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  1. There are lymph nodes under your collar bone, if this could possibly be a lymph node you definitely need to have it just looked at by an MD
  2. I think you need additional lab results in order to diagnose this such as RDW, iron levels, MCV amd MCH. What did your doctor think it was? I would guess it could be anemia from chronic disease or from inflammation or infection. Again, your doctor should be able to look at the results and tell. Hope you feel better soon?
  3. Get some Bonine preferably chewable tablets Take 25 mg every 8hrs. This stops it immediately for me. A decongestant is good with it too. Your doctor can hopefully show you some exercises to adjust the crystals in your inner ear that are most likely the cause of this.
  4. My dd started workin gon her pilot's license when she was 17. She loves flying, but decided against becoming a pilot, because she wanted to do it for fun, not for a living. Anyway, she's majoring in aeronautical engineering. With that degree you can become a pilot or go the engineering route. Getting your first level of pilot's license unfortunately costs about $5000 to do it yourself. For the next levels its possible to get scholarships.
  5. There are several different "cell mediators" that are avtice in an allergic reaction. Singulair work against leukotrienes and other allergy meds such as zyrtec and claritin work against histamine. IF you use both an antihistamine and singulair you will be eliminating most of the irritating factors. If you don't treat the histamine you're gonna still have a large reaction. Hope he feels better!
  6. It does sound like sciatica. Shooting pain that crosses over 2 joints is almost always nerve pain. A neurologist can do nerve conduction studies, or may treat based on symptoms. There are several methods of treating the pain: Tricyclic antidepressants, neurontin or lyrica, lidocaine patches, and/or epidurals. PT. Hope you feel better soon,
  7. We drove through Hell's Kitchen, it seemed very nice from what I remember. Times Square itself is much too busy to stay in directly IMO, but Hell's Kitchen is very close. I like the lower east side of central park for closeness to the zoo, and art museums. If you plan on mostly seeing a Broadway play, eating, and staying the Times Square area then choose that one. If you're more interested in the museums maybe Central Park. So glad to see you're doing well! Wishing you all the best!
  8. If the GAD is negative then your doctor will do the glucose tolerance test to see how you are reacting to sugar loads. IF your numbers are high during this test, she may opt for more drug treatment over just lifestyle changes. If your GAD is negative she will probably classify you as prediabetic. She may want you to start metformin to prevent actual diabetes from occurring. Staying at a healthy weight and eating a diet with less than 100 grams is good (for me eating <100 grams is very difficult). Walking or any other aerobic exercise 30 minutes 5 x week is also wonderful. 30 minutes
  9. I'm not sure how she would be able to classify you as LADA without anitbody tests? You can become type 2 even if you are of normal weight and some people stay pre-diabetic and don't pass over into DM type 2. Do you take any type of steroidi n the past 3-4 mos for your other autoimmune ds? If so, that can definitely elevate your glucose levels and your Hgb A1C. I wouldn't worry about it too much until you get the results of your antibody test back. I hope everything is fine!
  10. I had this about 10 yrs ago. The microcalcifications looked so much like cancer (they were in starlike constellations) that the OB GYN told my ex husband he was sorry for the diagnosis. They were classified on the mammogram to be grade 5/6: cancerous until proven otherwise by biopsy. My biopsy was negative. I was followed by an oncology surgeon for 2 yrs and had mammos every 6 mos for that time period and nothing ever turned up. I don't even think they can see the calcifications on mammos anymore. I think the stats are something like <10% are cancerous.
  11. I come from a home where I just had a feeling my stepdad didn't like me. I'm pretty sure he cussed us out once or twice at teens. From that expereince I would have to leave if someone treated my child that way, especially a 7 yr old. I'm a single mom and won't even date anyone my kids don't like. My experience scarred me so badly I'd even put my kids in school if I had to in order to leave a man that did that. I would arrange to live with a family member or someone in the meantime if possible.
  12. While you need to be careful with statins, monitoring liver panels and watching for side effects, they have been proven to decrease morbidity and mortality. Women after menopause have cardiovascular disease equal to men and present differently. It's very important to control your lipid levels, especially since women live longer and are more likelyto suffer strokes etc. They now think dementia is mostly related to fatty deposits in the vessels of the brain. Women are more at risk since we live longer. Please don't be deterred from statins, but do add in lifestyle changes to see if that can
  13. Weight loss if needed is a good place to start. The DASH diet is recommended for hypertension, but would work well with lowering lipids. Any diet that has lots of servings of nonstarchy fruits and veges and decreased animal fats is good. Fresh 20 diet works well for me in order to decrease carbs, calories and increase veges. You can find it at thefresh20.com but you have to pay to join. I joined for half price on groupon. Increasing your fiber will help too as the fiber helps to sweep away fats in the digestive system before they can be absorbed. Try substituting one meal with a sa
  14. I read a statistic that only 10%of alcoholics remain abstinent for life. That is a sobering statistic and shows how hard this disease is to beat. It's very hard to be married to an alcoholic and even if they quit you're always waiting for the other shoe to drop and start back up again.
  15. I'm a nurse practitioner student and I've never read that BC was a type 1 carcinogen. I would go with scientific study data only in your decision (based on wide scale studies). I think you have to weigh the pros and cons in your case. BC can prevent certain cancers while increasing the risk of others so it's a toss up. Diabetes is also linked to cancers, so controlling PCOS is in your best interest. PCOS has many undesirable effects and a steady supply of hormones instead of a low stream or unsteady stream that comes with PCOS is I believe safer for your body. The wrong levels of horm
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