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  1. I never used formal spelling with 4 of my 5 kids. If they spell well in their writing, a program is unnecessary, IMO.
  2. At that age my small ones loved Jim Weiss CDs: especially Fairytale Favorites, Giants, Old Testament stories, and Famously Funny.
  3. Certainly not "no one." I teach philosophy and about 50% of the homeschoolers I know IRL teach it in some form.
  4. I will finish the whole series for the fifth time this year. The 2nd and 3rd times through were worst. Fourth and fifth were easier. In my opinion it is totally worth it.
  5. DS#1: homeschooled K-12 (dual enrolled for 11th and 12th.) DD#2: homeschooled K-10th, charter school 11th and 12th. DD#3: homeschooled K-8th, charter school 9th-11th (current) DS#4: homeschooled K-8th (current) DS#5: homeschooled K-4th (current)
  6. Well, since many of us old folk have been homeschooling with The Well-Trained Mind since before WWE was written, I would say it is not necessary. I began homeschooling in 2001 and followed the recommendations of the 1st Ed. of TWTM. We did use FLL and lots and lots of narration and copy work (more than what is in FLL.) We began Classical Writing in grade 3. That system worked brilliantly. So much so, that even after WWE came out I refused to switch up what we do. I have graduated 2 who are now in college. They each scored perfectly on the English portion of the SAT. I say that simply to po
  7. I personally love Kodaly for ear training/sight singing.
  8. Well, I had the exact same set up a number of years ago. Boy 16 mo. older than girl. Kept them together for grammar, history, science, Latin, etc. Separate for phonics and math. Worked out great! They are now a freshman and sophomore in college. The question is the maturity of the younger. My daughter was mature - so it worked out well.

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    French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture Part 1 (2nd ed.) text (purchased used - good condition - name on cover) French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture Part 1 workbook (brand new - never used) $22ppd Please PM with any questions. Thanks! Nancy



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    Prentice Hall Biology by Miller & Levine 2004 edition (see picture) - very good condition; some scuffing on corners of cover, pages in excellent condition. No writing or highlighting Also included: Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments by Thompson & Thompson (very good condition) $32ppd



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    Understanding Linguistics: The Science of Language (Great Courses) Taught by Professor John McWhorter 36 30-minute lectures The Atoms of Language by Mark C. Baker Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech by Edward Sapir The Power of Babel by John McWhorter Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language by Steven Pinker The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language, 2nd ed. All in excellent used condition (Purchased for $165.84 NEW + shipping) $90.00 ppd



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    Singapore Primary Mathematics 2A textbook & Home Educator Support Guide Good condition ($10.00 ppd for both) Singapore Primary Mathematics 4A/4B textbooks & Home Instructor’s Guide ($15.oo ppd for all 3) - SOLD


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