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  1. What I find interesting about this and that I have noticed that since I started walking for exercise 10 years ago (I do most of my walking outside) I get sick less often. I have talked to other walkers and they have also noticed the same thing. Karen
  2. Wow you sound just like us from last year. Geometry we did Jacobs and I did not get DVD's so I had to work with him a lot. I ended up getting a second textbook just so we could each have our own. Don't expect a kid that is good in Algebra to get geometry. Geometry is a different beast. Sometimes I viewed Geometry more of an English/logic course. Encourage him to talk it out before he starts to wirte down statements/reasons for proofs. I told my son to picture a proof like a maze, each step has to lead to the next, some steps might seem unneeded put you can't just jump over the wall to get to
  3. Since we have finished homeschooling I have a lot of materials to sell. I plan to post most of it here, but to sell the larger items(anyone want to come to Maryland for a $2500.00 lab science desk for just $100.00...it's like new) at a yard sale. At the moment I am just checking the wanted board and selling a few things that way. I am doing the poll to see if I should sit on the stuff til spring or try to sell it now.
  4. Four of the credits were for work he had done in the 8th grade (Algebra, World History, Earth Science and Geography) We considered putting him in as an 11th grader, but his age is 10th grade and we wanted him to have a good adjustment year (ie he won't have any AP courses until next year) Karen
  5. In order to graduate in Maryland at student has to take exams in Algebra and Data Analysis (this exam is 55 % algebra and 45 percent data)***see note Biology English 10 American Government With only 24 hours notice and no idea what would be on the test ds took it and received a very good score. He knows that with some review and advance prep he can do better(he can take it again) It was mainly the data questions that tripped him up as we had not done that in years. They really just wanted to make sure he was placed in the right level of math. He also took an in course exam for Algebra 2(t
  6. In Maryland their is a rule in the board of education concerning homeschooling. At first the counselor said flat out they would not take any credits(she didn't know about the rule). Then our home school liason (she works for the public school system) stepped in and even attended a meeting with the guidance couselor with us. Honestly he received more credits than I could have hoped for. In total they gave him 12 credits ( I didn't list all of them earlier) I had boxes filled with the materials he had completed, as well as my teaching schedules. I had also prepared a portfolio with the work comp
  7. He is 15 and has been homeschool all of his life. We live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids so he knows everyone on the bus. It was raining this morning so most of the parents drove the kids to the bus stop. He said he was nervous but excited too. We weighed a lot of pros and a few cons before making this decision. We have a wonderful public high school that offers a lot of AP courses, tech courses and computer courses. His first semester as a 10th grader he will be taking English 10, Biology, Trig, and French 1 He has already tested out of the high school graduate requirement for Algebra (
  8. Wow this sounds like just what my ds is asking me to put together for next year. Thank you so much for making this available to everyone. My e-mail is bkdimaio@comcast.net Karen
  9. Well it only took us 9 1/2 years to put a blind up at the top of the high window in our foyer. This was mainly possible due to the generousity of our neighbor that let us borrow their extra tall ladder. I was still scared at dh had to stand on the top of the ladder to install the blind. I had to go outside and pretend he was sleeping on the sofa of something. Ds was the ladder spotter. We would like to get them something to say "thank you" I was thinking a card and Panera bread gift card. But I would like to hear what the wise minds on the forum can come up with. They are a lovely family that
  10. I quickly read through the replies and it sounds like things are going better. I also enjoy watching Victoria and always learn something from her. I have been in "dogs" all my life...I think you know I showed Shelties in Hawaii and now have a show corgi. When I returned from Hawaii I had a similiar experience with a Sheltie pup. I decided that she was peeing in the crate because she was "nervous" about having to be in there for another looooog trip. As suggested I started feeding her in the crate and then took her outside and really rewared her for going outside. She picked it up in no time an
  11. OK so lots of dogs like to catch ball. Our corgi is just wild about catching her ball. She loves to play catch with my dh. Last night our ds snapped this great picture of her. I think how her feet are off the ground is too cute. So if you want a laugh check out the picture. Note this is my first time posting with an attachment so I hope it works. Wahoo it worked, I also discoved if you click the picture you will see it larger. Karen
  12. I once threw out a hot popcorn bag into a plastic trash bag(I had dumped the popcorn into a bowl) The trash bag immediately caught on fire...luckily I was able to smoother the fire quickly with a wet towel. I was scary though. Karen
  13. and we decided not to renew. We can buy smaller quanitities of the same items for as good if not better at the super Wal-Mart. We are only a family of three though. Like you we found we were buying a few items for a large amount of money. Used to be we could only find certain items at Sam's, now those can be purchased elsewhere. The only person that was upset about this decisioon was my MIL (note she is not paying the membership fee) as she likes a certain frozen dinner you can only buy at Sams. Dh thinks she would be better off not eating so many frozen dinner , me I'm staying out of it. Kar
  14. The ponds where first here so the fire department could use them. We now have fire hydrants. The ponds have stayed and our son enjoys going fishing in them. There are more mosquitos and green flys near the pond We are on a non-pond lot and don't have quite as many. I have seen an osprey or two fly over with a snake in it's tallons ( rather cool sight if you ask me) The biggest thing our community has had a problem with is muskrats (ugly critters) We have to set traps for them every year. Note we also live rather close(1 mile away) from the big pond (also know as the Atlantic Ocean) and a rat
  15. Although parvo can linger in the ground for some time, a dogs shots generally protect them for a bit longer than a year. When I have a dog that is throwing up I 1. Withhold food for 24 hours to let their stomachs settle 2. Still provide plenty of fresh drinking water 3. After 24 hours I feed them a combination of cooked rice and either cooked lean ground beef(make sure all grease is drained off) or cooked turkey. Some people also suggest yogurt with live cultures to provide good bateria for the digestive system. 4. During this time check their gums to test CRT (capillary
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