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  1. We are just getting back into cold weather outdoor sports. When my dds' played soccer the first games were in March and chilly. The last games were October and chilly once the sun went down. I was cold. I wanted something hot when I got int he car! I thought heaven would be a Keurig that ran off the cigarette lighter in the car. DS is playing *winter* outdoor sports. Like he is wanting to sign up for an all day outdoor tourney on New Year's day! If I go, which the mom in me wants too, I will be quite cold by the end. (This is NC. We could end up with a warm day. But I don't want
  2. DH did taxes this weekend and we decided we could take the kids on a cruise for the girls' spring break. Everything is booked - cruise and flights down there, transfers. We are doing the big no-no on flying on the day of. Don't tell me what a horrible idea it is. It saves $250 a night going each way since we are booking so late, all the cheap rooms are gone. So anyway - we cruised 6 years ago so we aren't brand new, but we don't have a lot of experience. I do know about the shoe rack on the door, extra plugs and stuff. But Freestyle - what does that mean in practice? I would l
  3. I'm going to get a fitbit. Not a question on that score. FitBit Charge HR. But the bands. I looked this morning, once you get a band you are stuck with that color. It's not like I can get one color and later swap it out for another. Unless there is something I'm missing, it looks like the HR part is integrated into the band. And I looked on-line and someone else's answer to a broken band was that fitbit is really good at replacing them. So plum or black? I don't wear a lot of black. I do wear black, but not all the time like State Girl. State Girl says plum would go with lot of
  4. They both got a countdown to 18 type thing. State girl got a true count down 18 sets of 18-17-16-.... until down to 1 gift. It was little things pens, pencils, push pins, etc. Things she would need later at college. The 1 was the big gift - a bracelet from Tiffany's. Campbell girl got 18 little things related to symbols - compass so she would know where she was going, duct tape because it fixes everything, yarn because a cord of three strands is not easily broken, etc. Her last gift was a Dooney and Burke purse. They both picked out what that last gift was. I like the seco
  5. http://www.apbrown2.net/web/TranslationComparisonChart.htm I see you already choose, but I went looking and found a chart with reading level, so I wanted to post in case anyone else had a question as well. (below middle of the page) The first Bible study I did as an adult used NIV so that's what I used. I got so used to it. Now I read the ESV daily. There are times I notice the wording as different, sometimes it's better/clearer. Sometimes not.
  6. I put this on the general board but someone asked that I put it on this one as well, for those who don't always go over there... "I just saw this on Facebook. This one doesn't have the nice British accent but it's the same video. But I had to post it here. I mean it's TEA!" The one on the general board is not the one I saw on FB, has one evidently has a bad word. This one does have a British accent so it may be the same one, no bad word. :-)
  7. I just saw this on Facebook. This one doesn't have the nice British accent but it's the same video. But I had to post it here. I mean it's TEA! (Oh, completely kid friendly.)
  8. Forgot to mention... last year when dd was in Germany at this time, I watched her weather a few times. I asked about the grocery stores when snow was forecast. No one cared! There was no run on anything. Bread was plentiful, eggs, milk, snow shovels. No issues after the snow came either. No power outages. Her bigger complaint was once it started to get warm (she was there until June) was there was no air conditioning.
  9. I forget is on has lark feet or inches? We are expecting inches here. I had to go to the store b/c the boy scout camp out was cancelled so I truly do not have enough food to get through the weekend. Bread and milk were both needed items. There was bread, the kind I wanted. Milk, not the kid I wanted, but there was an organic whole milk so I was ok there. Eggs though - I usually buy cage free eggs, then organic. Both were out unless I wanted to spend almost $5 for a doz. So I got plain factory eggs. I figure one dozen isn't going to do any lasting harm. Snow shovels will likely be
  10. And I was trying to get to the bottom of the thread because I have a friend who is/was going through a "natural" cancer healing method. And she was doing coffee enemas. Daily. Some of the other stuff made sense. Organic green smoothies - specific ingredients - every morning. LOTS of supplements. Tea in the afternoon. Her doctor's thought process was that if you can get the bad out, your body will heal itself from the cancer. But you have to get all the "bad" out first. Oh, and you end up basically on the Hallelujah diet. I looked at that once and decided there was no possible way I c
  11. I just saw a news article that my town is in preliminary talks with Wegman's. It would be close enough that I could actually reasonably shop there, sometimes. Too far to be my all time place to go. But is it really great? I do most of my shopping now at Trader Joe's. And I can go to Publix. Harris Teeter is an old standard.
  12. Can anyone recommend an Etsy shop that sells lotion bars? I recently flew across country and packed in only a carry-on. My quart bag for liquids was FULL! Things I already did - Bars don't need to go in your liquids bag so I made sure it was solid deodorant. Four girls in one hotel room, I didn't think the shampoo and conditioner would last through us all. Face wipes instead of liquid face wash. Toner in the wipes. So I'm trying to reduce my liquid load, should I ever fly again. Hence lotion bars instead of a pump liquid. But I want to try it out now, not wait until I know I'm
  13. Am I the only one to dd more "fat" to it right away? I clean with water, no soap, dry it and then spray with oil before putting it away.
  14. Yesterday was busy. I had to pick up MIL from rehab and take her home. Any time I have to drive her somewhere ends up a busy day. She moves slow. She talks. A lot. She gets distracted. A lot. Keeping her on task is like keeping a preschooler on task. Yesterday I woke up late - still adjusting to East Coast time after spending New Year's in LA. Quiet time. Breakfast. Start normal daily clean-up stuff. Realize I'm running late and shower. Get to MIL on time and find that nothing is ready to leave rehab except her. Pack her stuff. Wait. Wait. Wait for a nurse to check her out.
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