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  1. Yeah, ATVs are looking too powerful the more I research them- even their smallest ones with speed locks. I'm not really worried about the uneven terrain. Our land is mostly flat. The "hills" being slight raised areas where ponds were built and the dirt was flattened out over a small sections. I'm eyeing this Power Wheels jeep right now. However, it's on the pricier side and the shipping is another $100. I'm so spoiled by Amazon Prime that shipping of any amount irks me. LOL
  2. Looking to get my three daughters (ages 4,6,8) some sort of battery operated vehicle for our homestead (one vehicle to share). I'd like something for them to be able to ride around on our property. It definitely wouldn't be used expressly on cement or driveway but actual terrain. We live on 5 acres of varying terrain. Overall very level but some small mounds/hills. Some dirt/mud and gravel areas. I've been looking into power wheels but wonder if I might be better off with something a bit more powerful. I dislike the thought of the plastic tires on them and would prefer rubber tires. However, I also don't think we're at a level where we want anything gas powered. I'd like to keep it battery operated. Do they make ATV go-carts? What works for your family?
  3. That's exactly what happened. Thanks for the head's up!
  4. Drats... I went through the Classified section and still keep getting that message.
  5. I have a Reading Horizions Discovery You can see it and read about it here I'll go list it in the Classifieds
  6. Is there some reason it won't let me post on there? I keep getting an message that says I need to have at least one post on the forums before I can put up my For Sale item. I have a bunch of posts... Wonder if I am doing something wrong? Or is it down momentarily?
  7. I wrote about our adventures with Narnia here. My oldest was 6 at the time but she still recalls significant chunks and incidences from the books. That's not to say I won't be rereading it aloud when my youngest gets a bit older.
  8. Are you talking about their Writing And Rhetoric stuff? If so I know Chelli over at Planted Trees used it. You may want to contact her and ask for some specifics.
  9. Thanks for these resources. Anyone have any others?
  10. Thanks for this. I guess what I was wondering about was where LFC would lead up to. I'm glad to hear you enjoy Latin Alive just as much.
  11. So we LOVED Song School Latin 1 and 2. Seriously- loved the gentle and fun way to start Latin. But now I'm wondering where we want to go next. Do I stay with Classical Academic Press and do Latin For Children? Or do I take a year to work through the copy of Minimus Mouse I already have on my shelf. Or should I start something like Prima Christina? Or since we were already doing the Classical pronunciation on SSL would that not work? What about Latin's Not So Tough? Lively Latin? I plan on using Visual Latin as a supplement but want something else for our spine. I know there have been threads on this before but the threads I keep finding are for people just starting out. I'm wondering if curriculum recommendation would be different since we've already made some progress with SSL? Also, maybe the fact that we're in Classical Conversations would alter the choice for curriculum?
  12. I've had great success with Ordinary Parents Guide. I can't compare it to 100EZ because OPGTR worked with us so we never switched. I have, however, tweaked it a bit for my children. With my oldest, we used it pretty much as it was. Just reading together on the couch for a couple minutes a day. We very rarely ever did the extra exercises and activities that they suggest. However, my second daughter learns totally differently and we are going through it slower and with more activities. You can read my posts on OPGTR here and see if it sounds like a fit for your kids.
  13. :lurk5: Still entrenched in the grammar stage so I'd love to listen to what you folks would do or change.
  14. I know it's totally splurging on something I don't need, but I really like their tee shirts. My girls just love that little monkey.
  15. I actually talked to the author of those books, Science in the Beginning and Science In Ancient Times and am in the works to possibly review it from a secular perspective. He seems to be it can be done, just as I've done with other materials. FWIW, he was extremely helpful and kind in his correspondence to me.
  16. So glad you guys are able to make use of it. I've got my finger on the button ready to grab their Writing and Rhetoric . Plus, I'm still trying to figure out which way to go after we finish SSL2 this year. Do I just continue with CAP cause I love SSL and try Latin for Children? Decisions, decisions..
  17. I did a review on Song School Latin and have a giveaway running right now and wanted to share. I'd love for a fellow hive member to win! Plus CAP is offering my readers a nice deal which comes in handy as we're all prepping for the new school year: * * *Classical Academic Press is offering my readers 20% off everything in their store. Use the code "TS20" to receive 20% off your entire order. It is good on all products, except online classes and Singapore Math, and expires April 5th, 2014. Classical Academic Press offers resources in numerous subjects: Latin, Spanish, Greek, Logic, Writing and Rhetoric, Bible, Poetry, Reasoning and Reading, Art and Drawing! Hope someone finds this useful!
  18. Since my family is secular I'm really only knowledgeable on secular resources for astronomy. I know of some of the bigger name Christian worldview resources but I would love to get a list of ones some of you utilize. It can be a curricula, website, blog, app, book, etc-- Or maybe you can tell me which secular resources are easily tweaked for your purposes. For example- can you comfortably search around NASA's extensive sites? Also, if you do list some resources can you share if it has a particular slant to old-earth or young-earth (or in this case, old-universe or young-universe). Thanks for your help!
  19. We did this fun edible activity paired with the Once Upon A Starry Night and Zoo in the Sky books. Definitely a memorable that my girls LOVE to repeat. :) I highly suggest it. Also, I have a few fun astronomy activities and blog posts (FWIW I'm secular and old-earth- however, lots of my stuff can be done just by changing dates around) Also, I review one of Jay Ryan's picture books on the phases of the moon and he was such a great guy and wonderful to work with. He sent me his Signs and Seasons to look over and I believe even secular folks can utilize it with some tweaking. Which reminds me-- my daughter is probably coming to an age where we can utilize it....maybe I'll pull it out for possible use in next year's line-up.
  20. Hmm- I really only know of yearly subscription ones like MathSeeds, More.Starfall.com (I don't think their free site offers much by way of math), etc...... I just did the 14 trial of MathSeeds (by the folks who do Reading Eggs) and really liked it more than I thought I was going to.... HOWEVER that sucker is expensive when you add in your children individually and I can't justify that high a cost as a supplement... sigh. I did really like it. :(
  21. FIAR also helped jumpstart me into the world of homeschooling. It was such a fun and easy way to get my feet wet. Plus, once you did a few "rowed" a few books (meaning followed their 5 days a week plan) you really get into the swing of it and from that point on it's easy to come up with your own plans for picture books that might not be in the actual FIAR book. Also, what really helped motivate/inspire me was searching on homeschool blogs to get ideas from other families on how they rowed their books. I have just a few that I highlighted but I really did the majority of FIAR before I was actively blogging. In any event- you can see a few of my posts on it here and be sure to look it up on Google. There are tons of great resources and blogs out there to check out.
  22. I have Minimus Mouse but haven't started it yet so I can't go into that one too much. My daughter is finishing up Song School Latin 2 first. But I also plan on utilizing Visual Latin as a supplement, when the time comes, because I personally find the instructor entertaining and I think my girls would get a kick out of it. You can check out 6 free video lessons here.
  23. When I was having similar issues with my daughter, we had a parent-teacher/student conference. Seriously- it may sound odd but I took her out to eat- just the two of us and discussed the reasons why we homeschool and why I feel its a great fit for our family. I then opened the door to her suggestions. What would she like more of or less of? I wrote about it here on the HipHomeschoolMom site and gave some examples. Hope it helps..
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