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  1. We are just getting back into cold weather outdoor sports. When my dds' played soccer the first games were in March and chilly. The last games were October and chilly once the sun went down. I was cold. I wanted something hot when I got int he car! I thought heaven would be a Keurig that ran off the cigarette lighter in the car. DS is playing *winter* outdoor sports. Like he is wanting to sign up for an all day outdoor tourney on New Year's day! If I go, which the mom in me wants too, I will be quite cold by the end. (This is NC. We could end up with a warm day. But I don't want to count on it.) And then preseason games are Jan and Feb. In season games are March, April. Again, I'd love a Keurig that pugs in. Since I can't find that, a good heatable travel mug. The ones I see on Amazon are hit or miss. Three stars, maybe 3 1/2. Nothing 4 or higher. Does anyone have recommendations? I will have on as many clothes as I can and still move. Blankets, hat, gloves, mittens (maybe both at the same time). Hand warmers. I may have to drive our van so I have a seat warmer once I get in the car to come home. Oh and It's not the coffee making ability. It's the ability to have a hot drink quickly. I'd be happy to make something at home and be able to heat it up when the game(s) is over. Cheryl
  2. We didn't look, but a family we know well "sent" their daughter to Iowa as well for creative writing. I don't remember where else they looked. I know she applied to NCSU, but that was her safety school. (I hate to say that since for so many local kids it is their top choice, but it's not a writing school per se. It's an engineering school.) Oh, and UNC-CH.
  3. I grew up there. My parents still live there. Dad was Army but they have most of their medical on Langley. Look at Poquoson. It's what my parents were told when we moved there. Smallish town still. They come together on a LOT. I know you are probs homeschooling but an example: one of the football players was majorly hurt in a game. The whole team showed up at the hospital, the athletic director bought all the high schoolers there pizza, the kids at school held a fundraiser within a week for medical bills. And this is normal. I will say that there is not much in the way of diversity. It is a vanilla place. And it does tend to be a more expensive place to live, but they do tend to have yards big enough to play in. Watch for growth. There is a Walmart in play. I haven't heard if the permits went through. No one in town wants it. Good memories. I met my dh there.
  4. Around here, honors get weighted to a 4.5. AP to 5. College courses to a 6. Honors A= 4.5, B= 3.5, C= 2.5, D=1.5, F=0 AP A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, F=0 CC A=6, B=5, C=4, D=3, F=0 I only started weighing honors classes when I found out the local public schools do. Some classes I give more than 1 credit to as well. Campbell girl got 1.5 credits for 10th grade English because it was R&S grammar book, Tapestry for lit, vocabulary book, plus an outside writing class.
  5. MIL came home from the hospital Tuesday. Taking her to follow-up with her PCP today. The girls are still home so can help with driving DS - his classes started this week. And my head is on straight! I'm not resenting the time MIL is taking. Both girls go back this weekend, so next week and following may get dicey with driving her and ds, but until then...
  6. I was thinking we sent dd off without anything locking 2 years ago, but then I remembered we were recommended to get a laptop lock. This may or may not be the one we bought: (Don't remember) I linked it so you know what I'm talking about. It needs to go around something big and heavy. In the dorm, dd put it around the bed post. I think in the library she puts it around the desk somehow. Just think about it's not just in the dorm room that you need things locked up.
  7. I wasn't going to answer cause it sounds so small. DS just joined scouts last month, well it's April today, so 2 months ago, middle if Feb. He's working on Tenderfoot. He's in that waiting game for the physical retest part. So while he's waiting for that, he's also doing Second Class stuff. Then also the computer merit badge. The troop did a lot at the meeting last week so ds is finishing up. He'll go into work with dh on Thursday for part of it too. He's really enjoying it!
  8. Hey!!! I'm back from vacation and wanted to start posting in the workout threads again, but I don't see them. Were they moved? Or am I not looking hard enough?

  9. Happy Thanksgiving!


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