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I'm tired...just a vent.....


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I'm tired.  I'm too tired for a vacation.  I'm too tired not to take a vacation.  I'm tired of teen drama.  I'm tired of summer heat.  I'm tired of chronic pain.  I'm tired of silly games silly teens play that hurt other teens (like leaving someone out of a party then telling said person what a good time the party was).  I'm tired of having to cancel fun things I want to do because of medical appointments.  Or car trouble.   I'm tired of boyfriend drama (I'm married and love dh, talking about dd's).  I'm tired of trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle and always having another problem rear up (midlife is not for wimps).  I'm tired of the news and politics and insurance problems.  I'm tired of bad traffic and constant construction on every.single.road. in my area. 


Did I mention I'm tired??

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I hear ya. I have an appointment with my OBGYN to orrow and I look forward to going right now because I am looking for a solution to midlife period insanity. I don't recall having ever looked forward to that appointment. I just want a solution.

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