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  1. Happy birthday to Emily! I can't the time has passed so quickly. I hope Emily knows that an entire community anticipated and celebrated her arrival, and she'll always be special to us :). Thanks, Patty, for pointing me to this thread. I love this place and all the memories and friends I've made here!
  2. Susan, I hope that seeing so many supporting you, and seeing all of us old timers who heard about this and came back for a moment to support you, makes it crystal clear to you what a special, beautiful thing you created when you created these boards and your resources. To this day, I talk fondly of the diverse, interesting, smart women I've met because of you, and how rich and interesting my home school journey was as a result. I met you personally the summer before my daughter began "Kindergarten", and have depended on your advice and all my "imaginary" friends from the WTM boards throughou
  3. HI SUSAN!!! So nice to come here and see you and everyone else! (P.S. I am secretly planning a trip to the B&B as a graduation present to myself. :))
  4. I had nothing to pull down, but wanted to report in anyway and say hi to all! For anyone who remembers me, my daughter graduated and is now at college, I am working full time and have returned to school to finish up my accounting degree. I'm really sorry and extremely disappointed you're going through this, Susan. Wish I could do something more to help you. Warmest regards, everyone! Robin in Tx Long time BooKer

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    Reduced to $115.00 Third edition hardback with complete student solutions manual and DVDs. Very good condition with no writing or highlights. One small poke in the outside cover. Price includes shipping. Paypal preferred.



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    Hardback text, solutions manual. No test booklet. Very good condition.


  7. I have a rising 11th/12th grader and want to switch to this program from R&S. What do you recommend? I don't understand the difference between the graded levels and the complete course. I am also afraid to forge ahead without at least an answer key.
  8. Thank you for the book recommendation.. it is on it's way!! :) Robin
  9. Hi Lisa, we did end up getting the Oxford. Success!! My hope is that we'll have a good enough time to want to continue beyond these initial few readings. Thank you... yes, our year is off to a decent start. Only two more years left. Amazing how time flies. I don't know if I'm happy or sad :/ Take care, Robin
  10. Thanks everyone! I purchased the Oxford books for Hamlet and McBeth and so far so good.... dd loves them... she's taking her time to slowly read and take it all in. I knew I could count on you guys! (am searching for the Folger's series, too). Thanks again, and Hi everybody! Robin
  11. This is a required research project for the one day a week classical program my daughter attends. It has to be a probing question, accompanied by a hypothesis, supportive of 40 hours of research, with a conclusion as to whether or not thehypothesis was proven correct by the research. The teachers apparently like it a lot when you come to a different conclusion after conducting your research. We haven't come up with anything that is particularly interesting. Any ideas, oh hive mind? Robin
  12. Anybody want to take a shot at explaining that to me in layman's terms? I grasp it, but not well enough to explain it. Which is the same as not understanding it very well. Thanks, Robin
  13. If not, how do you tackle unfamiliar words? Thanks for any input, Robin
  14. Hey MFS, My daughter is in a one day a week classical ed program that next year will be studying Shakespeare. When I saw the reading schedule, I immediately thought about you and your son with fond memories of your reports on his passions. I remember your stories about living in the city, and then the move to the country. What was your tag line? Something about a little prairie at the edge of the woods? I don't know if this is correct or not, but I also seem to remember that your son was involved in swimming... either swim team or life guard? Whta I remember most was how much you
  15. Hey everybody!! My dd has an opportunity to take Chemistry in the fall but she will have completed only Alg I (Chalkdust, with high scores). According to Apologia website, that is all the prerequisite necessary but I've had several friends advise me to postpone chemistry until she is in Alg II (she'll be in geometry next year). Also, would it be okay to go straight into Chalkdust Alg II and do geometry another time (if the Alg II really is needed for the chemistry)? My chalkdust DVDs have both the Alg I and the Alg II lectures so we could easily do that with just a purchase of the
  16. Do they need to be walked! Hilarious!!! And so true... Thanks for the giggle! :D
  17. I've heard that's the case but didn't want to assume anything. If you have to know the equivalent of the content you fine in two years of high school study in French or Spanish, can you take two semesters in college and get the same content? And what are your favorite courses that give two full high school years in either French or Spanish? Thanks!!! Robin
  18. One more question... what would you consider absolute prerequsite reading for Beowulf? Also, searching the boards I also came across the suggestions of Captain Blood and Quo Vadis. Should those be on the list as well? Thanks so much, guys. I knew I could count on you! I love my WTM boardies :) Robin
  19. I have a catholic friend who has taken her son out of school during this, his 9th grade year, to school at home. I offered to ask for resource recommendations here on the boards. I've already mentioned to her Kolbe Academy and Mother of Divine Grace. What others? Of those who offer online classes, are there any that you would NOT recommend for catholics? Any that you highly recommend? She does want him to focus on his strengths which are literature and wiriting. Thanks so much, everyone! I'll link her to this thread so she can read the answers herself. I sure miss everyone h
  20. First, I will say that I don't know of a single person involved in the tea parties who is pro Obama. I think they are very anti-current administration, and don't pretend to be otherwise... all the tea party organizers where I live were the first to believe and spread the "Obama snubbed by Russian delegates" internet hoax (for example). Which they are free to do, of course... I'm just commenting on your suggestion that the tea party is possibly bi partisan because I don't think it is. I haven't participated in them or supported them because of the tea party reference. It makes me very un
  21. No, that's the long o sound, not a special vowel sound. Ow creates a special vowel sound just like ou does in the word pout. Again, it is a valid phonics system, traditional and formal, and I think it's illogical to argue with it just because one has never heard of it before. It is a successful method for teaching the spelling of certain vowel sounds, nothing more and nothing less. It works. Different methods work. They are both valid. The bottom line to the op is that the method that CLE uses is fine and teaches solid reading and spelling based on a valid, well researched phonogra
  22. No. When r effects a vowel sound, the r still makes its consonant sound. It has an effect on the vowel in front of it, but the r still makes its regular sound. Bob Jones calls it the "bossy r" because it bosses around the vowel in front of it :). But it still behaves as an "r" after the vowel sound. When w pairs with a vowel for a special vowel sound, it is the combination of the vowel and the w that actually MAKES the vowel sound and the w sound is absent. That's the difference. Others in this thread are commenting on words such as wonder, etc.,.... but these are are not si
  23. The website doesn't say it's the teacher's text. There is no website for the teacher's text because it is not supposed to be resold (says right on the cover!). I don't know anything about the combined text... I purchased Elementary only.
  24. Be careful when ordering the separate texts for Alg I because there is a plethora of Teacher Editions out there which were issued for preview only, and many sellers are selling these teacher editions as the student book. I used ISBN numbers from a thread here at this website and still ended up with one of those instructor's guide which has the answer to every single exercise given in red print. Had to track down and reorder another book. Communicate with your seller and confirm up front that you are receiving the student book, not the instructor's guide. Good luck! Robin
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