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  1. Dd asked me to ask what you think may have caused puffy face, itchy eyes and projectile up chucking 15 minutes after eating this egg-free product. She is concerned she may be developing an allergy to something else, too. Dailya cheesy mac....supposedly egg-free
  2. Ps forgot to add, this is my kid who had her gall bladder removed as a teen. So we know it isn't that! 🙂
  3. UPDATE. Looks like she is developing a nut/legume allergy too. She has her epi pen, and next week is work is giving her a work laptop to use at the allergist office as he is doing an " oral challenge" since her skin and blood tests are negative. She is not happy. Doc wants her to minimize corn, too ( which is in everything pretty much) since her grandma had a corn allergy (mil). Typing on iPad since can not post on new boards no matter what via computer. Anyway - dd, 24, developed what she thought was an egg allergy a couple months ago. Eat eggs, or anything with even a trace of egg, and get nauseated, also throat starting to hurt and lips getting "fuzzy" feeling. There are a few folks on hubby's side of family that do have food allergies, including egg, so seems probable she has one. Except doc did blood test which was negative. Dd went to a second doc, this time an allergist. Skin test in office was negative....yet an hour later she felt the nausea and throat and lip thing again. Called doc and they had come back, gave her Zertext? Or something with a z, and monitored her. She felt better and left after another hour.Today they got blood work back ....again, negative. So does anyone know of any metabolic or other ailments that might mimic an allergy, even to symptoms leaning towards anaphylactic response? she has felt better with antihisamines, and the doc gave her a script to get an epi-pen just in case. ps blame all typos on my fat fingers having to type this on an iPad. Seriously, I can not log on and type anything on any other device.
  4. JFSinIL

    May I post now?

    Btw I have over 10,000 posts, don't know where this "new me" came from.
  5. JFSinIL

    May I post now?

    Ok, I see my post ... But still can NOT type any response to it on the computer! I hate using the iPad as am now doing so doubt I will be around much any longer. Ah, well. And, yes, Justin has been working to fix this issue but since I am still not able to access boards via computers I give up. ?
  6. JFSinIL

    May I post now?

    Seeing if single finger typing on iPad works, since have not been able to post or reply to a post at ALL via either of our computers since new boards came up.
  7. I have a couple big metal spoons, but I "borrowed" them from Mom's kitchen drawer when I moved out 40 years ago.. I think one of them she had "borrowed" from her mom :-) So check the kitchen drawers of your older relatives for decent spoons. I think one was Revere ware.Nope - cheked - Reed & Barton. You might try Ebay of used 8 inch spoons like that. These Oneida stainless there look sturdy -
  8. My thought was why write them down...use your phone and take a photo of each problem and then copy out and work later?
  9. JFSinIL

    what would you do

        I once had to stop a temp FedEx man from carrying a huge box with a baby stroller up to my house -his GPS told him to deliver it here but he was on the wrong street and wrong house number (I did get him to find the package I was expecting from the back of his truck) and from his white face I think he realized stupid GPS had had him deliver stuff to the wrong addresses his entire shift!!! HOWEVER - since no one knows about bomber's activity his last 24 hours, calling the police was the wise move!!!
  10. JFSinIL

    Help - baby lost consonant babbling?

    Has he lost anything else, or had a change in demeanor? If he does not seem ok at the 9 month check-up, you can ask about post-flu PANS or PANDAS. Evidently it does not only strike after strep, but flu can trigger it, too. Just might be harder to detect in such a young child. However, as someone whose kid did not get properly diagnosed with a treatable condition that severely affected his ability to process sounds until age FIVE (hearing was fine, it was his brain that was not working properly) I tend towards the check stuff sooner rather than later camp. But at this stage, if he has only stopped with some early sounds, I think you can wait a bit to see if they come back. On the other hand, your (foster) mama instincts did make you post your concerns...
  11. JFSinIL

    Severe insomnia

    Sympathy. Could you get a sleep study done? Of course, you have to fall asleep for it to work :-(..... I agree, a trial of Trazodone may be in order. DS was on that for months until alas, it stopped working for him. Now he is using Remeron. Also lavender scent - supposed to help.
  12. JFSinIL

    Books like Anne of Green Gables

    Is this for a young child to read, or a teen? A Tree Grows in Brooklyn comes to mind, but there is a failed abduction by a pervert in it, and towards the end the girl Francie is grown and almost has sex with a soldier leaving for WWI. Tree takes Francie from age 11 to older teen a hundred years ago. I love this book!
  13. JFSinIL

    Go to MD or wait?

    So we are talking coin dollar, not dollar bill dollar, correct? Does sound like a bug bite - did you draw around it with a marker to see if it spreads overnight? Or can you compare it with the photo to see if it spread? I am inclined to get her checked out whether it spread or not, with her level of discomfort for so long...what if this is something else that has been going on and is only now working its way to the surface? Would she put up with a doctor visit for French fires or another rare treat afterwards? My son with autism got through doctor visits and shots to earn fries or two donuts from a local bakery.
  14. JFSinIL

    Figuring out what to charge

    I'd run up a tentative plan for what you'd hope to do, and run it by the families to see if they are willing to pay 50% up front BEFORE you spend any time/money on planning/supplies etc. That way you have seed money to start with, and the families are committed to participating. otherwise some may wax enthusiastic now, but when it comes time to sign up Junior and pay $ they will balk. You ar enot going to make much money though, sound like the families can not afford to pay what your education could make you worth. Years ago, when we had a preschooler with autism in need of more in-home ABA therapists, a neighbor got excited that she could use her college degree...then said she wanted $40 an hour since she had the degree. Er, we were paying $8 - 10 (insurance did not cover this, and we were trying to fill 30 hours a week!)
  15. You would have had to have the anesthesia, recovery room and meds as part of your deductible when the endo. was done whether you also had the preventative colonoscopy at the same time or not, too, is the rational. But at least you did not have to be put under twice - that is a plus! When we have had larger hospital bills, sometimes I arrange to pay $50 a month for a loooong time. I only put it all on my credit card IF I can pay it off in a month (we always pay off the card in full) AND if hospital gives me a discount for doing so (I have gotten 10% off for paying my share of a bill within a few days).
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