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  1. Some my boys liked were Geronimo Stilton (there are books and graphic novels), Zita the Space Girl and the Lunch Lady (not as colorful).
  2. So far Singapore early bird then Math mammoth
  3. CAPE colloquium/symposium/sessions brought to you by.... (Convenient Affordable Practical Education-centered)
  4. Not exactly what you were asking but a bilingual nanny and plane tickets for travel adventures for all.
  5. Is the kilgallon rec after wwe3 supposed to be middle school or elementary school? Thanks
  6. Reading a variety of lit, history and science. McGuffey 5 for oral reading LA fll4, wrtr, cursive copy work, writing? Math mm3 and 4 Would like to start drawing with all three Piano lessons and swim team
  7. Plan on longer days Monday, Wednesday and Friday, doubling up on what makes sense. Even breaking it up with two sessions, not all in one chunk. And/or schedule some math and reading in the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday. You could also have Saturday as a spillover day.
  8. Hope you all make it there safely and in time.
  9. So is it long strides or short strides???!!!
  10. I like the Minerva idea! I just finished the Liberal Arts Tradition and plan on rereading it at some point. It was a lot to wrap my head around. Lots of redefining or resurrecting original definitions of terms and footnotes on most pages. I think my brain wasn't ready for it. Hoping a reread will make things easier. I definitely want to revisit it. I got The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novels from the library as well as a 'proper' book, Angelmaker by N. Harkaway. While I was at the library I also saw Rebecca, which someone mentioned in a previous thread and I am really enjoying it. I am also working through a collection of spanish stories, trying to revive what Spanish I have lodged somewhere in my brain.
  11. Hmm, we just finished Friday and may take all of June off. Summer will at least be independent reading time, piano practice, math, catechism memory work and swimming. I'd like to do some U.S. History. Labor Day will take us to the east coast so it will be a nice end of summer/history tie in. Do you do any star watching in summer Hunter?
  12. Fried egg, whites just set and yolk runny, lightly salted over toast or rice. The yolk is the 'sauce'
  13. Ds (5) "When batteries die, do they go to heaven?"
  14. Sorry, I didn't list most authors. Ice was by Sarah Beth Durst. It was ok, I had to push through to the end but if it is a favorite of yours you'd probably enjoy seeing how she reworks it...on the other hand you could really hate it!
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