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  1. I keep trying to think of a response, and everything that I want to say would get my post deleted. :glare: I have asked this to someone I am close to, and well, it didn't go over well. I didn't figure it would, either. So instead I'll just say, "Because they want to."
  2. I have a child born in Sept 2000, and whereas we live in Pennsylvania, the cutoff varies greatly from district to district. In the district we started in, she would not have been "approved" to start school when she did, and she is now is 6th grade. In the district we live in now, I think the cut-off is Oct 1, so she'd still be in 6th. However, I have another child, also born in Sept, and he needed that extra year. So although there are four years between them, there are 5 grades.
  3. I teach my children how to answer the phone, how to call someone, how to end a call, how to call 911, and also how not to interrupt when someone is on a call. They also learn how to use a phone book, both paper and on-line. I work PT, and carry my work phone daily. When that phone rings, all must be quiet, so that it doesn't SOUND like I'm with my kids. It doesn't ring often, and that helps. Having a land line offers more opportunity to teach telephone etiquette, but not having one doesn't eliminate the need, as at some point in time they may have their own cell phone.
  4. I agree that it is the iron level that is making you feel "off." Honestly, I would make sure you are taking your iron supplements, lots of iron-rich foods, and EXERCISE DAILY.
  5. Franklin Institute is inside. And the Art Museum is nearby as well. Pack extra shoes, and jackets.
  6. My dd5 knows nothing other than not being able to eat cow milk or soy. When she does have something, she doesn't feel well, so it's an easy way to reinforce that she can't have some things. Pizza: I make Focaccia for her. I sprinkle some sheep cheese on it before baking, and let her dip it in marinara sauce to eat it. Ice cream: Italian ice, fruit sorbet, popsicles all are great substitutes here. When my olders eat yogurt, she eats applesauce. Pancakes: I make with juice instead of milk. OJ with a tsp of cinnamon is fabulous! She prefers to put juice in her cereal. She spreads bacon fat on her toast. (I make bacon regularly in order to keep the fat on hand for cooking.) When we go to birthday parties, I always bring homemade brownies to share, as she can't eat the birthday cake.
  7. I haven't been cooking for dh for months, and I can say we have had more fish, beans, thai, chinese, and greek dishes, than I have had in the entire time we have been together. He's a meat and potatoes man, and I am a vegetarian at heart. The kids have just told me that I can eat 100% vegetarian when they aren't here, but they have enjoyed the many new dishes. Tonight we had a stir-fry with chicken, red peppers, mandarin oranges, broccoli, and a touch of red curry paste, served over rice noodles. Yum!
  8. I'm on year 3 of filing. It works for me, and helps me to fit in the smaller things, like geography, health & safety, memorization. Having said that, I like to have a plan worked out ahead. I like to know how much I need to get done each week in order to end at a certain spot. The plan allows me flexibility in that I know I have "X" weeks of work to do, and I don't plan to fill the whole year, thus giving myself some wiggle room for life's surprises (and they happen, regularly). It helps ME to know if we are on the correct path for where I want to be at the end. Is there tweeking? Sure. Nothing is perfect. I'm OK with that. :001_smile:
  9. I started this wonderful program with my oldest, and we got about 1/2 way through. My husband then had a stroke, and when we picked school back up again, this got left on the shelf. She'd like to start it back up again, and so would I! However, in doing so, I would like to review the chapter we did, and have her re-do the quizzes. The quizzes are in the teacher manual, however I am missing Chapter 2 Quiz. Anyone have it, and could scan it to me? I'm not trying to infringe on copyright. I purchased the program for this student, both the student manual and the teacher manual. I am just missing this one page (double-sided).
  10. We are starting year 7 tomorrow! However, there's a twist... they are starting the new school year off with another homeschooling family, while I have an appointment at the courthouse first thing in the morning. Am I ready? NO WAY! It was only 10 days ago I found out that we are homeschooling this year - so we are jumping in! New books? They'll get here... We don't usually take the summer off, so it'll be good to start with review. (I figure we are behind, since I usually start counting days July 1.)
  11. I chose "other." My parents live in their RV. They have been as close as in the driveway, and as far away as.... hmm.... more than 3,000 miles.
  12. I am using the matched set my parents bought when they married. They bought a new set a number of years ago, and instead of buying matching nightstands, I encouraged them to buy coordinating ones instead. It looked beautiful, and added just a touch of character.
  13. My eldest dtr was in the same predicament, having completed her 3rd grade year while not meeting the compulsary school age. We moved from another state back into PA during that third grade year. She was legally homeschooling in the other state, but when we moved back into PA late in that school year, I did not register her, and did not have her complete testing. I spoke with HSLDA regarding all of it, and there were no concerns. I registered her for the first time as a 4th grader in the state of PA, and have never had any concerns. Glad you got confirmation that the district liason needs to be educated, but don't sweat it on the testing reqirement from before she was registered.
  14. Welcome! Can't help with the scheduling ideas, but thought I'd say :seeya: and give a bump!
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