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  1. I am in shock. I had no idea and will miss her dearly. :crying:
  2. Hello there, Gretchen. This is your profile feed. Is this the personal page you were missing?

    1. Juniper


      How did you do that?!!! You connected it to someone else's feed? :)

    2. Unicorn.


      We have personal feeds?


  3. We are okay considering what we are going through. I miss you.

  4. Gretchen! long time no see on here! :grouphug: How are you doing? And the girls? :grouphug:

    1. Gretchen in NJ

      Gretchen in NJ

      Hello. If you respond to this, I am not sure that I'll be able to find it since I am not sure where I am.

  5. Hey, Gretchen!! How are you? Nothing much around here. Just schooling the kids and running crazy. All is well with our family and kids are getting so big. Let me know how y'all are doing...

  6. Hmm... I see you have more posts over here. Where is diabla when you need her?

  7. Hi there stranger. What's up?

  8. Hello Mary,

    I would like you to meet my friend Brindee. She lives near your new home from what I have been told.

  9. Hello Brindee,

    I would like you to meet my friend Mary in NJ who is not from NJ any longer. She has moved to Washington State recently. Her husband is an army chaplin.

  10. So- what gift did you get for dd's friend? :bigear:

  11. Nothing new but the baby.:001_wub: Well, a few other things I guess, but none that are nearly so important. Plus, you know how long winded I can be... I'm sure I'd run out of the allowable character space in this box. :lol:


    As for the confirmation gift... have you checked out They have really nice selection. Or, there are some nice gift ideas here that you may find appropriate. There are a few more ideas on this page although some of them are repeated. HTH a bit.

  12. Oh and what is a good confirmation gift for a friend of my dd13?

  13. How are things with you? Anything new?

  14. I'm sorry, Gretchen. :grouphug: I'm glad to hear it's getting better though. bighug.gif

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