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Brian Jacques (Redwall) has died.

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Oh my goodness. How sad. He is one of our favorite authors. His audio books are captivating. My kids call those furry brown things outside our window "squiddles" as he pronounced it with his wonderful accent.


One time, we were listening to Redwall in the car on vacation. We were nearing the end of the book as we were getting close to home. We were so engrossed in the story that we were startled to hear someone knocking on our window. It was a neighbor wondering why we had been sitting in our driveway for 5 minutes after such a long drive. We hadn't even noticed that we returned home.

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Awww, so bummed to hear that. About 3 years ago, my then-Redwall-fanatic 10 year old daughter and I went to see Mr. Jacques at a Borders about 45 minutes from us. He gave a delightful talk and then was so friendly when he autographed books for us. I am so glad we went.


Just last night, I was collecting the names of my kids' favorite authors for a piece of customized artwork we are having done for our living room, and he was high on the list of all-time favorites.


Thanks for letting us know.



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