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MOre news on my daughter's health

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SO dd18 saw the neurologist on Thursday afternoon. He did various tests with her walking, squeezing his hands, etc. Some she really couldn't do at all- keeping her arms from being moved. Others she was better at-keeping her legs from being moved. He scheduled her for 17 different blood tests- including cortisol levels, all kinds of ones dealing with autoimmune diseases, and other ones I don't even recognize. Those were done on Friday. We are having to basically babysit her just about all the time- because she passes out and hurts herself in the process. She can sleep in bed okay so that is a relief. (By the way, she is 18.5 years old and a college freshman, not a babt at all)> But, for example, she started passing out while washing her hair in the bathtub and her sister got her awake again. She was drying her hands, started passing out, and ripped the towel bar from the wall and the knob hit her in the face, causing a bruise but thankfully it was the blunt end, not the end with the screw. It also just barely missed her eye. She will be having an EEG and MRIs of her brain on Monday. On Tuesday, she has an EMG. We are also calling the PT department back on Monday morning to schedule her PT. The doctor thought they may be able to help her steady herself a bit and maybe also fall better. Then next Friday she will go back to the neurologist because some of the blood work takes a week to get back. We will be asking the neurologist for a scrip for a rental wheelchair to move her around on MOnday.

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Thank you all. We got good news this evening that she can easily go to our church tomorrow. Our church is very interested in being accessible to disabled people and has two wheelchairs and some walkers available for those who come. All of the levels are accessible by lifts or elevators too. This is not a very large church so I am extremely happy about this. She wanted to go to church tomorrow and now she can do it easily.

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When we needed a wheelchair short term for Hunter this summer after his accident we got it from the red cross, the dr wrote a Rx for it and we got it for free,rental terms are generally for 3 months but can be extended if need be.


I hope they can figure out what is going on with her

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I am so sorry to hear this! How often is she passing out? Is it only while standing? Does she feel it start to come on?


i remember sharing that dd12 has vasovagal syncope. She has not started to faint in many years, but she can feel these episodes coming on and will immediately sit or lay down.


What helps prevent these is for dd to eat at regular intervals and to STAY HYDRATED. It was recomended she drink Gatorademto keep her electroytes in balance. She is also supposed to have adequate salt intake. I wonder if any of these things would help your dd?


If you get no answers from a neurologist, maybe see a cardiologist to at least rule out vasovagal syncope..... Which has several different names like neurally mediated syncope... And other names.

:grouphug:I know how scary this is! I do hope she can learn what happens right before her passing out. Dd12 hit her head pretty hard a few times.


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