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  1. * Nevermind. I now remember why I stopped participating in WTM community.
  2. I have a high schooler in book 5 of Writing and Rhetoric and he likes it and he is an excellent persuasive writer, but when he has a paper assigned in his online history class I have to help him organize his paper and help him narrow down his research. My 5th grader is ready to start a writing program and I am extremely torn about which one to do. We are either going to do a year of WWE and then start WWS next year, or start Book 1 of W&R this year and proceed with that program. I have a multitude of thoughts about each program running through my head, way more to list here. Please share with me which program you choose and why and any thoughts you have about either program. Thank you!
  3. What is the difference between a home subscription and a homeschool subscription? I know the the homeschool subscription allows for 3 students, so I assume that I can set up three accounts. Since I am using this just as a supplement I don't know if I really need three accounts. I guess I am really asking, is there a content difference? Do you get less with the home subscription than with the homeschool subscription?
  4. Has anyone used this without using the elementary series? I am interested grammar/vocab/poetry. Do they need the base of the elementary series?
  5. Your title says that you didn't want to homeschool him yet, so that tells me it was in your plans to homeschool him at some point. It sounds like you know what you want/need to do, it's just before your planned timetable. IMO, let him stay home and do a homeschool year of kindergarten or a really relaxed year of 1st grade. I don't know where you are so I won't suggest a homeschool group to find kids. I struggle to find groups/kids myself even when I am supposedly living in an area with a high concentration of homeschoolers. My two older ones are 16 and 14 and my youngest is 8. Even when there is an event for him I usually miss it because the older two seem to take up so much time. Your DS sounds like my youngest. He floats from devices to legos, then to outside for short periods of time. He seems fine with it, he isn't asking me for friends or outings. He is just happy being with me. He just gets mad at me if we don't make it to the pool when I say we are going to go.
  6. Any opinions or comments? I have high schoolers so I am trying to get them to think, but I also want them to learn US history. Is presenting US history in two conflicting interpretations confusing? Is it just asking for them to have issues with what we are studying? Does the program push a particular world view? Two sides of an argument about a time in history is being presented, usually conservative/liberal interpretations. Is the example of one particular world view usually a stronger argument than the other world view? Is the conservative argument/presentation always stronger than the liberal? Is the liberal argument/presentation always stronger that the conservative? And finally, is it a decent program? Do you like it? Do your kids enjoy it? Thanks!
  7. I am thinking about starting TRISMS this year with Discovering the Ancient World. I have never actually seen it in real life, I am just reading about it online. I will be starting this with my 14yo rising 9th grade son and up until now we haven't done formal writing. This summer we started book 3 Writing and Rhetoric from Classical Academic Press and I really like it and, more importantly, my son likes it. I want to continue with this program, just at an accelerated pace. TRISMS keeps talking about IEW and how IEW is incorporated into the TRISMS program. Do I have to use IEW or are other writing programs easily substituted? Thanks for any input!!
  8. Thank you all so much for your input. It really has helped us tremendously. The only thing we know about Atlanta is that we are moving there. I was drawn to the north because of Whole Foods and Trader Joes and it seems all the UU churches are in the north, but community and small town feel are more important. We are now looking exclusively at Peachtree City and hope to be there within the next few months. Groups and co-ops were mentioned above but I am not having much luck finding any information about them. Are there any websites, FB pages, yahoo groups that you could recommend? DD is about to turn 14, DS is about to turn 12 and they are understandably upset about leaving friends, it would help so much if I can get them involved with things as soon as we arrive. This will be the third time starting over in the last 6 years; it took us forever to find good community these last two times and that is really sticking out in their memories right now. Thankfully this will be the last move.
  9. Or any of the surrounding areas. What are the areas like? Are there active homeschooling communities? Anything for teens? Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts? Conservative/Liberal? Exclusive/Inclusive? Friendly overall community? Any info about Homeschool Hangout in Alpharetta? Anything else you would like to share?
  10. Side effects are not criteria that establish the effectiveness of a medicine. They are drawbacks. A lack of side effects of one of the most meritorious aspects of homeopathy.
  11. In holistic medicine, not everything works for everyone or works the same way. Lavender Oil is supposed to be relaxing, for me it drives me crazy. If you don't have good luck with homeopathy that does not mean it is placebo. Putting arnica gel on bruises and seeing them disappear, my baby calming down after teething tabs, my cats getting along after being given Bach Flower, and my kids noses drying up is not placebo. You can not placebo a bruise or a physical issue away. There are more than 5 homeopathic remedies for morning sickness. It depends on why one is having morning sickness to find the correct remedy. Working at a health food store I saw many pregnant women go through multiple remedies before finding the one that helped. The remedy that worked for my first pregnancy did not work for my second, but did work again for my third. I don't know the science behind homeopathic medicine, I suggest finding a homeopathic practitioner. Someone who can honestly help you and not criticize your chosen form of health care. The thought that in order for medicine to be effective it has to be able to harm is flawed and shows an ignorance of holistic and natural medicine.
  12. Dayna Martin is the new Mango Mama and I would not be surprised if she ends up insane living in a jungle. I offer cereal and PB&J alternatives to the dinner I make. Kids are free to make their own breakfast and lunch. I grew up watching my mother cook a full dinner only to have my father walk in the door and say he didn't want that so she would make another whole meal. Making more than one dinner is insane. I refuse to do it. I was part of an unschooling group when we first started because I didn't want to sign a statement of faith and they were the only non religious group in the area. I tend to stay away from those who call themselves unschoolers now. We were invited over to someone's house, then the mother asked us to stay on the couch and not touch anything till she could see if her son had changed his mind about not wanting anyone to touch his toys. We waited 30min before being asked to leave because her son was adamant that he would not share. I stayed 25min longer than I should have. Another mother never raised her voice to her children, never corrected them, they never did anything wrong in her opinion. But let someone else's child infringe on her children in any way and she would yell at them. Her son and my DD did not get along. She was constantly in my face about making DD apologize to her son for doing something. Her son would push DD so DD would push him back and then she would have to apologize. When I asked where was his apology her response was that DD must have antagonized him in some way that made him push her. I put on the Valentines Day party at my house. One of the 8yo boys jumped into the baby swing with both feet. I was being unreasonable for being upset that he bent it and it was no longer usable. He was after all just being a child. Mother refused to pay for it and told me I should be glad to be rid of a mother replacement. Then there was the constant demeaning from the other mothers that I was actually using books to teach. How could I subject my son to the repetition of 100EZ? Wasn't I bothered by the torture I was inflicting by making them memorize math facts? It was a nightmare. I stayed three months and I stayed that long because I had just pulled DD out of school, I was unsure about everything and wanted to be in a support group, and I thought they needed to be around other kids. I got over that. I know that not all unschoolers are like this, probably the majority of them aren't. This group just gave a really bad impression. That said, Dayna Martin does not claim to be an unschooler. She says they don't school at all. The kids have their iPads and iPods and just look up what they want to learn about. I don't see how a 10yo who is learning to read by texting can look up anything to read and learn. I first heard about Dayne Martin when a FB friend posted that she was excited about Dayna being on Wife Swap. So I watched. I was horrified by both families, as we are supposed to be.
  13. We were just cell phones for about 3 years to save money. Then I signed up for Vonage , but hated that if my cable went out so did my phone. We now have an old fashioned landline. The kids are old enough to stay home by themselves and they need it then. Adding 2 cell phones to plan raises the bill and I am not ready for that. The landline is needed for the security system. Finally, we live far from family and I spend a lot of time talking on the phone. To me the landline is more comfortable and I can hear better on it.
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