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  1. NM - made a decision!
  2. NM - made a decision!
  3. I'm afraid I can't help with the question of how well TPS French prepares for the AP exam..... My sons ended up not taking the AP French exam. I'm not sure why. The exam date might have conflicted with the national debate tournament that year? They did a lot of reading of French lit with a tutor we like. I think we might have opted to do more lit reading than to spend the time prepping for the AP exam with its various, specific strands. Had enough hoop-jumping in other subjects. 🙂 I do know that the content of the TPS AP French class has been significantly modified since my boys took it, so I'd love to hear from anyone who has taken it within the last 3-4 years!
  4. Have you already registered for the AP exam? If not, it may be too late to do so for this year, so check asap! I don't think there's a downside to taking the exam if you've already paid for it. Don't ask that it be sent to colleges on the answer sheet. When the scores come out, if you and your dd aren't happy with the score, you can have it completely deleted from your dd's record. Or, if there are certain colleges you don't want to send it to, you can withhold it from that college. "After you take an AP Exam, we send your score report to the college or university that you designated on your answer sheet. Your score report is cumulative and includes scores for all the AP Exams you have ever taken, unless you requested that one or more scores be withheld from a college or canceled." Check the AP Score Reporting page on the CB site for details about how to withhold (keep the score but don't report it to the college) or cancel (delete it permanently from the student's record.) When my sons applied to college last year, they self-reported their AP scores. We didn't send an actual report until after they were accepted, so we'd have had an opportunity to withhold or cancel scores if we had wanted to.
  5. Wilson Hill plans to add French 1 & 2 this coming year. Instructor is TBD, but I am hoping, hoping, hoping it will be a native speaker that I know! 🙂
  6. Hi, all, Looking for an alternative for PreCalc for my dd for the fall if she can't do math at the local hybrid in the fall. (They don't put out their schedule until August, so I never know till a couple of weeks before the year begins if the class we want will be available at a time we can use. ERGH!) If anyone has had a student take PreCalc with TPS or take any other class with L.Crosby, please, please let me know what you thought! We've never used TPS for math, but I've been happy with their English courses, for the most part. Please PM if that's easier! Thank you!
  7. I'm looking for a solid, lit-based English course with a strong writing component for my rising 12th grade dd. We've been happy with CLRC's Great Books course this year, so I was wondering about their American Lit course & instructor, Cara Valle. Has anyone had a student in the class or in another English class w/ Ms. Valle? I would so appreciate any feedback you might have. PM, if that's easier! Thank you! yvonne
  8. If your student has taken a TPS Eng 4/5 class, could you tell me if the writing s/he did for the course was related to the literature read? Or was the writing/"composition" pretty much a completely separate, unrelated strand? My dd is taking Eng 4/5: Brit Lit. I love the works she's reading and the online discussion part of the class, but I am so disappointed in the writing part of it! Almost every single one of the essays my dd has written for the class has been completely unrelated to the literature they're reading! How can an upper level Eng class that reads such great works NOT use those works as the basis for the writing the students do?!?! For example, right now, my dd has a compare/contrast essay to write. Sounds good! Maybe compare/contrast a couple of characters from one of the books they're reading? Maybe compare/contrast how a couple different books deal with a given theme? Maybe... well, there are a thousand different, wonderful possibilities when you're reading such good books! But, no! She's writing a compare/contrast essay on some current issue in the world! That's fine. No problem with that topic... in some other class where it's more relevant to the subject matter in the class! But why not write it about the books she's already reading and thinking about. There is no better way to process and synthesize one's thoughts than to write about what one is thinking. NOT writing about these books is a huge lost opportunity! So I was wondering.... is this typical of all TPS Eng 4/5 classes? Or is it just this one class or this one instructor? Of all the TPS Eng classes my kids have taken, this is the first & only one I've been disappointed with. I feel like I should go back and put a caveat on all the posts I've made raving about TPS Eng!
  9. Haven't been on the boards for a long while. PMing you. Thanks!
  10. I’d esp like to know what you thought of the writing component. PM if that’s easier! Thank you!
  11. If you have the 4th edition guide, there's a document with the memory work changes in the 5th ed. You could just write them in to your 4th ed. Or just buy the mem work flashcards. Or just take a photo or copy it down by hand. I wouldn't pay $100 for a guide.
  12. Would you consider an online course? Lukeion is wonderful, as much for the study skills students develop as for the Latin. It's an effective and efficient path to the Latin AP exam, if that's a goal. I doubt that there are any more experienced or well-trained Latin instructors out there! They have a placement exam, which would help avoid either spending a year repeating what your dd has already mastered or jumping into something that is too much of a stretch to be successful. Good luck!
  13. Well, that's not so bad. At least the CB is refunding most of the money for the registration if a student doesn't take the exam.
  14. Are they charging $40 for a missed test _in addition to_ the regular registration fee? Or is the $$$$ regular registration fee refunded except for that $40? (Guess I could go poke through the site, but maybe someone already knows...) ETA: And WHAT exactly could possibly be the rationale for tacking ANOTHER $40 on to the already ridiculous cost of ~$100 for each AP exam?? In what way does NOT taking the thing affect the CB's work involved?
  15. What did you think of HSLDA's test prep? I was looking at that, even though she doesn't need the English. Why did your youngest go a different route? PM me, if that's easier. Thanks!
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