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  1. More budgeting and daily financial management resources but a bit of both.
  2. I managed to pass down some good financial habits to my college grad, but neglected to give her a thorough basic financial education. What is the best resource you have? Thank you so much!
  3. Regarding pregnancy, it could be down to the individual policy. With my husband's previous policy, the only pregnancy covered would have been the policy holder's or spouse's (or partner's) pregnancy. A young adult's pregnancy (and her child) would not have been covered.
  4. Mabelen

    AP Biology

    Just as a point of reference, at my dd's school, students who are on the one year accelerated math track take Chemistry I & II in 9th grade, followed by AP Bio sophomore year. These kids take "Advanced Science" in 8th grade, a mix of chemistry, physics, and biology. That seems to produce good enough results for them.
  5. Mabelen

    Moving to another country...

    I would use a search engine to locate country specific expatriate forums. You should be able to ask there how their members managed to migrate to whichever country.
  6. Mabelen

    Moving to another country...

    Immigration status that allows residency in a country is usually gained either through professional skills (job), marriage, or significant investments. I would look at what professions are in high demand, and where there is a shortage. Germany is a great place if you want to do a Masters (in English) for free or very low cost while you learn the language.
  7. How very sad. Yet another hate crime. ?
  8. Awake and in the house? Older kid? Yes. She has always been a night owl, even when little, but I stayed up with her until around junior year of high school when she had a heavy AP course load and I still had to get up early for younger kiddo and work. Younger child? Not yet, she is a high school freshman, but not yet! Out and not back home yet? My youngest has some school activities that keep her out late sometimes, but I am usually the person to pick her up and bring her home, so I am always awake if she is out. My oldest is now back from college and working. I am not staying up until she comes home, although I would much rather she were back home before my hitting the sack. The rule is home before midnight during weekdays. She would like to be out later because her working hours are later than mine, so she can sleep in and be fine. I don't sleep as well though if she is out, especially if my husband is out of town, which he often is.
  9. They have been extremely popular in Spain for many years now. My brother has had one for several years, and he is still happy with his, although there is one function that apparently no longer works. I forget which, but it's not a vital function because he still uses his Thermomix often. Don't ask me anything else about them, though. That's all I know ?!
  10. Mabelen

    Cultural Appropriation

    I think it's ok to try new recipes from different countries. I think, in fact, it's great to be open minded enough to try and enjoy different ethnic dishes. My beef with food is that often, the original dish gets so distorted that it ends up barely having any resemblance with the real thing. I have tasted so callled Spanish dishes that were simply nothing of the sort. And that, to be honest, irritates me. Sangría, paella, patatas a la brava, are some examples of dishes that I have tried that were not at all what they claimed to be. I think one needs to exhibit some humility when cooking or selling dishes that don't come straight from the source. I would be totally fine if you presented a dish called paella inspired rice, or something like that. Just don't present it like it's the real deal when it's not.
  11. I am so sorry to hear your news. My sister was diagnosed with ALS over 7 years ago. I don't know how different PLS is from ALS, but if it can involve losing your voice, I would seriously look into voice banking, especially since you still have young children. My sister has a computer communications system with no voice synthesizer. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good, and it allows her to communicate. All the best.
  12. Mabelen

    Starting 2nd Lang Later

    Good idea to bring it to the General board. There is definitely a lot more traffic there. I disagree that this board's members are in principle opposed to delaying introducing a second language. I know it can be done successfully. I was not raised bilingual. In fact, I finished high school with a very rudimentary knowledge of English. I consider myself fully bilingual now. I think there are a lot more factors to consider very carefully when the second language is a heritage language, not a mere second or foreign language. The OP said it is a language spoken by her child's grandparents, for whom it very likely is an integral part of their emotional, cultural, and possibly religious identities. Personally, I think it is wise to facilitate in any way possible your child's relationship with his or her grandparents unless there are serious concerns about their suitability in general to have a healthy relationship with your child. That is the reason why I was asking the OP about her worries, and why I related my personal experience raising two bilingual children. I wish the OP the best. If she comes back, I will gladly help her if I can.
  13. Mabelen

    Starting 2nd Lang Later

    What are you afraid that will happen if your kids are exposed to Arabic early in their lives? Do you have any specific worries? I personally would not be afraid of exposing a young child to a heritage language. Your child can totally focus on and master English while being exposed to a second language (even becoming fluent in that second language). My two daughters were exposed to Spanish and English from birth. They were both schooled exclusively in English. My oldest is a recent college graduate, my youngest is a high school freshman. Both have always been great readers and have always tested advanced in English language arts by U.S. national norms. If you are not exposing your children to their heritage language early, you are excluding it from their lives. What do you hope your children will gain from that?
  14. My daughter is a high school freshman this year. This trimester, she has Math 2a, Honors English 1, Fundamentals of chemistry1/2, Marching band, and Marching band P.E. The most challenging and time consuming one of all is marching band. Her main wind instrument is bassoon, but she had to switch to clarinet for marching band season. Despite the incredible challenge of the new instrument and commitment, she is absolutely loving it. There was a week when she was all stressed out because she had pass offs piling up, but she managed to regain composure, cleared the backlog, and got into the competitive parade band as a freshman! Outside of school, she is doing bassoon class as marching band schedule permits, as well as weekly piano, and Kathak dance classes. At home, afterschooling is bare bones. She starts the day with a few minutes of Spanish Maestro to keep at verb conjugations, then an audiobook at bedtime while she cleans up her bedroom. That's all we can fit in right now! Once marching band season is over, we will ramp up Spanish again. She is thinking of joining a community swim club to practice twice a week to be ready for the school swim team last trimester, but we should still have more free time than at the moment.
  15. Mabelen

    College Placement in Foreign Language

    Yeah, every college does this differently. My daughter's college had a compulsory placement test for all freshmen. My daughter had a 5 in AP Spanish, and a high Spanish SAT score and still had to take it, although she did place out of the foreign language requirement. I think your plan for your son is a good one.
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