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  1. Thank you! I’ll be looking into these suggestions over the next few days. It’s for a 5th grader.
  2. I’d love some history suggestions for countries other than the US and Europe. Africa/Asia/pre-Colombus North America/South America resources would be great! Texts/books/etc. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual curriculum for any of these areas.
  3. Would you say the video download is better than just audio?
  4. If you were going to make up a class for Ancient Egypt, what resources would you include? It’s for a senior. He needs no credits, it would just be for fun. What books, lectures, videos would you include?
  5. I'm looking to spread American history over two years to go more in depth. What did you use for American? I'd like to add in books that tell about the time period too.
  6. Math Mammoth looks very interesting!
  7. Are there explanations in the books?
  8. I'm looking for ... something different I think. We've been using Horizons, however I don't feel like there is ANY explanation for the student. Not even in the teachers guide. I feel like the TG is more of a have the student review flash cards, etc. What math actually has some explanation written the student? A third grader if thst makes s difference.
  9. For s student that is so-so with math? He has hated Saxon, life of Fred, and teaching textbooks if that helps. Lol Derek Owens looks good but it is pricy each month!! Are the videos only available with the monthly fee?
  10. Does anyone have any suggestions for curriculum that will work? I was thinking WWS. But I want it to be fun for the kids too!
  11. Thank you Saddlemomma. I don't know how to quote :). It looked very interesting so I look forward to looking more in to it!
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