown sugar- $1.29 oats, B.Sugar- 10c, butter- 60c= $1.99

me- *greek yogurt, frozen strawberries and bit of honey- yogurt-$1, strawberries- 38c, honey- 1T- 15c=$1.53

green smoothie everyone (3 kids and I)- kale- $1, celery-25c, beet- $1, lemon-30c, carrots- 25c, ginger- 10c=$2.90

Breakfast total- $6.42


This is higher than usual for us as I usually make yogurt if we have it and usually I have eggs when the kids eat oatmeal.

*I'm guessing on the yogurt based on prices I've seen previously as I had dh pick it up and he picked up the wrong thing ie a more expensive and smaller package and didn't keep the receipt.


lunch- leftover chicken curry- chicken $2.30, asst veggies(sweet potato, frozen green beans, onions and zuc &tomato from the garden)- $1, basmati rice- 35c= $3.65


supper- bratwurst- $3, asst veggies(potato, canned tomatoes, onion)-75c, basmati rice- 70c, butter- 40c-$4.85


snacks- $4.33

homemade ginger cookies made w/ almond meal- $1.50

apples and oranges- $1

almond milk- $1

cheese- 88c


Total $19.25


Avg total per day is about $14.32

Today we had some things definitely more expensive than usual and some things cheaper- usually we don't eat near that much rice. I also don't usually buy almond milk and the brats were something dh picked up that weren't on my list!

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Yesterday, we all had cereal for breakfast with orange juice. Husband served the children left over home-made veggie soup and a small shop-bought quiche, while I had a hummus and tomato sandwich at work. For supper (in a quick gap between watching the Olympic closing ceremony) we had whole-grain pasta with spicy tomato sauce (bought on special offer) with some grated cheese and cauliflower. We all ate fruit at various points during the day.


ETA: costs....


Assuming we ate half a box of cereal between us, half a box of orange juice and a pint of milk, that comes to about 50p plus 60p plus 25p, so £1.35 for breakfast. The leftover veggie soup can't have cost more than 50p and the quiche would have been about £2.20. My lunch was about £1. Half a packet of whole grain pasta was 50p, the pasta sauce was £1, the cheese maybe 30p and the cauliflower £1. So that's £2.50 for supper. The meals then add up to £7.05


If we let a bag of oranges stand for fruit eaten over the day, then that's another pound. I'll assume that about half a loaf of bread disappeared during the day, so that's another 50p. I suspect that half a packet of biscuits might have gone too, so that's 50p. About another half pint of milk probably got drunk, so another 25p. And we had fizzy water for supper, which costs 17p a bottle. So sundries over the day cost $2.45


So the total for food came to about £9.50, which is USD15.



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I don't think I can line item everything. I am impressed but those who can. I think we average $30 a day for a family of 6.

This is for dh and I , 2 teen boys, 1 preteen boy and 6 year old dd

Breakfast coffe and oatmeal for dh and I, green smoothie after my workout. Kids had waffles, bagels or cereal with milk and orange juice.

Lunch: dd and I had chic filet, sandwiches, chips for everyone else

snack: peaches, grapes, granola bars, yogurt, rice crispie treats

dinner: chili made with greenwise ground beef, organic canned tomatoes, black beans, chilo-mix and served with shredded cheddar and oyster crackers.

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Lets see: two slices of WW toast and smear of cream cheese, a bowl of cold potato cubes with steamed runner beans, onion, EVOO, lemon juice and some fresh parsley, lentil/carrot soup, a bean burrito with salady stuff inside and a big bowl of fresh-picked blackberries with a handful of Cheerio-equivalents and some milk. And I'm so hungry I woke up.


Kiddo: 2 faux breakfast sausage patties, some homemade french bread, a big plate of cold runner beans-steamed, mac and cheese (two big helpings), a big lot of blackberries (they went picking), a bit of black-strap molasses ginger bread, a bean burrito without the salady stuff, a bowl of choc ice cream. Oh and carrots gnawed on.


Hubby: toast and hummus, chard stems cold (it is hot here) with garlic and EVOO, lentil soup, mac and cheese, a bag of chips, too much juice (hot work in the garden), a bean burrito, blackberries, and a smootie.


I don't know how much .... the black berries were free, and everything else was from scratch (oh, the beans for burritos were from a can). A co-worker's SO has a truck garden and Sunday afternoons I get FAB fresh veggies delivered. But they are organic and very fresh, and not the cheapest thing out there.

