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  1. I highly recommend getting this book: The Best Old Moves for Families. He breaks movies down into categories and tells you why you should watch them. We have some some great movies because of this book.
  2. I've read so many pages on tank cycling these past few months that my brain is overflowing with information. I change about 10% of the water once a week and about about 25% once a month. I only switched to bottled water as some of the plastic plants and decorations were getting rusty. It's only since using the bottled water that I've had an algae problem. I'll switch back to the tap water, slowly not all at once, and if the algae dies down. I know that some algae is good, but this is on the glass and floating around in the tank as well as being on the plants and decorations.
  3. I know my ds is not doing any extra feedings. He follows directions to the letter on everything. You should see him rolling out a pie crust to the exact diameter mention in the cook book. My area of Florida has a lot of lakes and we all use well water, so getting water from some one else is not an option. I do have Stress Coast and Quick Start Water Conditioner that I add every time I change the water. Do I need to get the Tap Water conditioner as well? We have an Aqueon Quiet Flow filter.
  4. We have really, really, rusty water. If you put anything white into the washing machine after a couple of washes it starts to get an orange tint. Will this still be OK to use if I use the Aquasafe stuff? Who knew that fish needed so much care? Just the slightest little thing upsets the whole apple-cart.
  5. The tank is not in direct sunlight and in fact gets no sunlight at all. I have only the one child and he feeds the fish once every morning. He watches them for about 5 mins and all the food disappears in that time. The plants are plastic. It does have a moss ball thingy in it. Can't remember what that was for. It doesn't do anything but sit there and be green. We did have two guppy but one died. We keep meaning to get another one. I will make sure we go this weekend and get him a mate. We've had this guppy about two months. Doing a complete clean sounds like the way to go. I'll get some bottled water later today and clean out the tank tomorrow.
  6. We have a small 10 gal fish tank that has been running since mid June. It has 9 tetras, one red-and-gold tuxedo guppy and a plecostomus (at least I think that's what it is. It's an algae eating fish). We have very iron rich water which was turning the plants and decorations rusty so we switched to bottled water and have had it tested. The water is fine chemically. For the past month there has been a lot of green algae growth in the water. The rocks, the glass, the plants and decorations are covered in it. I've done a thorough cleaning twice and both times within four or five days the algae is back. I know it's not from overfeeding. The light is on for about 8 hours a day. The water temp is at 78F. What could be causing the excess algae growth?
  7. My DS wants to make a credit this year from reading Victorian novels. This is something that he wants to plan/design himself but he would like some guidance on getting it right. I told him that there is more to it than just reading the books, but what that is, I'm not entirely sure. He has eight books picked out so far and I'm sure he will add more to his list. These are books that were written during the Victorian period and take place during the Victorian period. What else should he be doing in order to make this a full credit?
  8. And thank you everyone else. I'll look at the library website this week and see if they have any of your recommendations.
  9. How can I have forgotten about Cadfael? I lived not to far from Shrewsbury Abbey many, many years ago. I can even pronounce Cadfael correctly. He has read Dracula but not the Father Brown mysteries. I'll see if the library has any.
  10. I'm handle up. When I've done the dishes, I grab them all by the handle, dry them and put them away. Dh is handle down. I wash the dishes more than he does and he always complains that I'm drying them wrong. I was taught handle up, that way you are not touching the area that comes in contact with food with you hands.
  11. This is an ongoing argument in my house and I wanted to see how the rest of the world deals with this problem. When washing the dishes (we hand-wash, no dish-washer) do you place the cutlery handles up or handles down on the drying rack?
  12. Just Googled Doc and homeschooling and her blog came up.
  13. The only rule in this house is electronics off by 9pm; 10pm on weekends. And that is only because he would stay up all night chatting with friends on a forum he visits. DS is 14 and gets up at 6:30am. He doesn't have too, he just chooses too. I think he is asleep by 11pm, maybe midnight. This kid does not need a lot of sleep. On Saturdays we stay up late playing board games. We've been known to finish well after midnight.
  14. I'm on Ravelry, if anyone wants to look at my projects. Knottyknittery is my user name. I'm a shawl knitter mostly and some of my favorite patterns are: Rock Island Radiance Shawl Mystic Star There are many others but those are the ones that spring to mind at the moment.
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