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  1. Does the skin there feel at all warmer than the rest of the hand? I am thinking of celluitis.
  2. My adult son with autism is set to get his first shot this week, along with the other residents of his group home, as Cook Co, IL has arranged with a local pharmacy to give shots to all the disabled residents of group homes, etc. I will need to drive 45 minutes to wait outside in case I am needed - Joe tends to fuss at injections, and only Mom can make him cooperate sometime. If he doesn't get the shot then, odds are he won't get it at all for quite a while. It will be the Pfizer shot.
  3. My insurance didn't cover it until I turned 60...I got the first shot two days later. Each time I reacted feeling like I had the flu for a day or two, drat the luck, but better that than shingles I hear.
  4. First Christmas after we were married, MIl gave me a wrapped bottle of Heintz apple cider vinegar. I did not know what to make of it, so said nothing. Couple years later, cleaning cupboards, found it again and then noticed two raspberries in the bottom of the bottle. OK, so she was NOT making a statement by gifting me Heintz vinegar, but had made (or attempted to make) flavored vinegar. But keeping the Heintz label on the bottle was taking thriftiness a tad far, I would have at least slapped a homemade gift label over the Heintz label noting "Raspberry vinegar". I do not rememb
  5. I vote for CAKE, having read other comments. Before i would have voted for the wreath, as it lays flat, but see folks have noted a pavlova may not travel well. 🙂
  6. We have wooden Ikea shelves (holding coffee mugs) over the pod coffee maker, we just line up butter cubes on the lowest shelf, and leave the coffee maker on, and ta-da - perfect soft butter for baking. As butter is used more is set out - we go through tons this time of year.,
  7. All sound the same and are said the same - like Mary. From California...but raised by Kansas-raised parents, if it makes a different.
  8. We have breakfast - cinnamon rolls, bacon - then I go into the closed living room (our 1906 house has a door on one wall, pocket doors to dining room) to turn on tree lights, holiday music, etc. Santa stockings are out, and gifts (we do not put under tree in advance due to pets). Pocket doors open - everyone floods in and carnage ensues. We have dinner later in the day. Last couple years, the kids have filled stocking for Mom and Dad, too - oldest dd puts them in the living room just before I go in. We each are on our honor to not peek at stocking until everyone comes in. T
  9. I was going to say, TSP, too. Then go over the wall with clean water to wipe off TSP residue. If walls end up spotty - well, at least you know they are clean and ready to paint when warm enough to open windows. I painted very high up on our house by using the doohicky that fits on the end of a pole and clamps onto a paint brush or roller.
  10. Get a local attorney. The insurance companies will have them, and it is in their interest to NOT pay your folks as much as they deserve. My hubby is an attorney (not able to practice in OK alas) and it took a LOT for even him to deal with getting our money after we were badly injured in a car accident in which we were NOT at fault. Eventually we had all our medical bills covered (our insurances, auto and medical, paid then they went after getting reimbursed by the other party...who had no insurance and later declared bankruptcy. Good thing we had good insurance!) But we could not acc
  11. Having played Ticket to Ride a few times with dd and her almost finance (they are the ones moving across country in three weeks!) I am getting them the Ticket to Ride - Europe version. We will probably play it Christmas afternoon, time permitting.
  12. I had a neighbor go through chemo, drove her when she felt unwell, and doubt he will be able to drive himself if they can’t live in the small community where the job is. Nearest place with more housing is about an hour drive away. Daughter can’t be driving him an hour each way back and forth daily as she will continue her job as accounts receivable person for a shipping company (she’s been working remote since March anyway). Obviously during a pandemic car pooling not an option. While her aunt, my SIL, and two cousins live in the community an hour from his job, they can’t be his drivers d
  13. Since dd doesn't want extended family to know about boyfriend 's diagnosis, and I can't post on FB, needed to vent/unload here.
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