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    Simplicity, beauty, serenity...and astronomy, homesteading, nature, cats, photography--all wrapped up in my search for knowing God.
  1. Oh, so fun to see those names of people I know from those golden days--Colleen, Tammy, Lisa. You know, there are days when I am home alone listening to silence that I wish I had one more little person at my kitchen table, who I could read to during the lunch hour, and who would just be here making noise and needing a mom!
  2. Hard. Yes. I wrote this several years ago: Parenting and hard is definitely hand-in-hand. Bless you!
  3. My other son took 4 years to learn his multiplication tables. He is now a Mechanical Engineer for Rayovac. That is not one of the futures I would have guessed in a million years!
  4. Once in a while I like to stop back to read the boards. My kids are graduated and off living life, but before that, I use to spend a lot of time here. I like to stop by to encourage those of you who are still in the trenches. Homeschooling was a lot of work, and it was exhausting, but I do not regret it! For those who struggle with young children--trying to teach them to read and helping them to learn--I have a story for you. Not everyone's story will be like ours, but I want you to know that the end of the book has not been written for your children. Those who struggle today may not tomorrow. My youngest was slightly dyslexic. In 3rd grade I began to panic that he would never be able to read. He could not read, he could not memorize, and he just was not learning! I read everything on learning problems, looking for answers. I tried all the various materials...and then one day it started to change, and he began to learn. It was not an overnight sensation, but a slow, steady process. Hard work. Laborious. Today he is a senior in Software Engineering. Last semester was described by other students in his program as the worst/hardest one for his degree. Last semester: GPA 4.0 This week, he was musing over what it would take to get into MIT, although he claims he is not serious about it. I am not saying you will have the same results, but for those young children who struggle, it may not always be this way. Just keep moving forward. Don't panic. Take a few days off to recharge your batteries. Remember that you do not have the whole picture yet. I once said a long, long time ago that homeschooling is a marathon, not a sprint--it is a long journey that ends way too soon. Take a deep breath and enjoy the time you have with them. Before you know it, the house will be silent all day long, and you will cherish the memories of sitting at the table together--even if you were overwhelmed and tired. Take a moment and enjoy the little ones under your feet. Life is too short to live it in a rush and a panic. Slow down. Every day, find a reason to fall in love with them all over again. Keep on keeping on, and blessings to you all-- Jean
  5. Long time no see! My baby is currently a junior in software engineering, and I am an empty nester, so I don't visit these boards like I use to. :D With my love of astronomy, I decided to take an astronomy class at the local university this semester--I know my way around the night sky and am working my way through the Herschell 400 with my telescope, but I have never studied the physics side of this hobby of mine. The textbook we are using is good: In Quest of the Universe by Theo Koupelis We have the 6th edition. Comes with a Starry Night DVD My prof use to work with the author--and my prof is a really nice, down-to-earth, night-sky-loving sort of guy. We are about a third of the way through the book--I can give you more info later if you want it. I have read through most of Astronomy Today--a textbook often recommended on these boards. When I am looking for information and read both textbooks to compare them, I find In Quest's vocabulary and explanations easier to understand. So....if you are looking, this is another option. Jean
  6. Jean in Wisc

    A vent

    I've not read through all the posts... I could see having a child do the video program and then following it up with labs. There are a large number of lab kits you could get--choosing a few that correspond with some of the subjects you covered this year might enable you to find ones that interest your child--dissection and using a microscope come to mind. I spent a lot of years doing science by going straight through a textbook and skipping the labs. Then we finished up the year by doing the labs as sort of a review of what we had done. We enjoyed this a lot because we would get everything planned out and then set aside a few days or half-days and just do labs--labs can take a lot of time, but if you move on to lab #2 while lab #1 chills, do all the microscope activities at the same time, etc, etc, you can really get a lot done quick time. If your child is good at keyboarding, you can put all the lab worksheets on Word. You can fill out the worksheets ahead of time so that on lab day, you only have to put the results and conclusions down, and then the child has read the lab and knows what the experiment entails before he starts. It is just one way to streamline a science class.
  7. Not missing homeschooling, but missing homeschooling. Good to have adult children, but not glad to have the kids grown up. Life is never easy (nor does it always make sense!)

    1. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      Totally hear you. Nice to "see"you!


    2. Miss Marple

      Miss Marple

      I'm right there with you this year. I still get excited to research curriculum choices :)



  8. Jean in Wisc

    Titles and order for Lial's Algebra

    FYI--I found out the hard way that the paperback has the review sidebars along each page, but the hard back does not. Buy the paperback. It is cheaper,anyway. :-) J
  9. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and experience on the high school board. I'm reading the thread re: moms feeling the pressure w/high school, and your post was very inspiring and helpful. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and being a source of balance and hope when things seem a bit overwhelming!

  10. Jean -


    Here is some "good rep" for an excellent post on being consistent with teens. Wise words.


    - Jean (in Newcastle)

  11. Thank you for the Thanksgiving greetings :). Hope yours was grand! Jean

  12. Hi Jean,


    I thought I would pop over and say hello. I haven't heard from you in a while; I'm only popping into the board here once a day or so since we have the new wtm conservatives board so I miss discussing things with my cyber friends like you.


    I hope all is well with you and your family. I always appreciate your sage advice on all things homeschooling.


    Take care,


  13. I saw your post about your sister. ((Hug.)) At times life is just too hard. I also noticed that you have no friends! I'll send you a request if I can figure out how to do it!

  14. Jean, thanks for your reply where you described how you did science. You inspired me to stop putting off science and just do it! Thanks, Polly

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