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  1. Linders, That's a sobering thought. We have a 529 plan which covers tuition. It's the housing/food costs that have me stumped. At some point, living off campus the last two years will allow for monthly budgeting but after homeschooling for so many years she wants the on-campus experience which is costing much more that I anticipated. So with that, do you have any ideas?
  2. So when its all said and done we still have to come up with $3000+ for the first semester. Any creative fundraising ideas to make this a go without taking out a loan? Sell my car? Yard sale? Any 2nd job ideas? I don't want to empty my DD bank account as she needs $$ for incidentals. You all always help me figure things out. Thanks, Sherri
  3. Does anyone have a document they send similar to the common app's mid year grade report that they use? Any direction as far as a printable download (free resource) I can use to send to colleges? thanks
  4. Is there a proper way to invite graduation guests to celebrate with the graduate at a local restaurant after the ceremony and be clear that it is on your own (paying dutch)? Here's what I have thus far; Please join us in celebrating our graduate at "x" restaurant from 6 - 8 pm. You can view their menu at " website address"
  5. interesting...I tried to go to tinyprint.com and the website redirects to smartbuy.com. It doesn't seem to be the right site. Thanks for your suggestions.
  6. Any one have a thrifty resource for nice graduation invitations? Thanks,
  7. Are there warnings on the board to begin the common app months in advance? My goodness so much information. Can anyone answer this question? What does this question mean under the counselor's log-in? School's passing mark under the GPA section. Thanks for any help.
  8. Well this thread has been really sobering, depressing, but yet encouraging all at the same time. It let's me know I'm not the only one going through stuff. I homeschooled 2010-2014 but recently went back to work. Previoiusly, I worked as a full-time real estate agent but when the market tanked in 2008, I was out. My homeschooling years helped me to brush up on grammar, writting, blogging, editing, etc. I was also a member of TOS crew which taught me a lot about social media marketing. Those skills have translated nicely into a job I got with the public school system in the Public Inform
  9. Does anyone know of any curriculum for this topic that can be done at home? Otherwise we may dual enroll at CC. Thanks.
  10. I've been substitute teaching in the public school system for about 2 weeks now. Everyday approx 8 am - 3 or 4 pm. My kids are 16, 14, 12. I also work on Saturdays bookkeeping in my husband's business. On occassion I have to leave with him during the week to make deliveries. What makes it work: Independent nature of my girls' curriculum and their ages. I check their math in the afternoons which is taught online. I correct any issues regarding their understanding of concepts. Look over any other independent work, administer tests/quizzes, ask lots of questions so they can narrate w
  11. Thanks. Now why didn't I think to google it? :crying:
  12. I'm sure the answer to my question is borrowed in the forums somewhere. Can anyone quickly tell me the homeschool code? I need to register for the next date. Thanks!
  13. Laurie4B you are right on point! This is exactly my perspective. Some one has asked if we had made up our minds. YES! We had decided to go a long time ago, I just wondered how others would handle it. Others asked if we interact at other family functions - YES. It is so unnatural to ignore people b/c you aren't comfortable. Actually I AM comfortable but I'm forced not to speak to him b/c he doesn't make eye contact and he gives my husband a half-hearted handshake barely making eye contact (you know just enough for other family members to think he's playing nice but then when away from
  14. oh Catwoman... I welcome your response. Many times advice is based on right/wrong as defined by judeo-Christian values and can be biblical even if it wasn't intentional. :) I just didn't want advice that was outright vicious or vindictive..that's all.
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