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  1. Jude Morgan if you like Regency Era fiction. I just finished A Little Folly, which was so good! Life of Pi was excellent. A Renaissance Redneck in a Mega-Church Pulpit was good. First We have Coffee is a favorite. Just started The Cellist of Sarajevo which is also promising to be an enjoyable read.
  2. I'm so very sorry.
  3. Peachtree City and Marietta are on opposite sides of Atlanta, and the biggest difference is the traffic and congestion. I used to drive up to Marietta/Alpharetta to go to the Homeschool Hangout but the selection is sparse and not worth the hour drive. Peachtree City and the surrounding areas (Sharpsburg, Fayetteville, Newnan, Senoia) have a lot of homeschoolers. Co-ops are plentiful and many families join more than one to meet the different needs of their children, hence the co-ops find themselves often working together. For instance, two different co-ops offering high school classes will be hosting the Spring Formal together and opening it to all homeschoolers in the area. Some co-ops are more restrictive and make it clear they prefer you not invite outside families to co-op events~evidently because of co-op liability insurance... ::shrug::. Co-ops also run the gamut of $50 a class(per month) drop-off situations, to true co-operatives where the cost is minimal but parent workload is high. Homeschooled teens stay busy, although not necessarily with homeschool activities. NCFCA is very active here if your teen is a talker ;). Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and American Heritage Girls are all active in the area. I'm kind of comfortable in my own little groove so I'm sure there are plenty of other options available that I'm just unaware of. I think Peachtree City tends to be more conservative than the north side of Atlanta, but it has definitely become more moderate since I moved here 14 years ago. Expect to be asked what church you go to, but you won't be shunned if you don't attend. The town is full of transplants and I think that contributes to the overall friendliness~everyone knows what it's like to be the new family. Pinewood Studios is moving into Fayetteville and so there's a lot of speculation as to how that will change the dynamic around here. Hope that helps :)
  4. Last year I registered for A, then B a few months later and was ok. This year I didn't take any chances as one of the Latin 2 classes filled up before registration opened to the public, and if my dd got shut out of B there is no way I could pick up with her and finish the class on my own, lol. I guess it just depends on how lucky you feel. ;)
  5. If she is answering correctly on the worksheets, then you don't have to asssume she is learning, you know she is. Maybe not as quickly as her sisters, or in the way you want (out loud) but she is learning. If I wanted to help increase her comfort level in answering out loud, I would start giving her one on one time working through math problems out loud and hugging her, and praising her for every correct answer. Wrong answers would get a "Close, but let's try that one more time" in a patient, nonchalant tone. Mind you, I would not have approached it this way with my older children, but time and experience has taught me children will work harder for someone who is smiling at them and ruffling their hair, than for someone who is frowning and clearly disappointed. Honestly, if I could go back in time, I wish I had put away a few worksheets before letting them know I was frustrated (now I'm not talking obedience issues here~it doesn't sound like your dd is being disobedient, just a different learner from your other two.)
  6. My violin player loves Lindsey Stirling. Sorry, I tried to only post the link not the actual video. Not sure what happened.
  7. Is it the third edition? If so, there is a slim book called homeschool packet that has the test solutions at the very front, followed by the lesson solutions.
  8. VP's Transitions class with Cindy Lange. My daughter loved it, learned a lot and was really sad when the class ended.
  9. It is absolutely doable. My rising 9th grader did Challenge A two years ago, and I still regret not having her continue history on her own. She finished her Challenge work very quickly and had time to spare. She continued into Challenge B and I also had her do an online history class with Veritas Press to fill in gaps before high school. It involved extra reading and papers, but she managed it well.
  10. My daughter did extremely well in Challenge A without ever having sat in on an Essentials class. She had been doing Rod and Staff English since 3rd grade. I tried Essentials with my then 10 y.o.; we both disliked it and ended up dropping the class and just continued Rod and Staff at home.
  11. When we first decided to move to Georgia, some of my family members tried to talk us out of it, saying I would face a lot of discrimination as an ethnic minority. Maybe that would have been the case in other parts of Georgia? Peachtree City is made up of a lot of transplants; dh and I used to joke that it was just a southern suburb of Chicago as we met so many people from home when we first moved here. Someone once told me that because so many of the people here were originally from somewhere else, they deliberately went out of their way to welcome newcomers~they knew what it was like to be the new kid on the block.
  12. I was confused by her statement as well. My brother lives in this town, and he is anything but a conservative Christian, and he loves it here. :huh:
  13. I live in Peachtree City. We moved here 13 years ago and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. The golf carts are a lot of fun, especially when the kids get old enough to run errands on them for you, ;). There are plenty of homeschoolers and enough co-ops/groups to make you wish there weren't so many options :p. Beginning this year, attendance records are no longer required, but the annual Intent still needs to be turned in to the county. Other than that, testing needs to happen every three years as well as yearly assessments, but you are not bound to show them to anyone. Doctor's offices vary on the vaccination policy~our office will not ask you to leave if you opt out. Let me know if you have specific questions.
  14. Absolutely. We initially considered buying in Sharpsburg to get more house for our money, but I am so glad we decided on Peachtree City. There is a very small town feel to the community, and the golf cart paths make life fun~I can't tell you how many times we decided we needed a quick break from school and got on the golf cart path for a ride to the lake or park to re-energize. It has also been nice as my little ones grew to be teens, and could run errands for me on the golf carts...big plus! I think Sharpsburg and Tyrone have similar small town atmospheres; Fayetteville and Newnan are larger and busier. In fact, I avoid the co-op someone else listed (enchea) because Newnan is too busy for me and I don't want to deal with the drive or traffic. Many others from PtC participate however, so it just depends on your tolerance for car drives. There are several other academic co-ops in the area though (and a hybrid school I keep seeing emails about) if that is what you are looking for. Also, fyi, Tyrone recently shut their elementary school doors and students are being sent to other towns. Hth!
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