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  1. He needs to be on a wait list for services including a group home, you can be guardians or let the agency that runs the homes guardian - but the time is now to get him on wait lists for services. What state is he in? Don't wait until folks are too old to care for him to make this happen. It can take years. He should not have to live with anyone worried about being "stuck" with him, btw (I have a 29 year old in a group home past 5 years now...daily life before he was granted funding and we found a good fit revolved around his needs etc. and it is a drain day in and day out).
  2. I buy waterproof kitchen aprons on Amazon - Ulster makes good PVC ones. I have same problem with getting water on my front while doing dishes etc. Currently the rooster one I have is less than $14...they have other patterns, too.
  3. When I had plantar fascisitis and no, I can not spell it (spellcheck thinks I mean Nazis) I was advised to go for running shoes, as they have far more arch support. I had been wearing walking shoes for years - switching to high quality running shoes meant no more pain after the P.F. cleared up. I found a brand I liked at the local sporting goods store, and save money now by buying the same model on-line in last year's colors.
  4. We were able to claim youngest dd on last year's taxes so she did not get a stimulus check. This year she is not on our taxes, and we in fact had her file a couple weeks ago so IRS would know to send this new check to her. Well, best laid plans...IRS is behind on processing returns, and today I got $1400 too much in our account - will verify with dd that she did NOT get it in her account when she gets home from work. So - do we give $1400 to dd, or hang onto it and assume IRS will eventually take it back and reissue to dd?
  5. Yes. Probably is ruined already. If can afford it, I'd remove the carpet, toss it, and lay cheap vinyl flooring (no seams) to protect the under flooring. Figure once she moves out (college, job) the floor will need to be replaced. Meanwhile she has to deal with cleaning her own laundry, even has to buy any pet smell remover she may need once teammates etc tease her about the stink. Meanwhile I like the idea of a clothes horse/coat stand thing she can toss stuff on instead of the arduous task of opening a closet door and using a hanger.
  6. My adult son who lives in a group home got his second Pfizer shot Tuesday, along with the other dudes and some staff from his group home. He was very nauseated, vomiting repeatedly and had the trots Wednesday, to the point where the house protocol was to take him to ER for evaluation, IV hydration if needed. He was not admitted, but sent home after ER doc confirmed what I suspected - just his way of reacting to the second shot. He is reportedly fine today. Of the five other dudes he lives with, one had a headache that was much less today, another had a sore arm. One staff was queasy but no
  7. When I was in hospital they used these cap things that fitted over the scalp and used a special shampoo that did not need rinsing to sort of clean hair. No-Rinse Shampoo Cap by Cleanlife Products (Pack of 5), Shampoo and Condition Hair with no Water or Rinsing - Microwaveable, Latex-Free and Alcohol-Free. Cut and pasted that from Amazon. Since usually older folks don't need to wash hair all that often, this can work fine.
  8. Does the skin there feel at all warmer than the rest of the hand? I am thinking of celluitis.
  9. My adult son with autism is set to get his first shot this week, along with the other residents of his group home, as Cook Co, IL has arranged with a local pharmacy to give shots to all the disabled residents of group homes, etc. I will need to drive 45 minutes to wait outside in case I am needed - Joe tends to fuss at injections, and only Mom can make him cooperate sometime. If he doesn't get the shot then, odds are he won't get it at all for quite a while. It will be the Pfizer shot.
  10. My insurance didn't cover it until I turned 60...I got the first shot two days later. Each time I reacted feeling like I had the flu for a day or two, drat the luck, but better that than shingles I hear.
  11. First Christmas after we were married, MIl gave me a wrapped bottle of Heintz apple cider vinegar. I did not know what to make of it, so said nothing. Couple years later, cleaning cupboards, found it again and then noticed two raspberries in the bottom of the bottle. OK, so she was NOT making a statement by gifting me Heintz vinegar, but had made (or attempted to make) flavored vinegar. But keeping the Heintz label on the bottle was taking thriftiness a tad far, I would have at least slapped a homemade gift label over the Heintz label noting "Raspberry vinegar". I do not rememb
  12. I vote for CAKE, having read other comments. Before i would have voted for the wreath, as it lays flat, but see folks have noted a pavlova may not travel well. 🙂
  13. We have wooden Ikea shelves (holding coffee mugs) over the pod coffee maker, we just line up butter cubes on the lowest shelf, and leave the coffee maker on, and ta-da - perfect soft butter for baking. As butter is used more is set out - we go through tons this time of year.,
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