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  1. Opps..... Sorry, I moved this over to the Chat Board....
  2. Opps.... I posted this on the wrong board. This is a link to a video that one of my friends posted on Facebook..... http://www.wimp.com/bagpipeflames/ So this is for all the Kilt loving women on the boards!!! :-)
  3. A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and it made me think of all you Kilt loving women!!!!! http://www.wimp.com/bagpipeflames/
  4. I had an accountant do our taxes this past year for this very reason....... The boys and I are living in IL and my husband is living and working 4 days a week up in MN, home for long weekends. It was too complicated for me to do! At least didn't want to expend the energy necessary for me to figure it all out and I usually do our taxes.
  5. I'm planning on making Spinach Dip and Hawaiian Bread. Yummy!!
  6. If he's wanting a ton of leftovers, then he may not have enough. But I think that you have more than enough for Thanksgiving Day itself.
  7. I would let him go but my kids see their grandparents all the time. If they didn't then I'd probably keep him home.
  8. So sorry for the little girl! Hope it gets worked out so that she doesn't loose touch with her sister. :grouphug:
  9. Why are there so many double posts everywhere??? Also testing my signature... :bored:
  10. It is down to $55. :) I ordered it - can't wait for the first field trip!!!
  11. My oldest slept on his tummy from the moment he could lift and turn his head on his own. He would not sleep on his back!!! I made sure that there was nothing fluffy in the bed with him or under him.
  12. We just went to the aquarium 15 days ago on our way to Florida! Loved it! We're from Illinois, North of Chicago, so it isn't easy to visit. We may never go again so we took our time. We were there when it opened at 10; watched several of the feedings and "talks"; saw the dolphin show and their 4-D show; ate lunch and left feeling as we experienced the whole thing by 3:30. We spent A LOT of time watching the Whale Sharks!!! If this was nearer, I could see going several times for shorter periods of time. We stayed at a hotel on the other side of Olympic Park and walked through the park to get to the aquarium. :-) I have 3 boys - 14, 12, 7 all who enjoy fish!
  13. Thank you for the link! I signed up! Only 2 more orders and the cost will be $55 for all 7 - yeah!!
  14. You can't preview them as they are LIVE not recorded. The site says that if you miss the LIVE time frame they will be recorded so that you can see them when you are available. I like that flexibility! I think that I'm going to sign up for them but I hope that they come down to the $55 price. Even if we don't watch one or two of them, it would be the cheepest field trip per person for me and the 3 boys. I like the idea but has anyone actually seen the LIVE field trips? Any computer gliches that I would need to be aware of?
  15. Today is that last day to subscribe to the Colonial Williamsburg electronic field trips. Has anyone every done them? How did you like them? Right now they are at $79 with the possibility to get down to $55. https://www.homeschoolbuyersco-op.org/colonial-williamsburg/?c=1
  16. Berta, When I went to this site and typed "Intermountain" in their search engine, nothing came up. I read that you shouldn't be hungry when you are in phase 2. Did that hold true for you? How many days did you do at phase 2 - 40? Thank you for your help.
  17. I tried searching and didn't find any. Maybe I'm not searching with the correct word choices. If you can link the threads, I'd appreciate it!
  18. Has anyone done this diet? Did you go through a Dr. or order the HCG on-line? I've read the book and am ready to start but want some info from those who have done it.
  19. Right now I have 5 or more but in the past I've made due with 3 at a time!
  20. I don't see as many here as I did when I was a child. Would love to see more of them!
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