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  1. When investingating scholarships for my oldest, I ran across a STEM scholarship from the Govt. It covered all university costs, but you had to work for the govt in a STEM field once you graduated. You worked one yr for each yr they paid. Am going out of state to register dd today, so don't have time to google the specifics, but wanted to post in case it would help someone else.
  2. Could it be the red serratia (it likes water I think). Do you have a front loader washer? If so it could need cleaning (don't know how to do that either).
  3. I thought it was a very interesting discussion and the question definitely caused me to stop and think (for the millionth time), am I doing the right thing? Most days, I would say yes, for us we are, but if we had more choices I may have chosen differently.


    I appreciate your honesty!

  4. HI Michelle,


    Thanks for your thoughtful response to my post. :001_smile:

  5. Hi Michelle, Is your Drawn Into The Heart of Reading TM still available? If so I am interested in buying it. Will you email me at and let me know? Thanks, Jacquie

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