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Update on Army son, some positive info

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Just thought I would share some positives on my son after the negatives I have posted.

I won't give back info, if you are interested you can see my other threads on him.

He has called several times to chit chat and seems happy. He does not have ill feelings toward me about not letting him come home at least it doesn't come across like this. He even responds to my "love you" with "love you too".


He is staying with someone who is a good influence on him (at least in the past the young man has been). My son even hooked up with a family friend's grandson whom I know is great to be with. My son spent several days with this family.


Money wise: They gave the men an advance in pay to cover the cost of the home pass and set all the travel arrangements for him. So, unless he went on a wild spending spree he is financially covered.


He spent the day with my mom who said he looked good and was happy. Even said he knew he did some dumb things and that is why he didn't go home.


Seems my worries were for nothing and he made some good choices. :party:


Thanks to all who posted on the other threads.

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Not to get into a lot of detail, but my dh was very young (19) when we met and married. Turned out he had a serious temper lots of anger. Fast forward through the first year of marriage h*ll, and he enlisted. Changed him, his life, relationship with parents, and saved our marriage.


Glad to hear things are going well for your ds. The military is a great thing!

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It sounds like he is a fine young man, willing to take responsibility for his own choices. Good for him. Good for you for allowing him the opportunity to do so. I hope this is a real turning point for him in his life and your relationship. :)



I believe it could be a turning point in our relationship. Over the years we kept saying what a consequence would be for his decisions and then not have the courage to follow through. So in a sense we were enabling him. Standing up and following through this time was hard but obviously he is not hurt by our decision and has no ill feelings toward us.


Thanks all who have listened through the years and offered hugs and advice.

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I'm so happy to see this thread -- I can feel such a difference in your posts, and I am very relieved and encouraged to hear that you are feeling so much more encouraged and positive, and that your son has made good choices while on leave.


It's so nice to read such good news! :001_smile:

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