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  1. Walgreens will take GoodRx discount. Just have it ready for them. Be careful if your trying to transfer around with Ambien or generic. Most states have rules how many times control drugs can be transferred. In my state it is once. Walgreens also has their own discount club. Ask if it is cheaper or Good Rx discount. There is a joining fee for their own club but often it's cheaper for people without insurance who are on maintenance meds.
  2. I currently am in OR. I smelled it last night outside our hotel. I was asking dh what the laws were for public places, etc. Interesting to read this thread this a.m.
  3. We have one. Our phone seemed to overheat when we used it as the mobile hotspot so we went to the mifi with good success.
  4. We have an 11 yo cocker spaniel with chronic ear problems. The Zymox helped but wore off effectiveness too. We had the ear gunk cultured and getting the right medicine helped. It was a tri..antfungal, antibiotic, and steroid. She also takes daily Claritin which helps.
  5. Ds2 is a senior and is working at a feed store. It is a few more hours per week than we prefer but so far he has made it work. It fits with his area of interest for college and he has learned so much both academically and has matured.
  6. This is what we needed to do. We worked with a special pediatric office. They brought in an anesthesiologist once a month. Very very expensive but so worth it.
  7. My son's experience was similar except the judge gave son the choice of paying the fine or volunteering hours (community service). Son chose the latter and volunteered at the library. The judge also removed it from his record once hours were done. His wasn't speeding but rather an accident.
  8. 45 Stand and walk regularly for 6 hours at work without sitting. Mostly standing in one place at computer but I have an area 3x12 to walk back and forth. Technically I could sit for my 15 min break but most days we are so busy I prefer to keep working.
  9. Housing is a huge issue! I know several men who commute there but do not live there. The are leaving their wives and kids for the majority of the time..2 weeks on 1 week off. Unfortunately for them there isn't a lot of industry in the part of.Montana they live in but there isn't affordable housing in ND.
  10. We left this area last July after 10 years. We would go back in a heartbeat. Definitely worth looking into based on her list.
  11. My childhood best friend's mom always made an easy dinner using hotdogs. She'd cut them lengthwise and layer with mashed potatoes and top with cheddar cheese. She'd bake it until the cheese melted. I'm not sure if the mashed potatoes were warm but I assume they were.
  12. I love it too! We just started this year. I printed all the pdf pages and had it spiral bound. I added a few notebook printed pages where needed. The PDF was ready instantly and the CDs came in less than a week. I ordered 3 leves. We are using it for 4th, 7th, and 11th.
  13. This is what we are doing to add on some of the Usborne Encyclopedia, etc.
  14. Are you crafty at all? You can often buy a twin size and make your own shams/pillow cases to match at a lower cost. I agree though that coordinating would be just as nice.
  15. Oh I understand. We are moving cross country. We had a huge garage sale. We sold my boys' wood beds and matching dresser. They were worn and needed to go but ugh! And we sold the dining room table and chairs that my folks bought when I was in 3rd grade. Double Ugh. But both were worn and getting rickety.The chairs were missing spindles and the legs worn. It was way past its time. We sold them so cheap. The young couple that is getting the table were thrilled with it for their first home. I try to focus on that, the blessing to others.
  16. golly, I ordered books and paid $30 to a buyer and she never offered to refund my $$. I didn't really feel like it was her fault other than possibly the box wasn't packed well. Tracking showed the box was lost. She did get the info to file with the post office for the lost books and they were found in another state. Still not sure how that happened but here it is, 4 months later, and I'm out my $$ and still no books.
  17. We are so sad here after reading the news. We dealt with wildfire in 2011. Firefighters saved our home.
  18. I met up with an internet homeschool friend once and her husband introduced himself to me as the dee-aich. LOL
  19. Claritin has both a 12 hour and a 24 hour option so it depends on which one he was using. The idea of Benadryl to tide him over his a good one.
  20. I start a containter in my freezer and put all the leftover broth and/or veggies in it. I use it to make a good beef stew.. I add to it each time we have a little bit of a leftover veggies- sometimes even just a tablespoon or so.
  21. My dh is a civilian rotor pilot who spent approx the last.12 years flying in the Gulf of Mexico to the platforms. He works for one of the "big oil" companies. Unfortunately, what your daughter said is exactly our case. 45 years old and currently out on occupational disability. We are in limbo what the future will hold but so thankful he has the disability income for now. He did the teaching and ag flying to log hours before going ot the Gulf. He also worked a few years for med evac. We were married young and worked hard for him to do his dream.The training was expensive but not nearly expensive as it is now. The drawback is that it is occupation specific that it doesn't crossover to another field. He recommends getting your degree even if you plan on doing flight school. He has a BS in Science, but again, he never used it since he then went right into the aviation school and industry.
  22. I did something similar but on the computer. I organized my ebooks by subject before the title names and put in a seperate file under homeschool on my desktop. I went ahead and made "copies" of the ones that could fit in more than one category. That way I can quickly scan if I'm looking for something on earth science or on ancient histor, I can quickly find a supplement to print. (I'm not really computer literate so not sure of the correct terminology above, but it works for me). I work part-time so sometimes I need things pre-printed and organized for dh/boys to be independent.
  23. We order bulk popcorn seeds from Azure. It is our go-to snack around here and we can order 25 lbs very reasonable. We have also ordered their bulk oatmeal, quick bean soup mix (lentils, rice, split peas), other dry beans, and rice from Azure. Oh- and coconut oil seems to be another item we order regularly- for the popcorn, of course.
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