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  1. I'm going to discuss this with my new doctor when we get together to discuss my blood work (next Tuesday). I was only losing weight when I kept my calories between 900-1100/day. However, once I started exercising, and increased them to 1200/day, everything stopped. Then, when I completely quit counting calories, but controlled portions and quality of food, I was eating closer to 1500-1600 calories per day, I cut my exercise back to walking 4-5 miles/day, and I neither lost nor gained. So...I'm wondering if all those months at 1000 average calories messed up my metabolism...or if it's just my age...or if it's a number of factors...which is likely the case. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Super helpful, thanks! I'm going to be 53 in September, and still no sign that menopause is near. Which sucks, because now that I'm done having kids...I'd kinda like to get things over with!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not familiar with any of these people. :)
  4. Adding this to my behavioral mod list... Great point. :)
  5. You look fantastic - assuming that's you in your profile pic. :)
  6. I think that's about what I need, as well, based on my weight trends. It's disheartening that an 80 lbs weight gain over 12 years computes to only 60 or so extra calories a day. It's so EASY to eat 60 more calories than one needs...especially when one loves food. :)
  7. Thanks for the input, Ladies. I think you're all right - eating less, being aware, moving more... all good stuff. :)
  8. If you have maintained your ideal weight, or close to it, pretty much your entire life, would you share some examples of your daily eating habits? I'm interested in seeing how food quality, quantity, and calorie count vary among individuals. Also, are you physically active, moderate, or sedentary? Active would be a regular exercise regimen. Moderate would be no formal exercise program, but not a lot of sitting. Sedentary would be mostly butt-in-chair. I'm assuming there aren't many forum members under age 30, but I'm mostly interested in hearing from the over 30 crowd. I'm curious because I'm trying to get to the bottom of my own weight issue. Until my mid-30s my weight stayed close to ideal, but over 12 years I'd gained almost 80 lbs! I lost 50 of it on a highly restrictive diet, but plateaued about 25 lbs from my goal and stayed there for about a year and a half, no matter how I tried to lose that remaining weight, nothing worked. Now, my weight is creeping up again, and I'm in a panic. I am having blood work and other testing done this week to see if there's some underlying problem, but barring health issues - I'm guessing it's just that I'm eating too much, even at under 1500 calories a day, and will need to cut back and/or move more. Thanks in advance for your help. I haven't been on the boards for a long time, so if there's a similar thread, don't hesitate to point me to it. I did a cursory search, but couldn't find what I'm looking for.
  9. Thanks for the links! Actually, I need to update my sig. We ended up purchasing TC as a supplement. Son 2 started using it, but switched to Foerster's Alg 1 mid-year. Son 1 declined TC alg 2 and is using Foerster's alg 2/Trig.
  10. My personal experience was to go from algebra II straight to calculus (in college), and I never took Trig. I probably would have benefited from a pre-calc class, but I managed. We're straggling behind in math through no fault of my kids, but rather my lack of discipline in the early years. Son 1 is heading into 11th grade, and I want him to get calculus off his plate before he graduates high school. I just don't think we have time for a pre-level class. I guess we'll see how it plays out and how he feels. Dh is a physics guy and can easily tutor the boys through calculus, not everyone has that resource. :)
  11. Wow! You are going through the Alg2/Trig book fast. That's great! It was my understanding that book covers 2 years of study. Anyway, I'm following your thread because my son is right (well, a ways) behind your kid. :) Edited to add: it is our intention to go from the Foerster book to Calculus, and skip pre-calc. It was my understanding, also, that the Foerster material is more than adequate prep.
  12. I am not used to this forum. Each time I come back I get lost.

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