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  1. Oh, how thoughtful of you to give an update - thanks! Good to hear that the surgery was successful. He'll stay in my prayers daily for healing. You are a good Aunt ;)

  2. Thank you for praying for my nephew, Declan. The surgery went well, the pic in my avatar is him the next morning, not quite awake, but smiling. The follow-up MRI was okay too.


    Thank you again :grouphug:

  3. Since no one is replying, I'll take a stab. However, our experience was a bit unique as we zipped through the book and then moved to Thinkwell Bio and Campbell for AP prep! We did use the virtual labs from M/L but I wouldn't suggest them if you want serious labs. They are very light weight and don't teach much. Yet, they do fulfill a lab component....Just my opinion! The book itself is filled with enough student check-yourself types of things that a Study Guide isn't necessary. Do do all the EOC questions and review material and all will be fine! (Not an AP prep book though.) There is a ton of material on the internet to support any topic your student might struggle with and a simple Google will yield short videos etc. WE had the Kolbe course plans available to us for weekly planning which included extra notes, correlated labs and had tests and answers. These were helpful! Hope others reply! Mary
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