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  1. Thank you. The autoimmune flare has subsided; other health issues keep swirling around but I am ignoring them right now in order to get college applications done. I read through the College Wise guide - wish there was one specifically for homeschoolers. I think you need to write one (in your spare time, ha, ha)! I started tackling the Common App on Saturday and got stuck on the all the info to be filled out regarding graduating class size, % attending 2 yr, 4yr college etc. Decided to bag it and continue working on course descriptions. Not a good start. Ugh.
  2. Yes, thank you so much, Sebastian. Three weeks ago, I did not think I would actually be able to get my paperwork in order (autoimmune flare for the past 8 months; other challenging life circumstances) but through God's grace and mercy and the information on these boards, I have been able to pull some stuff together. Still finishing up course descriptions and have the beast of the Common App to conquer. Thank you, again.
  3. Another year has gone by. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day.

  4. Hello! From Korin in Cincinnati!

  5. Hey Suzanne,


    Happy Birthday to you too! It's been a little crazy here and I was sick most of last week so I'm just now getting to the boards. We leave tomorrow morning to visit family over Easter so I thought I'd check in real quick. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Best wishes for a great year ahead. I've never received a "visitor" message so I hope this gets to you and doesn't show up somewhere else :-)

    Take care.

  6. Happy Birthday, my friend! Hope you have a wonderful day, and a blessed year!

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