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  1. Does anyone have any good ideas on some really good science curriculum or living books or even, heaven forbid, a boring text book with which my 17 can peruse in order to prepare for the ACT? We have already done all of the Master Books and we have apologia books as well. Still, the practice ACT tests are throwing her off. We would really appreciate any and all suggestions as she is getting frustrated in the area of science. Thanks, momto12
  2. Take it day by day. I have homeschooled/homeschooling all 12 of my kids. What i found most helpful was having a basic dry schedule each day to shoot for. It looks like this... wake chores breakfast (sometimes these two are switched around) lessons which look like this... devotionals, latin, french, literature, math, and daily subject which may be geography, nature study, or history. Or all if it's a good day. In between hitting the above schooling I am back and forth with "stuff" that goes with lots of kids. Mostly trying to pool dinner together one piece at a time while
  3. Oh I love yoga. I'm not skinny either. I do all the yogas. Power, hatha, vinyassa flow. In the beginning, about 3 years ago I began yoga doing Jillian Michaels. Her yoga meltdown. At the time, yes, I hated it. For all the reasons you mentioned. So I would only do it like twice that whole year. Then, about 2 and a half years ago I gave it another go and now I do it everyday. I workout everyday, either doing a Jilllian workout or such. But always end with a hatha yoga stretch. I go through phases where all I do is yoga for my workout. Right now I am on another yoga binge. I've deci
  4. I guess I'll chime in. I've been homeschooling my 12 kids from the get go. My last 10 did NOT use textbooks compared to the first 2. I am still schooling my youngest kids. All of my grads have gone to college and done very well. My main curriculum in a nutshell for all my kids basically looks like this: Reading Writing Arithmetic Write an essay a day once they were in high school They did latin and french but the majority of their education cam from reading whole, living books. We used a combination of TJ Education, Ambleside Online, and Old Fashioned Education .com and memor
  5. Hello everyone. I have begun this week to homeschool my 12 year old niece. It's been great so far (haha, only two days) and my girls are loving having their cousin. Actually, she is my older sister's granddaughter which would make her my grand niece but no matter. I am still schooling my 6 youngest children of 12 and my five youngest are all girls so that's why it works. Ages are 16, 16, 13, 12, 11, and 8. Here's the thing. I've homeschooled everyone of my kids through high school so I do have experience except for this. Deschooling. I've never had to do that. All my kids are doing S

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    The only thing missing is the Italics handwriting book because I used a different course. The Nature Study book is an older hard back edition. I am asking 165.00 ppd. You can read more about it HERE. thanks for looking, tricia


  7. I have the main book for the curriculum about the animals but not sure if I want to get the readers to go along. Anyone use their science and love it?
  8. I love homemade frosting. Store bought works in a pinch but butter frosting made from scratch is 100%.

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    The only thing missing is the Italics Handwriting book since we used a different one. The Nature Study book is an older hardback copy. I am asking 165.00 ppd. You can read more about it HERE. Thanks for looking, Tricia


  10. Thanks everyone for your replies. I do do a lot of yoga actually. I wear a polar HRM but I am wanting something for 24 hours. Today I did Jillian Michaels meltdown and burned 230 calories. I wonder if I could wear both and just the HRM during my workouts.

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    Including teacher manual and both resource cd's. The Nature Study book is an older, antique like version. Most books are brand new and those not brand new are nice. Asking 175.00 post paid. Thanks, Tricia


  12. If anyone has ever used these which would you prefer? And if you have, did you have success with them? Thanks, Tricia

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    The only item I do not have is the italics handwriting book. The Nature Study Book is an older hardback version. Asking 170.00 post paid. Please contact me if you need more information. You can go HERE to read more about it. Thanks for looking, Tricia



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    The Story of Painting 9.00 ppd sale pending Phonics Made Plain new 11.00ppd can be viewed HERE thanks for looking, Tricia


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