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  1. With all the frustration about late scores with both the SAT and ACT recently, I thought I should mention one other factor to consider when ordering score reports. Both the SAT and ACT have a statement on their websites about the scores getting to schools based on the school's reporting cycle. Most of the schools that ds was considering were already sent scores when he took the test so I didn't pay much attention to that detail. He added one school to his list mid-October so I went to the ACT site and ordered scores. Well, through email exchanges with this school, it turns out that they get a batch of scores from ACT every *4* weeks on a CD. I called ACT and found out that this school would be sent the CD with my son's scores on Nov 4. Thankfully the deadline for scholarships at this school is Nov 15. I was not aware that there could be delays because of how the schools receive scores. Something to consider.
  2. This was true for ds as well. He is not exactly thrilled about writing more essays especially when he's been sick this week. Hang in there with this whole process. :grouphug:
  3. How did your dc thank those writing recommendation letters for them? Just a card/thank you note or something more?
  4. Agreeing with this. He is so kind, gracious, helpful and personable. Both ds and I miss him this year. :-(
  5. I don't want to send more paperwork than is required or requested. However, I was wondering if sending course descriptions anyway to some competitive schools may make a difference in scholarship awards. Any thoughts? What did you do?
  6. Mine ended up being one and a half pages, too. My word document was normal spacing, 12 pt font.
  7. Ds finished his portion of Common App on Wednesday, I finished the School report section on Thursday and then focused on the Counselor Rec. Hit the submit button for the Application on Sat afternoon. Our family then went out to dinner and a movie to celebrate. Feels like a huge load off my shoulders. THANK YOU again to the posters on this forum! Ds still has to finish up some scholarship essays for a couple more schools, I have to mail out a packet to a local uni and then we are DONE. :hurray:
  8. I'm not sure if this applies to most schools since ds just had one univ which required the CA, but somewhere on the student portion there was a question about being able to pay the fee. It stated something to the effect that the fee should not be a burden so one could get a waiver by filling out some form available from the school counselor. Don't remember the details because ds was skimming through parts that didn't apply. Also, as a homeschooler, I'm not sure what you would need to do.
  9. I wrote one for every single course. Short paragraphs for online classes and longer for the ones we did at home. The Literature/History courses were the most detailed. Mine ended up being 9 pages long.
  10. I submitted the Common App School Report late this afternoon. Yay. that part is done. Now, I have to tackle the Counselor Rec. Will be glad to have that done! THANK YOU to all for helping me get the SR submitted. I would not have been able to do it without your help. For those who've completed the CR - how long was it? Trying to decide how verbose I need to be.
  11. We opted out because we are sick of being bombarded with snail mail, email and incessant phone calling. So very thankful that I convinced dh to get a new phone with caller ID a year ago. Given that it's a new program we weren't sure how helpful it would be.
  12. Used a typed signature for most schools. The local university requires a notarized copy of the transcript so that one will be physically signed and mailed with the rest of the packet. It's due Nov 15 so I haven't done it yet.
  13. Thanks, I was able to get it under 500KB by changing the font.
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