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  1. I was thinking we sent dd off without anything locking 2 years ago, but then I remembered we were recommended to get a laptop lock. This may or may not be the one we bought: (Don't remember) http://www.amazon.com/RUBAN-Universal-Security-deterrent-protection/dp/B00L3YG93O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1435700873&sr=8-1&keywords=laptop+lock&pebp=1435700892887&perid=0SRXZ9P3W4G643VH1BZK I linked it so you know what I'm talking about. It needs to go around something big and heavy. In the dorm, dd put it around the bed post. I think in the library she puts it around the d
  2. I don't know miles, I know basic times. 15 minutes form NC State 45 minutes from UNC CH Duke is somewhere between those. 20 minutes from 2 community colleges. Downtown Raleigh has a few colleges - Meredith, St Aug's, Peace. Durham has Central Carolina. Then an hour from Campbell University. Those are just the ones I can name. I've heard that due to all the universities and Research Triangle Park there are more pHD's per capita here than almost anywhere else.
  3. Forgot to update... DD and roomie went shopping this weekend. DD brought up the TV. "I don't think we need one." kind of thing. Or maybe it was "I don't want one." Roomie and mom were fine with it. It was a total non-issue for them. It just kind of turned around and ok, you guys get the fridge - which is how dh and I were going to bring the whole thing around to a close anyway. Not that mom then and not that mom now. Whew! And I totally agree - girls do not need to coordinate their rooms! In fact when oldest's roomie asked about coordinating bedding, oldest just said, 'I don
  4. So far no color. The people who cut my hair are always amazed that it is still natural. I do have grey. It's why I no longer put my hair in a ponytail "just because". Then my grey shows. I'm not planning on dyeing. I may. My mom dyes. My MIL dyes. Most ladies at my church dye. It's the upkeep. I just about wash and go. I spend 3 minutes drying my hair. (When I don't dry, I have beach waves. Naturally.) Why would I want to spend time in a colorist chair?
  5. The story I like to tell is the one where my dad was in Viet Nam and writing a letter to my mom. business... business ... our next child will be a daughter and her name will be___ ... business...business So right there in the middle of a letter. Mom didn't know if he was bringing a baby home or what. Where Dad got the name though... I'm named after a Mouseketeer that dad thought was cute. :-)
  6. Yep. Funny thing is that the dad works at this particular school!
  7. Good ideas! I think they are meeting this weekend. I may suggest they sit in the coffee shop before shopping. But again, the mom and little sister thing...
  8. DD will not be a chauffer. We're not letting her take a car to school. I hadn't thought of little sis coming to the room. They are only 20 minutes form campus. That last bit is my fear as well...
  9. Sorry, ladies, this post was causing issues so I deleted it...
  10. I have friends who have 3 kids and did the whole out west trip thing. They did camping, no RVing. Their kids were younger then... maybe 10 (twins) and 13. The scariest night for the parents was when the twins were in one tent and they and the girl were in another and a herd of bison walked through the campsite. I know they went to several national parks. The whole trip took 3 weeks-ish. North Carolina to out west and back. We've done the Disney cruise. Something for everyone but time spent apart was part of it. We only did one excursion (extra fee) but we still enjoyed it. The
  11. OK, when the Costco FINALLY opens near me, prob this fall or winter, I will join. I will buy sheets and towels and obviously, I will love them until the end of days. And then I will pray (not really) that they will build another Ikea in this state. One that I can actually drive to, shop and make it home all in one day without being exhausted.
  12. That is just mean! The closest Ikea is 3 hours away!!
  13. It's been open long enough now that it shouldn't be packed all the time. It's close, but why do I want to go? What are their best things?
  14. <Pout> They haven't even poured the footing for the closest Costco yet. And I don't know where the others are. At least now I know exactly where the new one will be - they finally cleared the land.
  15. Both of the above questions first. I was just telling dh that REI must love Boy Scouts. All of ds's troop's tents are from REI. But you need to know if you need a backpacking tent or not and how many people before you head out. Once you know those 2 questions, the people t REI can help you find a tent.
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