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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Important Poll Re Chocolate Easter Bunnies!

When considering eating my child(ren)'s chocolate bunny, I...  

  1. 1. When considering eating my child(ren)'s chocolate bunny, I...

    • ...remind myself that it's not mine to eat.
    • ...remind myself that I paid for it and partake of a small portion.
    • ...ask my child(ren) if I may partake.
    • ...break out the bunny I wisely bought for myself.
    • ...partake & assure myself that I'm relieving them of potential cavities and unwanted pounds.
    • ...partake & fend off thoughts of my own cavities and unwanted pounds.
    • ...eat it. 'nuff said.
    • ...never consider such a thing! (Warning: This admission may result in being ostracized.)

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I voted both for breaking out my own bunny (or other chocolate which may or may not be in rodent form) and reminding myself that their bunny is not my bunny.


I currently have quite the stash of extreme-late-night-before-Easter-half-off-chocolate if you are in need of a fix.

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I don't actually buy chocolate bunnies for my kids.


But I do buy them other candy for their baskets. So I answered in reference to that.


And, yes, it would have been wise of me to just buy my own stash. But, I thought if I didn't that I would then not eat any - because it's my kids candy after all! That didn't work. I still ate some of theirs. Although, I let them have at it first and only ate after they went to bed. And I only took a couple pieces. And I would have eaten much more than that if I had bought myself my own stash.

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Yes, Mungo, this is what I was thinking: Chocolate? Of course? Rodent-form? Only if that's all that's left.


Give the dc the rodents. Save the good stuff for after bedtime.


Hm...wonder where dh hides the chocolate?


TIM: That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!


ROBIN: You tit! I soiled my armour I was so scared!


TIM: Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer!


GALAHAD: Get stuffed!


TIM: He'll do you up a treat, mate.


GALAHAD: Oh, yeah?


ROBIN: You mangy Scots git!


TIM: I'm warning you!


ROBIN: What's he do, nibble your bum?


TIM: He's got huge, sharp-- eh-- he can leap about-- look at the bones!





I go for the chocolate without the teeth. The stuff I've ALWAYS got stashed, Easter or not. Perhaps that's why my jeans are a bit snug this morning?




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Please don't ostracize me. I am always freaking out about all this chocolate that family and friends send to my children. AAA!


I want to throw it out! It usually sits in the refridgerator uneaten and unopened for months. It makes me so mad that we get all this stuff. Last year I melted it down and tried to make a project out of it. It failed miserably. This year, I guess we will wait because the garbage men came already.


I tell you that I get sooo angry. Grrr! It is not a pretty sight after we come home from Easter dinner Sunday nights. GRRR!!!!




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Now, the Reese's eggs - them I devour (and replace at the last minute - am not totally evil!) But the bunny - nope. (With four kids expecting baskets and eggs etc. I am not shelling out for quality chocolate bunnies - whatever is largest and cheapest at Walmart is what they get.)

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Yeah, well, this year, I actually forgot to buy the candy until the day before. And I only had $15 on me to buy for 3 kids. So, at $5 a piece, they really didn't get enough for share with mom! However, a friend did bring over a pecan pie that I polished off last night!! :D

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We usually don't bother with theirs because I get a little something nice just for the two of us. We had friends over for dinner on Sunday and one of them brought a huge basket for our whole family, so dh has been eating that. Oh, and he definitely falls into the "it's in my house, so I deserve a portion of it" camp.


He's been drinking my Passover Pepsi like mad.

Which makes me mad.


Well, not totally, but.....

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I didn't even buy my children one this year. They don't like them. I usually wind up sending the candy to work with my tall and skinny husband. He eats it. I'm a dark chocolate girl and really dislike the cloying sweetness of milk chocolate. The kids would rather have bread and butter (I know, they are nuts but they LOVE homemade bread which is probably almost as bad as chocolate). LOL.

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Well, actually, I never do eat theirs - but that's only because dh always buys me my OWN Easter bunny (which I'm just finishing off now, as I type this)..... He was a Dover, solid chocolate, medium size bunny this year. So I'll be sporting a medium size roll around my middle for convention this weekend.....



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I chose "break out my own bunny," but actually I break out the big rocky road egg that I much prefer! The bunnies we buy are made of the same Guittard's chocolate that I have pounds of in the freezer, so I have plenty of my own if I need it, just not bunny-shaped.

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I need an "other" category... bunny is the last thing on any of our minds! LOL


Seriously, it's still sitting there in the box, and it probably will still be untouched this summer. I found a few pieces of chocolate and candy left over from last year in the basket when I was stuffing it... we are just not candy eaters around here. So why do I waste money on it every year? Who knows... it looks good on Easter morning! LOL


The things that do go fast around here are whoppers :).



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I have a rule in my house that my children cannot have candy or treats if they don't offer them to dear old Mom. That includes Easter candy. I did not buy myself my own chocolate bunny because, hey, why stop at one and not get 20? Then how would I drop these 30 lbs. At least I have an audience when I do have treats and I am not gorging alone ;)!

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