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  1. You need to have it looked at, sounds like an infection. Cellulitis, probably. You'd need antibiotics. Gout I think it would hurt too much to walk.
  2. I see others have mentioned it, but I have to add my two cents - years ago we did a big looping road trip from NW Illinois to Yellowstone and back, taking a more southern route to get there and more northern route home. Major highlights beside Tetons and Yellowstone were Cody, WY and the wonderful museum there, and the Ingalls sites in DeSmet, Iowa. I'd love to go back to Cody, and live on a ranch nearby.
  3. Pancakes. Stir fries. Nothing requiring the oven to be turned on.
  4. If you need to, get a quote and sell the house with a credit for the repair work. Daughter's townhome had a rusted out front door and sidelights that HAD to be replaced, but thanks to COVID it took six weeks to get the door once the comp[any ordered it. I posted a shot of the purchased door (from a website) inside on the rusted front door to show prospective buyers what had been ordered and was being replaced on our dime. We ended up having the closing and handing over keys to the rusted door...I shared phone numbers with the buyer, and three days after closing was able to come and watch th
  5. Yes in nw Illinois. Not too $$ either - a loss leader this week I think.
  6. All I recall from our trip years ago is that we stayed just outside the western entrance in West Yellowstone, Montana. That timing to get places varied..depending on the bison. If a bison wants to stand in the road, everything stops. If there is a grizzly bear on the far side of a meadow, everything stops as folks crane their necks to see it. If you book a horseback riding event in one location, be prepared to allow extra hour or more to get to it than you'd expect. Bison etc run the park, not the humans 😉 Since it is a National Park, there may or may not be many rooms let at area ca
  7. wont let me choose more than one...I'd choose ALL except staying out of room with 90-year-old..since I'd have that oldster packed off to relatives already!
  8. If there is a Goodwill or other thrift store nearby, she can grab some cheap plates, cups, etc and donate them back in a month. Same for pots/pans etc. Otherwise hit a dollar store for a few items. And if she is working form home, no need for the slow cooker. Get a covered pan and she can slow cook a soup, beans, etc on the stove while she works.
  9. 85% ground beef. We prefer it to grilled burgers, finding 80% too fatty, and 90% etc too dry.
  10. Hey, you deserve ice cream too!
  11. One or two local stores use them, and I flat out have trouble seeing in those stores. At least now my aged ears no longer hear them.
  12. I remember that. I worked at a mom and pop donut shop that was in a busy corner strip mall with a gas station. Station did not open until 6am...we got to work between 4 and 5am. Station owner was fine with us parking at the pumps as long as we ran out promptly at 6am to gas our cars and move them. He also got free coffee and donuts whenever he wanted them! There would be a line of cars behind ours, and usually by then a line of our early morning regulars in the donut shop. One set of folks were cranky, the other amused. You can imagine which was which.
  13. I'm still ticked off that the local supermarket let two men come in and buy over 90 bottles of hand sanitizer at the start of COVID, the store's entire stock. An employee told me the men claimed to be buying it to have on their employee's desks. Uh huh.
  14. Separate rooms...even on separate floors of the house. Earplugs didn't help much, plus the most effective ones were uncomfortable. White noise machine only annoyed Mr. Snores. Also, I need to get up and pee at least once a night, yet doing so would wake Mr. Snores, who also has insomnia and would, when woke, be awake for HOURS. I'd lie in bed, needing to go pee, waiting to be sure HE was in a deep sleep before I tried to carefully get out of bed. Same if I needed to roll over or change position - odds are it would wake him up. Many nights I'd take my pillow and go downstairs and sleep semi
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