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2 weight watchers breakfast sandwiches-$3.50

1 banana-20 cents

1 peach-$1

1 egg-25 cents

leftover shepherds pie-$2

1 Weight watchers ziti-$3.50

2 turkey burgers on buns-$2.00

ziti with sausage and sauce (homemade)-$3

3 oreo cookies-50 cents

2 pork buns-$2.50

1 cup frozen yogurt and 1 cup toppings-$6.50

1 bag pita chips-75 cents

1 bag pop chips-$1

2 Diet Pepsi-$2

1 glass apple juice-50 cents

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Breakfast: eggs, sausage & cinnamon rolls -- around $4


Lunch: Leftovers from previous night's dinner


Supper for 4 people:


Chicken Thighs - $4

Couscous - $1

Baby Carrots - $1


I have 4 Chicken Thighs left to shred up for chicken salad for lunch today. :)

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I'm going to do today's menu. The last two days we've been living off of leftovers from a potluck dinner we threw on Saturday.


Breakfast: 12 eggs ($3)

mixed veggies scrambled in eggs (free! from a garden)

dd had oatmeal that I buy in bulk (maybe 0.25 when you add in milk)

potatoes (ds 16 fries some up) ($0.50)



Always leftovers with an added veggie ($1)



Roasted chicken ($12)

Rice with onions and mushrooms (I buy rice in bulk - so it's VERY cheap - maybe $1?)

Cornbread (homemade $0.50)

Salad (veggies from garden - FREE!!!

Steamed broccoli ($2 - I love Aldi's frozen veggies!)


Total for the day for meals: $20.25.


Add to that the cost of snacks: Fruit, carrot sticks, hummus, homemade bread, peanut butter, yogurt, etc. I bet I spend $7/day on these extras.


So, total: $27.25


Not bad - right?

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Yesterday we had



Brown Sugar Oatmeal with bananas and milk

(About $1. I don't eat breakfast and DH gets free breakfast at work, so only my girls ate this.)



Applesauce with wheat crackers and water

(Again, less than $1 for the 2 girls)



Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Carrot Sticks, and fruit salad (strawberries, grapes, apples) and water

(Maybe $4 for 3 of us)



Popcorn dipped in Peanut Butter and juice

(About $1 for 3 of us)



Chicken Parmesan with Ziti and Lemon Garlic Steamed Brocolli

(About $11 for all 4 of us, but we have enough leftovers for lunch today for all)


So that's about $19 for the day.

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(DS) blueberry bagel w/cream cheese $1

(DH) cheerios, blueberries, grapes & Greek yogurt $2

(ME) raw oatmeal w/almond milk, chopped banana & blueberries $1



(DS) 2 waffles w/apple butter, 1/4 yellow watermelon, apple cider doughnut $1.50

(DH) Chicken salad wrap, sliced veggies & dip $2

(ME) 1/4 yellow watermelon, raw vegan walnut "burger" on tortilla w/spinach, mustard and garden tomatoes $2



(DS) ? He left to stay with the grandparents for the week.

(DH) Fish tacos, garden veggies & soup $3.00

(ME) Zucchini pasta w/spinach sauce & garden tomatoes $1


Generously, $13.50 for the day for the 3 of us.

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One adult, 2 teens, 3 kids (6 total)



7 homemade whole wheat bagels $1.75

Butter & peanut butter $1.00

1/3rd bottle OJ $0.80

Coffee $.50







Lemony grain salad

2 cups spelt berries $0.50

1 cup whole wheat couscous $4.00

1 lb. asparagus $2.00

2 lemons $1.00

Olive & walnut oil $2.00

3 oz. goat cheese $1.75


$11.25 (enough for tomorrow's lunch, as well, so $5.63 for today)




Grilled cheese & avocado sandwiches w/ popcorn & veggies

10 slices whole wheat bread $1.80

10 slices cheddar cheese $3.00

1 avocado $1.00

Home-popped popcorn w/ butter $1.50

Sliced green bell peppers & celery $2.00

Milk $1.25






6 cheese sticks $1.20

6oz. Almonds $2.00

1 glass wine $2.00





TOTAL: $25.43 ($4.24 per person)


My husband is out of town, so only 6 this week. Our dinners vary between $10 and $18, depending on what we have. Today was a cheaper day.

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Breakfast: yogurt for everyone -- $1.50

Lunch: Leftovers -- free

Dinner: crockpot chicken drumsticks, rice, and squash $3.00



breakfast: box of bars for kids $1.70

lunch: leftovers or PB&J -- under $1

Dinner: Homemade Hamburger helper w veggies Under $6 for a large batch



family of 5

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