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  1. AMDG Thanks, Nutella! I tried italki first and contacted about a dozen professional tchr and a few of the tutors. It seems that everyone has a standard computer pkg and when I mention my specific needs none of them could commit. If someone just wanted conversational Spanish, though, they're mostly a really good price. I DO plan to use italki for some informal language partners, though! Thanks again!
  2. AMDG I will definitely get with you if my lady doesn't do out! Thank you!
  3. AMDG I checked into both 121Spanish and 121onlineprofessor. 121spanish either couldn't provide tutors on Sunday or were not helpful figuring out a Catholic tutor or materials or something. I can't remember now. 121onlineprofessor, however, is where i'm headed! The person was so helpful on the phone helping me figure out which tutors might be particularly suited to my goals and most familiar with the kinds of materials and literature I would like to use, et c. I viewed some of the videos and one of the ladies just seemed like such a sweetie pie! we've been texting via skype to d
  4. AMDG Aww! Thanks you guys! HSA didn't work out for me. I compared several and cant remember everything but I believe it was because their tutors can't meet on Sundays. I'm on call 24/6 (every day but Sunday) so I can only to commit to Sundays so . . . we weren't a match. I really appreciate you guys, though!
  5. AMDG Hello, all! It has been ages and ages since I've been around (My kiddo is grown and gone!) but I have a question and I knew you could answer it! The hive mind knows! I am in a peculiar situation. I am an American Sign Language interpreter. I was approached by a priest at an Hispanic parish about starting a Deaf ministry and ASL mass at his parish. Well, we did that. I don't speak Spanish, though, so the (VERY CUMBERSOME) way we do it is this: Father celebrates mass in concurrent ASL and Spanish. An interpreter sits in an alcove with a headset and translates into English. I i
  6. AMDG Hello, Everyone! By the end this will sound all convoluted and complicated, probably, but I'm really just asking for resources for my own history of sewing/textiles summer study. I'm really getting into sewing and loving it. This summer, when I have a bit of breathing space, I'd like to study the history of textiles and sewing from a Catholic perspective. I would love a mix of resources that would include: -- Something textbook-ish for the history of sewing, and for the history of textiles. -- Something to watch of a documentary nature for both. -- Something that ties faith into b
  7. AMDG By all means! Discuss! I've only ready the first chapter and looked at some of the experiments at http://ithacagenerator.org/caveman-chemistry/ I'd love to know your experience! Please share!
  8. AMDG Ha! Sure . . it's Caveman Chemistry! Here is the link: http://www.cavemanchemistry.com/
  9. AMDG Wouldn't you know I'd find it as soon as I posted the question. Have a GREAT day!
  10. AMDG I notice that you're studying ASL. There is a large monthly silent dinner in Tulsa well attended by lots of deaf and hearing. Also, if you go south and east in OK, it gets more lush, green, and hilly.
  11. AMDG Well, it's here and I'm so grateful. Logging off for lent and will see you on the other side.
  12. AMDG Ach. . . Alas, it seems that I can either read or write about reading but not both. I haven't been very faithful about logging in but I wanted to pop in before I log of for lent. I'm positively LOVING reading the Great Books and am up to Plato. I am about half way through The Republic. I live it so far and find it so meaningful in so many ways. Socrates is able to speak about my own goals/reasons for homeschooling and ed philosophies than I ever could. Hated Thucidides. Loved Herodotus. See y all after lent.
  13. AMDG I have a kiddo that used to really have a hard time with this kind of teasing. It bothered her to be teased but it was an outrage for her to witness other kids to be teased. We were often witnesses to the teasing and considered it good natured and not a problem for most of the kids on whose behalf she was outraged. We also feel that some people relate this way and that as long as it didn't cross certain bounds, it was ok. We felt it our duty to instruct her in way that teasing is okay and when it was out of bounds. We also talked to her about developing a thicker skin, cuttin
  14. AND My daughter and I already abstain from meat all the time so, unless we choose something else to abstain from, I'd feel we weren't doing much. Lent is the time we usually select our Friday abstinence for the year. In addition to our regular practices and devotions we have Friday evening dinner and stations. My daughter and I will also be doing the 33 day consecration again. We have done this before and really lived doing it and since we haven't done it I a few yrs, we thought it was time. We also make a crown from some vine that grows here and fill it with toothpicks a
  15. AMDG The single most important daily chore I have is keeping my eye on everyone else's pick up. When things get left around . . . I don't know, it really is that slippery slope. I ask my family to pick up after themselves and I go so far as to take pix and text them to offenders. Yep. I also walk through the house and make sure everything is in shape twice per day: once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Doing the above is a tremendous factor in our happiness. Really. We are all so very much more happy in a tidy, uncluttered home. I tidy and clean the pantry and fridge
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