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  1. Has anyone tried the online ToG dialectic history classes? I'd love any feedback you might have, as well as a better idea of how exactly those classes work. Thank you!
  2. Thank you so much! That is very helpful! I do plan to supplement with additional lit, just because I love lit and my niece is a big reader. I'm going to have her do the placement test and see how it goes.
  3. Hi, I'll be homeschooling my rising 7th grade niece this coming year. My own children took several high school level TPS Eng courses and I was happy with all of them. I'm bummed that they don't have the Journey into Narnia class that my dd did in 7th, but perhaps one of the other Eng. 1 courses would work. I already do Rod & Staff grammar with my niece, and will be doing R&S 7 this year with her, so I'm looking for minimal grammar in a TPS Eng course. If anyone has had a student take the TPS English 1 Lit & Comp Journeys & Quests or Unlikely Heroes courses, or if anyone
  4. Is there any downside to taking "Conceptual Physics" using Hewitt's text for a bright 11th grader who hopes to go to a good 4-year college/university? She took "Honors Bio" in 9th and Chemistry in 10th. My daughter took it in 9th grade concurrently with algebra 1 because she is so not mathy. (She loved the conceptual physics course & instructor, though!) My sons took AP Physics in 12th with AP Calc. Are those the two choices nowadays--conceptual or AP? Or, is there something between conceptual and AP levels for physics? I've tried my usual online searches to see what some top pr
  5. Thank you, everyone, for weighing in on my question! There are various underlying issues with the young man that are being addressed. My question is solely about whether there would be any long term ramifications for him of having a GED. Ie, assuming he is able to get through the other, emotional issues and get back on track, will he regret having gotten a GED? Arcadia, I hadn't looked into the CHESPE/CA College Promise info, but will pass that along to my friend. Thank you!
  6. That is crazy! Talk about being chained to a checklist! I wonder if you had gone up the ladder enough, until you reached someone who had graduated with a 4-year degree (ie, someone who would have known that a high school degree/GED was required for college admission), if it would have made a difference. But that's an interesting data point! Thanks for posting!
  7. Thanks for your bil's story! It sounds like he really turned his life path around! I'm hoping my friend's son is able to do the same because it's not looking very bright right now. Not a drug issue for him, as far as my friend knows, but he's wrestling with other problems. That is interesting about Amazon requiring proof of your high school diploma (or GED) despite the fact that you had a BS! Wouldn't one HAVE to have a high school diploma to get a 4-year college degree?? I don't think I could even find my HS diploma anymore! What did you give them?
  8. I know the general consensus is that we should give our homeschooled high school graduates a diploma, and I agree because I like to make sure I haven't closed any doors or knowingly omitted doing anything that could possibly affect my kids later. But, I was wondering..... have you or any of your homeschooled kids ever been asked about, or for, their high school diploma after they graduated from college? Is a high school diploma, or GED, ever seen, or come up, after those college apps are in? Thanks! Yvonne
  9. Asking for a friend whose senior year son is has been at a small private school for 11th & 12th. It's not a high end private school, so they don't have any real college advisors like other private schools might. Her son is failing two of five classes this year. He had a similar record last year. He won't read the books assigned for English, claiming he can just read summaries. He won't do most of the work for his English class. He's very bright, but stubborn and angry. I don't know what's behind the anger. He chose to continue with a second year at this private school when he could hav
  10. Here's a cool website where you can click on Econ or Gov or.... and see which colleges require each of those from high school applicants. No idea how accurate it is, but maybe a starting point! https://www.whatwilltheylearn.com/
  11. I don't think so. IIRC, my sons just self-reported. We didn't send AP scores until they'd decided which school they were going to attend. Then we sent all AP scores to that school.
  12. I guess the only reason I'd rather delete than cancel is that cancelling involves sending in a hard copy form & who knows how long that will take. I wanted to try to delete asap so I could send the other scores to the college she really wants to attend. And I know AP scores are self-reported on apps and that the student doesn't have to send official score reports until after acceptance, if then, but we'd still like to send her other AP scores to this one college now. 🙂
  13. I'm almost sure it used to be possible to delete an AP score, but now I only see options to withhold or cancel a score. My dd took an AP as a 9th grader (got a 3). Retook the same AP this past May as an 11th grader and got a 5. No additional study or official "AP" class in that subject, so no new "AP X" course on her transcript. I'd rather delete than withhold the earlier score. Is it still possible to delete an AP score?
  14. Thank you, all, so very much for taking the time to offer suggestions! 💜 The more I think about it, the right thing to do is drop AP Bio. My dd is simply impossibly over-booked between her academic classes and debate and at the very edge, emotionally. The obstacle, for me, is the potential impact on college admissions to dropping it at this point. 😞 Lanny, you are right about needing to work on time-management. It should have been clear early on that there was an issue, but she's been used to being able to pull out all the stops and get assignments done if necessary. Obviously tha
  15. Thank you for your suggestions. I think a W is probably the way to go. I wonder if I should let the colleges know now? Or wait until the mid-year report? The MY report won't be ready until end of January because two of her classes don't finish the first semester until mid-Jan. Will the colleges think I "hid" the W until after she'd applied? What's the most honest way to go about telling them? She can't drop her other Eng assignments, because it's an online class. 😞
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