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  1. Thanks guys, these are all very helpful. I saw your response to this 8FillTheHeart, but I think that it is one of his underlying motives to avoid applying.He goes to a classical Christian high school and Lord willing he is heading to an Engineering program at whatever college he lands at. He's tired of the liberal arts. He does well with history and literature, he plays the piano well and enjoys classical music, but he's told me a few times he just wants to do math and science. He also has a fear of the unknown. He's only 16 yo and I really think this is a place where his father and I need to push him out of his comfort zone. I guess I was looking for validation, that it is worth it.
  2. My youngest has been invited to apply to a couple of honors programs and he's dragging his feet. He says he's weighing the cost (extra-curricular events and service projects) vs the benefit (classes available). I've given him the additional benefits of priority registration for classes and graduating with honors. What advantages have you found? Any additional things we are not considering? Thanks, Karen
  3. I would like to start compiling a list of gap year programs. We're not sure what my youngest will do when he graduates, right now we're proceeding as if he will go right to college, but we want to consider gap year programs. He's 15 yo, summer birthday, and a junior in a classical Christian school. He thinks he wants to go into nanotechnology so he's science and math inclined, but he also has had a pretty rich classical liberal arts education so not opposed to something not math/science related. Please share links below for any gap year programs you know of. Also, if you know of any colleges that have a program. Thanks! Karen
  4. If you are completing a course with enough credit for literature and history then simply title your history course accordingly. e.g. Literature of the Western World III 18th and 19th century World and US History
  5. Kagan is not quite as dry, has larger font, but it also has good questions and original source documents. It was (may still be) used for honors or AP history (I forget which.) Balanced view of history in my opinion. Kagan is conservative, but fair. Side note: If you mourn the loss of the classical liberal arts read Kagan's retirement speech from Yale.
  6. Hi Heather, I suggest Writing with Skill I with both boys. If Latin is only for vocabulary perhaps you should start off with a roots program. You may catch the latin bug as you gain confidence in homeschooling. If you want to dive in then get a grammar school level Latin and progress quickly though the first couple of levels before moving on to a high school level Latin. It's been a while since we've done grammar, but again, I would choose something you can use with both at the same time.
  7. Do you have the Teacher CD? There are lesson plans on it. Not very in depth, but it breaks it down for you. We started our week on Friday so my boys could read over the weekend. In addition to meeting when starting a book, we met twice a week to discuss questions. Some had to be written down and handed in and some we simply discussed dialectically Typical week (when starting a new book): Friday: Student reads intro to new book, afterwards we discuss intro and prelude questions Homework: Assigned reading, questions Tuesday: Discussion Homework: Assigned reading, questions Thursday or Friday: Discussion Each book would have at least one extra assignment - essay, project, or activity We discussed history separately. With my oldest we did Omnibus and TOG. I met with Ds#2 one day a week to discuss history readings and questions. I didn't use Spielvogel, I used The Western Heritage (Kagan), various books I liked from TOG, and Teaching Company audio. Ds#3 did Omnibus I online - they met 2x a week to discuss so I figured I was on to something with my schedule.
  8. Is there a list or search engine of child psychologists for gifted children? My youngest son is now attending a university model school and it is forcing us to face some issues with his emotional intensity. Most recently he has started laughing in one class, he says he doesn't know why. I have observed this behavior over the years as a nervous habit. Obviously this is an issue for the teacher. Anyway, I think it's time we talk to someone. Anyone know of such a site?
  9. I'm going to post now before I forget. Patty was one of the first people to talk to me on the boards; her kindness was memorable that's how I know that. It's appropriate that she invited me to the reunion. When I first started coming to the boards my oldest was in 4th grade in Christian school and I was researching homeschooling. Now he is TEACHING 4th grade in a classical Christian school. He graduated from Patrick Henry College this past May. My youngest is 13 and attending that same school. He's technically in 9th grade but I'm calling it 8th grade. Or maybe we'll be like Lori M and he'll attend 13th and 14th grade. My #2 son is working on a degree in business, in his 3rd year of college but 2nd year toward his degree. :glare: I can't tell you how much this board has meant to me. I've met some of my dearest friends here - and yes, we've actually met in real life. I joke with *Anj* that I have shared more hotel rooms with her than I have with my husband - wee bit of hyperbole. I also joke with *Anj* that whenever we run into SWB in real life (or Andrew Kern or MCT or fill in the blank) they ALWAYS remember her and never me. that part is true. :hat: Looking forward to reading this thread in the coming weeks. Karen

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