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I need your strength

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We were in your boat last year - we had moved half-way across the country for dh's new job, bought a new house, and 9 mo later he was jobless. We've since moved again (and unpacked the boxes that never got unpacked at the last house).

Laughter, a positive attitude, and the love and support of friends and family will get you anywhere!

There is a light somewhere at the end of that dark, long-looking tunnel!

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You and your dh must be feeling let down! But perhaps the job situation for new jobs is better where you are now than where you moved from - trying to be positive even though it must feel bleak right now.


I read the following on a wall plaque at our bookstore and loved it:


Dear....(insert your name here)

Don't worry!

I have everything under control.

I won't be needing your help today.





Hope this helps a bit in these stressful times!


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I know we will come out of this crisis. Losing a job is always traumatic; we have been through that before. I think it's the fact that we are still adjusting to the new environment that is making all of us feel so fragile, it's like not enought time has passed by to have recovered before we have to start over again.


Thank you all so much for your thhoughts and prayers. Knowing you are there makes me feel supported.

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