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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful replies, they helped tremendously! I think I’ll give her gift card to a skate shop so she can pick one according to what she needs. Great suggestions!
  2. My 15 year old has expressed an interest in skateboarding and has gone to the skatepark a few times with friends, using a borrowed skateboard. I’d like to get her one, but have no clue where to begin. If anyone has a good recommendation for brand or accessories, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
  3. I got a kitten for my birthday, and she is positively perfect. I love her so much.
  4. I’m allergic to cats but adore them. My teenager asked for a cat as her next pet when her dog passed away. She researched and saved for a Ragdoll. Supposedly they are a less allergy triggering breed? I don’t know for sure, but I have no reactions to her, even when I am smushing her for kisses, which I do all the time. She is perfect. They are very a very chill, relaxed breed, which I felt was necessary in our sometimes chaotic and loud home. We have two small dogs, which she promptly got accustomed to in a day. She behaves a lot like a dog, wanting to follow us around and be nearby, but she al
  5. I loved Value Tales as a kid so much, I have slowly accumulated the entire series for my kids. They aren’t in print anymore, so you may have to eBay them, but they are good!
  6. Title says it all. We did biology and chemistry for the past two years (middle school), so I’d like to do something other than those two sciences.
  7. Best chews we've found are antlers and yaks milk chews. Yes, I'm serious, it's yak milk lol. Neither of those stink, and they last a very long time. Both are quite pricey, but well worth it.
  8. My 11 and 8 year olds didn't know this. One day one of mine pointed with her middle finger while at gym and the other girls told her. She was mortified she had essentially 'cursed' unintentionally and came home and confessed to me lol. I don't put much stock in it, so I told her it wasn't a big deal to me but that others may find it rude.
  9. We got a gorilla gym last year and it has been one of the most used 'toys' in our house. My oldest is 11 and still uses it. Worth every penny. https://gorilla-gym.com
  10. I have nothing to add regarding teaching Euclid. I just wanted to say how much I love and look forward to your posts Hunter. I so wish I could sit and chat with you someday...Thank you so much for all the time you spend collecting resources and sharing your wisdom.
  11. I reall, really WANT to love Jim Weiss. I do. I force my kids to listen to SOTW in the car. But man, he puts me to sleep. 😳 Let the tomato throwing begin.
  12. Another happy Costco wool socks family here. I wish they made kids sizes!!!
  13. We are doing it! I was hoping to just paint it with finger paint, but apparently that isn't such a good idea...
  14. What wonderful, wise, and encouraging words to read tonight! Thank you so much for sharing, this has truly blessed me today. We have had a similar experience this year, I keep thinking about how it's all 'working' for the first time. And what has changed was not my kids, it was ME. Letting go of my ideas of how things *should* be, and actually looking at those precious, beautiful children right there in front of me and meeting them at the place where THEY can learn best. In some ways I had to change curriculums or expectations, in other ways I had to stop and really listen to what they were sa
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