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  1. Online classes, groups, summer anything? She cannot take part in competitions in the fall. Best if affordable.
  2. Thank you so much for your reassurance!
  3. Can environmental allergies cause only one eye to swell? My dd has complained in the last couple of weeks that one eye is itching occasionally, which I have put down to a possible ragweed allergy. Last night she slept over at a friend’s. Her friend lives in a more rural part of town and apparently they slept with the window open. She woke up with a swollen eye and took an oral antihistamine in the morning, which helped quite a bit. She has also washed her eye, and put antihistamine drops in it, but the eye is still red and a bit swollen. Could it be something else? Tomorrow she has water polo practice and I don’t know what we should do!
  4. Bittersweet. It’s beautiful that those students could help and make a real difference in the teacher’s life. At the same time, having witnessed my sister’s demise to ALS, I can’t stop thinking that it might not be that helpful for very long.
  5. Guatemalans eat their main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve like people in so may other Spanish speaking countries, so you may want to make it a little special, perhaps by serving tamales? Then I would do a traditional American Christmas meal on Christmas Day itself.
  6. I My favorite podcasts are Hidden Brain, Rough Translation, and Freakonomics Radio. Get well!
  7. Thank you, ladies, for your replies. I understand the reasoning. I was hoping there would be other ways of proving that the car could be released to her. By the time my husband reached his destination and sent the notarized authorization, overnight fees applied. @Bambam What are the advantages of the car title being solely in the child’s name?
  8. My 23 year old got her car towed in Las Vegas today. When she went to retrieve it, they refused because the title is on her father’s name. They are asking for a notarized letter with his authorization for my daughter. Unfortunately he just left on a business trip. He will not be able to do any for a few hours. Trying to avoid overnight fees on top of the current fees. I called them and offered to email the scan of title of the vehicle as well as my husband’s drivers license. They said that was no good! Can they actually do that? Does anyone know?
  9. I have the Horrible Histories Dumb Ways to Die segments in my head right now!
  10. One other thing to think about is the requirements of the overseas program. Will he actually have the time to do everything that needs to be done? I have read that some programs discourage contact with home so that the student can fully immerse himself in the host language and culture. I would find out if that’s the case and how that would work with SA application plans etc. Good luck!
  11. My older daughter took the Spanish with Listening, but I am afraid she doesn’t remember details, it was 8 years ago!
  12. I think tutoring fees are, among other factors such as subject, level, and tutor experience, very much influenced by geographical location. I would ask around what the local rate is. You can also check local prices at or other tutoring businesses.
  13. I felt similarly at times when my oldest would leave for college, even though she was only 90 miles down the road. I am enjoying her now again that she is back home, working, and saving for grad school. Trying not to dwell on the fact that she may leave again in a year or two. I have both my girls at home right now, and that is lovely. The fact that this is your youngest probably compounds your feelings. I get emotional sometimes thinking about the day my youngest will leave who knows how far when she graduates high school in 2022.
  14. I know that you are being funny, but the sad truth is there are still places like this in rural India and Nepal, and it is absolutely terrible.
  15. My high schooler needs it for a school assignment. She knows how to use iMovie but we have no current access to Macs. Please hit me up with your recommendations!
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