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  1. I want to make mac n cheese for a crowd, say 100 servings. Could I make it with nacho cheese sauce? Gordon's has big cans for five bucks or so. Would I need to add other ingredients? Thanks
  2. Hello Hive, I am looking for suggestions for lodging around the Smokey Mountains where we could have a family reunion. We would need separate condos/living spaces for maybe 10 families. Places that have camping availability as well would be a plus. Anyone have any leads where there are condos/cabins under one property? Thanks!
  3. Thank you, Lanny, for your reply. My dc has the exact same comparable score with the SAT & ACT. She thinks she likes the SAT better as it allows more time per question. When we look to sign up for the Khan Academy it asks for permission to share activity with the College Board and also school district and state department of education. Is this a concern?
  4. How do these two programs compare to each other? I know KA is free and a student can link their previous test. Can that be done with Magoosh or does a student have to take a practice test to get a baseline before starting a lesson? Any other points to consider before choosing one or the other? Thanks!
  5. Is home school a boarding school? would this be no Counselor job title? would this be homeschool administer Class Ranking reported? I have none selected. Weighted or Unweighted? I am going to continue to search the Mother Lode tagged posts, but if anyone has the time to respond to these that would be great. Thanks!
  6. Another question. Can a student sign up through the NCAA & the NAIA Eligibility to see if they have a chance at a Div 2 school as well as look into NAIA? Or does a student have to do one or the other? Thanks!
  7. Hi Dirty Ethel Rackham. I guess I had it in my mind that the transcripts had to be notarized. Not sure where I received that idea. So I sign it without the final grades in place. Then do I resign it when the final grades are in?
  8. Thanks everyone who responded to my question! ?
  9. Hello Everyone, Thank you so very much for your assistance with this situation! I did call two universities. They thought I could be the counselor and then have the high school send in their transcript through Parchment. I did get some emails from Common App. At first they were confused by my question, but then said the high school counselor should upload my transcript as well as the online AP class transcript when they upload theirs. I explained that I wasn't sure they would upload a transcript that they were not associated with (it didn't seem like they would consider that ba
  10. Hello, My daughter homeschooled up through 10th grade then went to the local high school full-time. She is graduating this year; however, she will not receive their diploma. Instead she will receive a paper stating that she attended, but is considered a homeschooler. This is because we opted not to have her take 'test out' exams for every homeschooled class. These are typically up to 4 hour long in length. I wasn't feeling that she needed their diploma. So, when the common app asks for the most recent school we will list this school, BUT do we say that she graduated from this school?
  11. Thank you so much Kirag714. I did open a dummy account as well, but now I can't figure out how to get to it as it always pops up my daughter's log in information. I wonder if I put down that my daughter will not graduate from this school then maybe it will not ask for counselor info? Maybe I can put down she will graduate from homeschooling (although not her recent school.) Thank you for the suggest to cross post. I hadn't thought of that. So far no response from the Common App!
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