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  1. @ieta_cassiopeia Thank you for mentioning the Online Italian Club. I just checked my level there, and I was pleasantly surprised to be shy of the Advanced level by just one point. I had achieved a solid Advanced level back in the day, but after decades of not using Italian, I have lost quite a bit of ground.
  2. I would not. With the information you have given here, it is clear that she is not on board. I would tell her what I would do in her situation and why, but she is old enough to make this decision. Will she come to regret not taking it? Possibly, but however difficult it will be it won’t be life altering, and making mistakes is how we learn. Also, if she ends up needing Spanish in college, couldn’t she do study abroad in a Spanish speaking country? Language immersion would be very beneficial to her.
  3. The link you put doesn’t work for me, but unless they have changed the guarantee, the wording is not that they guarantee you will get in, but that if don’t get in, you will be refunded their fee: “We GUARANTEE that, if the student isn't admitted into at least one of his or her IGAP candidate schools, our counseling fee will be refunded in full.”
  4. I grew up with tankless water heaters in Spain, and it was wonderful! Never running out of hot water!
  5. In my college, the earlier courses were definitely geared towards tourists. I already had a basic knowledge so I started further along the sequence. You could also take the GCSE and A level exams corresponding to your course.
  6. I did Italian evening classes for a couple of years in the U.K., at a further education college. In my city it was called Regional College. Maybe there is something like that where you are? Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the textbook, it’s been over 20 years.
  7. My daughter is considering something similar to option 3 at her high school: Junior year: AP Calc AB AP Physics 1A & 1B and AP Physics C Mech 1 Senior year: AP Calc BC AP Physics C Mech 2 and AP Physics E&M (1 & 2)
  8. We are not gamers, but what I can think of is that some games do have a Spanish option, very much like movies. I remember my kids played some Wii games in Spanish. Maybe other systems too? Something perhaps you could explore?
  9. Our elementary school had a summer enrichment program for kids classified as English learners. My kid always tested English proficient so she was never invited but some of my friends’s kids did and they all loved it, plus it was free of charge! I agree that it’s a good idea to ask around. If you get positive feedback, why not?
  10. My user name is a nickname my mom had for me. It’s not my real name but it is based off of it.
  11. I forgot to say that we had the puppies just over a month, since the time they were separated from mom until they were ready for adoption. We ended up adopting a dog from that organization ourselves a couple of years after we fostered the labs. We know a family whose kids also want dogs but where the parents simply don’t want the commitment. They pet sit for a few neighbors and friends. Our dog goes with them when we travel. It seems to work well for them.
  12. You have to sign a disclaimer that you are over 18 years of age.
  13. When we fostered, they knew we were not keeping the dogs. My kids had always wanted a dog, but then the recession hit, unemployment, underemployment, and we told the kids this was not the right time to get a dog. We decided to foster, both as a kind of trial and a substitute for dog ownership. I had been very clear upfront about this point so, although they wished we could have kept one of the puppies, they also knew it was not going to happen, so there was no argument. They were emotionally attached, yes, but at the end of the day we were all happy that they got adopted, we were confident they would have a good life, and we were all fine.
  14. I fostered two lab puppies a long time ago. They were already weaned but not potty trained. They were adorable, but the main negatives were dealing with pee and poop, very high energy, and very mouthy. They like to chew everything in sight. Since I had two, they were often running in opposite directions chewing everything in their path. Also, they got diarrhea once while they were here, not pleasant! You have to be available to take care of them throughout the day and to take them to the animal center for anything they need. When the time came for them to be put up for adoption, my girls made beautiful posters. They got adopted very quickly! You never forget them.
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